Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Nothing but the rage

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Author's Note: Only a few chapters left. Thank you all for reading.


Chapter 11: Nothing but the rage


Eric’s POV

All I saw was rage. Nothing more than rage. I shot through the woods as fast as possible. I saw nothing but darkness surrounding me. Todd was a dead fucking wolf. Not only did he take over my sister’s wolf pack, but he raped my girlfriend and she carries his child now. How could I not want to kill him? I smelled his scent and ran faster. I could hear someone running behind me and I could tell that it was Kevin because of his scent. He started running beside me. We’re not connected in any way so he couldn’t hear what I was thinking and I couldn’t hear what he was thinking. He used his body and pushed me into a tree. I growled and got back up and started running after him. Was he crazy?

I pounced on him and he whimpered. I growled as a warning for him to leave me the hell alone. I flew off of him and continued until I got to the Main Pack Area. Todd was in his human form. I charged towards him with full force. He had a small smirk on his face as he put up his hand and I felt myself flying through the air.

I fell to the ground with a hard thud. My body ached as I turned back to my human form. I reached up and felt my nose bleeding. It might even be broken. I growled in anger and got up and wiped the blood from my nose. I walked back towards Todd.

Adrianne’s POV

When I finally got to the pack grounds, Eric was upset and his nose was dripping with blood. I ran to him. “No! Eric please don’t kill him. Please. “

“Why shouldn’t I? He assaulted you. You should want him as dead as I do.”

“I do. Maybe more but I’m doing this for your own good. You can’t kill him.”

“Watch me.” Eric growled. He moved me out of the way and glared at Todd. Todd kept a small smirk on his face. “Try to kill me, Eric. Let’s see what happens.” Todd challenged. Eric growled.

“You fucker.” He ran to Todd and seconds before he got to him, Todd turned with fast speed and forced Eric’s head to the ground. Eric groaned in pain. “Stop!” I yelled running to them. Kevin growled as he came near us. Eric slowly got up, his lip was now bloody. “Let’s just go. Please.” I begged. Eric shook his head. “No. I want him dead.” He whispered.

“Yeah, Adrianne. Let him try to kill me. He’s pathetic really if he thinks he can.”

“What do you want from us?” I asked. Todd sighed and leaned against a tree. Lana came outside from her cottage and her eyes grown wide from looking at Eric. “What happened?” She asked. Me and Eric looked to Todd and she slowly did too.

“You already know what I want, Adrianne. It’s inside of you. Living and breathing and strong like a hybrid should be.” It’s going to be a hybrid?

“That’s the whole reason I came into this pack. Not because I didn’t have anywhere else to go, but because I specifically, came looking for you, Adrianne.”

“Why?” I asked. He smiled and glanced at Lana. “I suppose you’re not aware of how strong your bloodline is are you?”

“Bloodline? What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You have the Carter bloodline. The strongest bloodline there is. You were originally supposed to be alpha of this wolf pack.” My eyebrows pulled together and I looked to Lana who also looked shocked.

“I’m what?” He nodded. “I slept with you to make a son. A son that is a werewolf vampire hybrid and will also carry one of the strongest bloodlines there is. He’ll be stronger than even me. There are vampires and werewolves after me and my other son and daughter. And if…..if they get us, my son will avenge my death and carry on as the strongest hybrid and he’ll rule over everyone.”

“He won’t be evil like you.” I said.

“That’s his blood in me also, Adrianne. My evil blood just might overshadow whatever good blood you put in him. Evil will always overshadow good.”

“Not in my book.” I whispered. Todd’s smirk left and he was now frowning. “He will carry on as I did. I don’t want to disappear from this earth without a piece of me still left here. And if they never come for me, I’ll take my son, and we’ll be on our way.” Did he seriously think he was going to take my baby away from me? Was he serious?

“As a heart attack.” Todd whispered glaring at me. I shook my head. “This is my baby. Mine. And you will not ever touch nor ever see it.” I growled at him.

“Why would you want to raise the baby that I forced you to conceive?”

“It doesn’t matter why. It’s mine.”

“My son will be weak if he stays with you. You may have a very strong bloodline, but you don’t know how to use your powers correctly. If you came with me when I leave, however, I can show you. Then you would see how powerful your bloodline really is.”

“I will never go anywhere with you. And neither will my child.”

“I created it for a purpose. Not a little bastard that you can dress up and teach the fucking ABC’s to. He will be stronger than anyone. And when he’s old enough, I’ll tell him to kill you all.” Todd said. Kevin growled in anger.

“I’m not going anywhere until I get my son.”

“And if it’s a daughter?” I asked. Todd smiled. “It won’t be.” He slowly turned and walked out into the woods. I relaxed slightly and turned to look at Eric. His nose was healing. He took a deep breath and grabbed my hand tightly. He dragged me into my house and closed and locked the door.  He punched a wall hard leaving a huge gaping hole. He took a deep breath and turned to me. He leaned against the wall and sighed.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was a hybrid?” He whispered softly.

“I…..I don’t know, Eric. I just don’t know.”

“You can’t hide shit like that from me, Adrianne. Now we’re dealing with this guy. I can’t kill him. He’s too fast and strong. He got you pregnant. He hurt my sister. He controls her. Tries to break up my relationship. He’s been successful in all of it. One man could do this to a wolf pack. It’s just…..pathetic.” He looked down to the floor. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a clean rag from the cabinet. I wet it with water and gave it to him. He wiped his nose rid of the blood.

“I didn’t want to hide it from you. But I knew you’d go after him and get yourself hurt. And I didn’t want that. So I kept it all inside. And it was obviously a mistake.” He sat down on a dark blue chair and leaned his head back.

“So what are we going to do about it? About all of this?” He asked. I shrugged and crossed my arms. “We just have to wait it out. Let the baby be born and then…….”

Eric shook his head. “We’ll kill him before the baby is born.”


“We need to find something that will kill a vampire and a werewolf. That has to be the only answer.”

“Wolf blood kills vampires.” Kevin walked in and closed the door. He sat down on the couch. “I want him dead. What’s the plan?”

“What kills wolves?” I asked Kevin. He looked at me like I was crazy.

“You are. What would you want to know that for?”

“Is Todd not half werewolf?” I asked. Understanding appeared on Kevin’s face. “Oh right. I have no idea what kills us.”

“Couldn’t a vampire kill us? One did kill your dad.” Eric said holding the rag to his healing nose. I sucked in a breath. That’s right. So that means….we need a vampire and vampire blood to kill Todd. That seems stupid.”

“Why?” Eric asked.

“I don’t know. I just thought maybe something stronger. Way stronger.”

“Bullets?” Kevin offered. I shook my head.

“No. Bullets don’t affect vampires and werewolves heal in seconds if they get shot.” Kevin nodded.

“A stake?” Eric offered. Wasn’t a bad idea. Vampires die from stakes but we never knew rather a werewolf would or not. “Maybe.” I said.

“Sounds ethical. But where the hell could we get a stake from?”

“A vampire.” I answered.

Kevin scoffed. “And why would a vampire have a stake when it could kill it?”

“Why would people have guns and knives in their house when it could kill them?” Eric asked looking at Kevin.

“I know a vampire we could go to.” I said.

“We?” Eric asked. I nodded.

“No. You stay here and me and Kevin will go talk to this vampire. What does it look like?”

I sighed. This vampire actually somewhat trusted me and he didn’t know Kevin or Eric. “Um……dark hair. Dark eyes. Pale skin. He’s always in the woods near our area. And he always have somewhat of a cocky smirk on his face. He’s always wearing black.”

“Todd killed him.” Eric said. My eyes grew wide. Todd did what?

“We were supposed to kill him together but the vampire had seemed to be kicking ass so he told me to leave. I think they knew each other because the vampire called him Todd.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose. “That vampire’s name is Aeryn. That’s Todd’s son.”

“So he got other girls pregnant? When does this guy stop?”

“I don’t think he will until he’s killed. And we have to be the ones to do it. All we need is a stake.”

Lana’s POV

“What the hell just happened out there? Adrianne is pregnant with your baby?” Todd didn’t look at me as he paced around the room. “Don’t talk. Just do me a favor and shut the fuck up.” He stared out the window.

“How could you force her to do such a thing? I thought you cared about me!”

“You thought wrong. I just care about my son. My son who will be stronger than everyone combined and I’ll be able to make him do whatever. Starting with destroying all the vampires and wolves that are after me and my other children. “

“And you can’t. Why?” I asked.

“They know how to kill me. They know the one way to kill me.  But my son…..he will avenge my death. And I can’t count on my other children to do so because they hate my fucking guts. And I can’t expect you to do it because well…….you’ll die within seconds of that whole situation.”

“You should leave.” I couldn’t stand Todd. He’s created so many problems and I hated him. I thought that him coming into my life was a blessing but it wasn’t.  I was alpha and he just took control. It’s time for me to take it back.

“I’m not going anywhere until I get my son.”

“As alpha of this pack I command you to leave.” Todd turned and glared at me. “I’m the fucking alpha and only I will tell you what to do.”

“Fuck you.”

Todd smirked and was suddenly in my face. I gasped as he pushed me against the wall. I winced in pain. He smiled and walked towards me. I looked around for any weapon. There wasn’t enough room for me to shift. I grabbed onto an ash tray and I threw it at him. He caught it and slammed it to the ground. I looked down at the broken glass and then back up into Todd’s dangerous eyes.

‘Eric, please help me. Todd is….’

Eric was suddenly there within seconds. “Get the fuck away from my sister.” He growled. Eric growled and shot to Todd. Todd grabbed him by his neck and raised him in the air. “You and your sister will both bow down to me. You understand?” Eric was gagging. I got up and Todd grabbed me with his other hand and squeezed my neck. A strained scream escaped my lips.

“Will you both bow down to me?” He asked looked up at Eric and down at me. I nodded. He smiled and let me go. I fell to the floor. “What about you, Eric? I mean, I know I hurt your sister and raped your girlfriend and ruined your pack but still…….I deserve a small ounce of respect especially because you know what I’m capable of now.”  I looked up at Eric. I couldn’t see him like that. “Please put him down, Todd. I’ll do whatever you want.” Todd smirked and let go of his neck. Eric fell down to the ground clutching his neck.

“I won’t.” Eric said harshly.

“Eric….quiet.” I whispered.

“No. Lana. You’re Alpha of this pack. You’re going to let this, piece of shit come into our lives and ruin it? That’s not the Lana I know. You are so quick to insult Adrianne but you can’t when it comes to Todd. And if you can’t insult him, then you’re no alpha.”

“I am. I just…………There’s nothing I can do. What would you expect me to do?”

“Eric, just leave. Leave while you can. And I heard what you, Kevin and your little whore were planning. It’s not going to work.” Todd whispered.

“I know.” Eric said as he got to his feet.  He held out his hand and I grabbed it.

“No.” Todd growled separating our hands. “Your sister stays with me. She stays.” Eric sighed and nodded once to me. I nodded back.

He then looked to Todd and took a few bold steps forward. “I will find a way to kill you. I’ll find a way soon and when I do……”

Todd’s fangs slid out of his gums and he snarled at Eric. “I don’t like threats.” He growled.

“Well you’re getting them from me anyway. Once you’re dead, I’ll be happy.” Eric took one more look at me before he went off. He slammed the door shut. Todd looked at me with his fangs still protracted. “Get into the bedroom, now.” He ordered.

“No.” He grabbed my hair in his hands and pulled. I let out a cry of pain. “Do you want me to do to you what I did to Adrianne? Only you might be more uncomfortable. I’d end up taking you on this hard floor. I and Adrianne were on a bed when we did it.”

“When you forced her.”

“Yes. When I forced her to conceive my child. If you don’t want to end up like her, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and do what I say.” He let go of my hair and I obeyed as I slowly walked to the bedroom. As he told me to do.

Adrianne’s POV

I laid in bed rubbing my stomach softly. There was a bundle of joy inside of me. I’m sure he or she is good. They won’t be evil as Todd. They’ll be warm hearted just like me.

Kevin walked in and leaned against my wall. “You okay?” He asked. I nodded. He came over and sat beside me on the bed. “I want this to be over. Just over…forever. I’m sick of thinking that everyone that comes into my life is good when they’re really bad.”

“Who else?” I asked. He shrugged and closed his eyes. “That’s not important. I want Todd dead. After what he’s done to you. I just don’t understand why I can’t attack him right now.”

“Because you’ll die, Kevin. You stay here until we get what we need to kill him.

“What? A stake? You can get stakes from anywhere. You can get stakes from Wal-Mart.” I rolled my eyes. “Shut up. This is serious.”

“I know it is, Adrianne. But this seriousness is stressing you out and this stress is putting the baby at risk.”

“You actually care about it?”

“Yes. I do. I hate that Todd is the dad. I would have preferred it to be Eric but…..I think I kind of love it.”

“Well…you’re not the only one who wishes that it was Eric’s baby.”  I said. Kevin sighed.

“I’m going after him. I, Eric and Lana can kill him.”

“What about me?” Asked a familiar voice. It was Aeryn.  My eyes widened at the sight of him. “Who the hell are you?” Kevin asked.

“The vampire I was talking about. His name is Aeryn.”

“It has a name?” Kevin asked.

“Yes……it does. What’s your name? Dumbass?”

Kevin growled. I held in my small giggles. “It’s okay, Kevin. We can trust Aeryn. He’s Todd’s son and the same vampires that are coming after Todd is coming after him and the rest of his family, right?” Aeryn nodded and sat in a chair in the corner.

“Yes. My dad has committed many crimes. He had broken the werewolf and vampire laws. The council that rules over us all wants him dead and they want me, my sister Aries, and a good friend of mine named Addison, dead. But I have a theory that if we could kill Todd before they can get to him, they might let my family live because Todd is a huge problem. He’s the only Werewolf/Vampire hybrid there is except my grandfather.”

“Would he know how to kill a hybrid?” I asked. Aeryn nodded. “Yeah…of course.”

“Good. Where is he?”



“Dead. Stake to the heart dipped in silver. Millions of wooden bullet holes into his skin and burned by the sun. Plus….loss of blood. Haven’t fed in weeks. Was not a pretty sight.”

“So we have to get everything that can kill a vampire and werewolf and use it all against him all at once?” Aeryn nodded. “It’s the only way to kill him. I won’t be able to help because you need to kill him in the day time when the sun is out. You have to get him to his weakest point and stake his heart. Make sure you get the heart and not the lung. Because if you miss, you better run because you’ve just pissed him off.”

“So convincing.”

“Harder than it sounds.”

“Oh trust me, it sounds extremely hard.” I said. Aeryn shrugged and his eyes finally went to my stomach. I pulled the sheet over me and looked back at him. “

“So the wolf’s having a baby. How…interesting.”

“This isn’t about him…or her. Whoever. We’re talking about your bastard father who did this to me.” Aeryn’s eyes grew wide with shock. His eyes slowly went back to my stomach and he gulped.

“When you say…he did this to you…….”

“He forced me…..he just…”

“No. I understand. Stop talking. Why would he conceive with you? I don’t understand.”

“He said it was so once he dies, his son can avenge his death and rule over everyone. He want’s his son to rule over everyone and I mean everyone.”

“Including the were panthers and shape shifters and even humans?” He asked.

“I suspect.”

“But he never came to me or my sister and said he wanted us to avenge his death.”

“I think he’s convinced that your family will surely die.”

“Well he’s wrong. I’m going to get things you need to kill him. Whatever he has planned will surely fail. Use the supplies wisely. I won’t be back till after midnight tomorrow. Until then, watch your ass.”

Kevin nodded and I did too as Aeryn  got up. He was about to walk out. “Thanks for helping us.” I said. He looked over his shoulder with a smirk on his face. “What are friends for?” He was suddenly gone with not even a millisecond. I couldn’t wait. Soon, it was over for Todd King.

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