Heroes Warriors: K.C. Story Dark riseing

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Death of a family

Submitted: September 19, 2008

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Submitted: September 19, 2008




Night falls on the little town of Oxford, Mississippi. Young K.C. Wheeler sits and looks out into the sky in his room.The sky was dark with storm clouds and he wonder if it was to storm that night.It was justafter his 15th birthday and he was ready to go tohigh school. He looked out into the yard below,his dark brownhair kept getting in the way of his view. So he just sat there looking out in the yard. Just then a dark shadow went across the yard andhe looked tonothing but the dark yard below him. Just thena loud yell ran though the house like a hundred screaming birds. K.C. jump and wonder if his mom and dad was ok. So he ran down into the den. His heart was pumping faster than time itself. He enter the room to find his mother lying on the floor letf for died and he rush over to her and said “Mom, Mom, wake up." Her eyes started to open and she said “Son... “she said to cough. “ I want you to find the phone book and look up your father's brother's number and tell him to get you and leave and go to....." She starts to fall into deaths hands. Then he got up and went outside and saw the grass was stained with blood. The iron smell of blood chug in the air as K.C walked around to the car port and then he turns to see his father died with blood coming out of his chest. He yelled "NO!"He could not believe that both his mother and father were both killed in just minutes. K.C looked up to see a note and here what it said:

Dear young wheeler,

You are lucky to live. Your folks gave there lives for you. That is the reason you spare you body. You just better know if we ever meet you better say you dead pray.

The DarkCrew

Just then a Green Ford Truck pulled up and a man about in his early forties and said”K.C. come with me." K.C.looked up and saw that it was his Uncle Tom. Tom looked at him and said “Come on." K.C. looked at him and said nothing but “Letgo." He climbs in the truck and then Tom looked at him and said “Now K.C. I want you to know what happen to your mom and dad."

To Be Countied in Ch. 1 Uncle Tom Speaks

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