Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Unbreakable

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Author's Note: About two more chapters left people. I was thinking of making a story for the baby when he's a teenager. And he's learning the truth about who his father is what he's done to Adrianne. The council (You will learn about them later) wants to kill all werewolf vampire hybrids because of how powerful they are and Adrianne and Eric tries to protect him. (I didn't give him a name yet.) So then, Adrianne's child realizes his power and goes out of control. He doesn't want to be as powerful like Todd but ends up going on a rampage basically. He tries to control his powers but he can't.' That was going to become a story.

But then I, I should just leave it here. I started a story called Dead with emotions. It's this story only told from Aeryn's POV. I don't plan on finishing it. But I would like you all to tell me. Do you think I should make a sequel about Adrianne's child? BE TRUTHFUL IF YOU LOVE THE IDEA OR HATE IT.


Chapter 12: Unbreakable


Eric dropped a pile of stakes and silver chains onto the floor next to my bed. I looked down at the items and then back up at him. “I guess that Aeryn guy is pretty cool. He gave me all this stuff. He must want Todd dead as much as we do.” He said.

I was lying down on the bed with my hand on my stomach rubbing it. “I guess so.” I responded.

Eric smiled. “All we need is the sunlight.” Eric said. I looked out the window at the dark sky. “Doesn’t look like we’re getting it today.”

“Damnit.” Eric muttered.

“Do we really need the sun? You sure?”

“Everything that will kill a vampire.”

“You’re forgetting the guns with the wooden bullets.” Lana said as she walked into the room. She had to guns in her hand.

“You’re going to help us?” Eric asked looking surprised. She nodded. “I want him dead.” She said harshly. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face.

“Fantastic. But I doubt the sun will be out today.” I said. Lana sighed and rolled her eyes. “You are so damn stupid. The sun doesn’t affect him. He’s been out in the sun before……remember?

 “You’re right, Lana, the sun doesn’t seem to affect him.”

“Unless he puts on some kind of cream or something to protect himself from it?” Eric said.

“What some kind of sunscreen?” Lana asked sarcastically. I looked at Eric and he looked back at me.

“You can’t be serious. Sunscreen? Really?”

“It’s a possibility, sis. We don’t know yet. We’ll discuss this later. I’m pretty sure the bastard can hear us. Right now and telepathically.” Eric said.

He was right. “So why dpn’t you go so I can talk to Adrianne alone?” Eric asked. Lana rolled her eyes and carried her guns outside. Eric stared at me for a second and then sat on the bed next to me. I just had the urge to touch him.

“So……….” Eric said as if he didn’t know what to say.

“So.” I replied back. He sighed deeply. “This is bad timing. Very bad timing but I need to know whether or not we’re together. Or if we even have a chance to be together again.”

I ran my fingers through my hair and breathed. “You’re right. This is very bad timing.” I said. He placed his hand on my leg. He scooted closer to me. “I just need to know if there is a possibility of us again.”

 His hand slowly trailed up to my thigh and I looked him in his eyes. “Of course there is.” I replied. He smiled and slowly leaned over. His lips brushed against mine softly at first. Our lips enveloped each other’s perfectly. He placed his hand through my hair and pulled me closer to him. He made me straddle him and he rubbed my thighs. I licked his bottom lip and his hands moved to my back and he moved my shirt up slowly. I sucked in a breath. “I can’t do this.” I said as I tried to get off of him but he held me in place. “Stop pushing me away, Adrianne. You can’t keep doing this to me.”

“How could you think about sex with what’s going on with Todd?” I asked looking at him.

“It’ll take the stress off of both of us.”


“Shh.” He whispered. Then he placed his hand on my cheek. “Just let me make love to you.” I took his hand off of my cheek. I still thought back to that night when Todd raped me. Truthfully, I felt that maybe sex would get rid of the stress but truthfully, I was scared to have sex. It may sound ridiculous but I just keep thinking about that night. What Todd had done to me.

“We’ll take it one step at a time, Adrianne. I don’t want you to be scared. I want you to feel better.” Eric said.

“I do. Just by you being here with me.”

“That’s not it. I just feel like it’s pretty stupid to let one man take every ounce of lust you had inside of you.”

“Well you wouldn’t understand, Eric. You’re not in my situation.”

“I don’t want you to be afraid to do something you love to do.”

“I…..I’m not scared.” Even I could hear the lie clearly in my voice.

“Prove it to me.” He breathed. I bit my lip for a second before leaning down and kissing his soft lips. His hands squeezed my breast and his tongue fought with mine. His hand move to my hair and his fingers tangled in it. I pulled away slightly to breathe. “Don’t be scared of me. I don’t want to hurt you. You know how much I love you, Adrianne.” I nodded and closed my eyes.

His lips were back on mine and he got off the bed and I was still wrapped around his body. He turned and laid me down on the bed. He looked deep into my eyes. “I will never, ever, let Todd or anyone else hurt you again. I’m so sorry.” He whispered.

“Don’t be. He did something to block your thoughts from me and to block my thoughts from you. It wasn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself.” I said. He placed his hand on my cheek.

“You will always be mine. I will never let anyone else have you.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to my throat. I missed the way his lips felt on my skin.

“Adrianne, please marry me.” I looked up at him.

“Why would you want that? I mean…..I’m pregnant with…”

“This….is not your and Todd’s baby. This is mine and yours. That’s how I want you to think about it for now on. Todd wants to use your baby. Use him or her for bad. But me and you will love and raise this baby as much as possible.”

“You’d help me raise the baby?”

“We’ll raise it together. And maybe have some more.” I smiled up at him and tears glistened into my eyes. “Why…why are you so perfect?” I asked. Eric chuckled and kissed my throat again. Then his lips went to my jaw and then my lips.

“Let’s just admit to ourselves that we need each other.”

“We’re too young to get married.” I said.

“Are you going to let age stop us? Age is just a number and besides…you’re never going to turn eighteen. And I’m never going to be twenty. We’re these ages forever.” Eric said. He had a small smile on his face.

“My mother and your sister won’t like that very much. My mom hardly trusts you and Lana hates me. How is it going to work?”

“I’m sorry, is Lana and your mom in our relationship?”

“Well…no but....”

“No but nothing. This is about me and you and how we can’t live without each other. Let’s just make this happen. We both want it. Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll leave right now and never look back.”

“If I said that, I‘d be lying.” I admitted. Eric smiled again.

“I thought so.” He pressed his lips against mine again. Eric was right. I loved him just as hard as he loved me. Maybe more. And Eric was everything. He’d raise the baby that I was forced to get pregnant with. He’d marry me no matter how young we were. He’d fight for me and die for me.
I couldn’t help but think back to that day. That day me and him met each other for the first time.

It was a Monday morning and a sunny day. My mom was walking towards me out of the woods. “We’re going to have some other wolves in our pack.”

“What?” I asked. We had enough. I can already tell these other wolves are going to piss me off. All wolf packs contained the same species but we didn’t all get along and that was not against the law.

“Yeah, they’re here now. A girl named Lana is the pack master and will like to meet us all.”

“I’m fine. I’m just going to go home.”

“Don’t be rude. It will only take a second.”

“I’m not being rude and I don’t want to take even a second of my time to meet any other wolves. They just stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of theres.” My mom gave me a look. I sighed and followed her to the pack grounds. There were at least twenty unfamiliar faces I saw.

A dark haired girl with fierce eyes looked at me. She tilted her head to the side as if something about me confused her. I looked back at my mom and then back at ‘Lana’.

“I’m Lana Foster. The new alpha of your wolf pack. I was sent here once my father, Jackson Foster, died. He was your alpha but now that he’s gone, I’ll be taking over since I’m the oldest in the next generation.” She said. Her dark hair blew in the wind.

“And this,” Lana turned around and brought forward a guy. “This is my brother, Eric.” Eric’s eyes immediately went to mine and a small smirk appeared on his face. He had light hazel, golden eyes. His skin was smooth and flawless. His hair was dark and short. I bit my lip and looked down to the ground. God. He was so sexy.

“Eric is second in command. Once I die, if I die, he will take over as the pack leader and you’ll all have no choice but to obey him. But until then, you’ll obey me.” I looked back up and my eyes met with Eric’s again. He was still staring at me. His smirk turned into a full grin. I slowly turned around and started walking back towards my cottage. This guy was hot. I won’t deny it. But who has time for relationships? Especially when you’re a freak of nature. I walked through the dirt and leaves slowly when I felt someone behind me. I slowly turned to see Eric behind me. Looking down at me with lust in his eyes. “Um….can I help you?” I asked. He had a cocky smirk on his face. “I want to talk to you.” He answered taking a piece of my hair into his fingers. I smacked his hand away. “Don’t touch me.” I snapped.

He smiled. “You’re not a nice girl. I like that.” He said in a soft velvet voice. “Yeah, I’m not nice at all so unless do you don’t want to get kicked in the balls, I suggest you leave me alone.” I turned back around and continued walking. He grabbed my arm and I turned and swung at him but he caught my fist. “Can I tell you something before you end up killing me?”

“Can you let go of me before I end up killing you?” I asked. He let go of my fist. “Now, what do want to tell me and make it quick. I want to go run for a little.”

“May I join you?”

“I like to run alone, Erin.”

“It’s Eric.”

“Same difference.” I answered. I don’t know why I was being mean to him. “You like me don’t you?” He suddenly asked. I looked at him in disbelief. Why would he automatically think that?

“What makes you think that?” I asked.

“Well one, you didn’t deny it. And two, I could feel it. I know you can feel that I like you too.”

“How can you like me and you don’t even know me?” I asked. He smiled. “I’d like to know you. Starting with you name please?” He asked. I sighed.

“Adrianne Renee.” I answered.

“So your name is two first names?” I nodded. “Is that a problem?” I asked. He shook his head. “I like it. It’s different. Like you.”

“Stupidest line ever.”

“That’s another thing I like, Adrianne. Your feistiness. It’ a turn on.”

“Well turn it off because I’m going.” I said turning away.

“Wait. Wait!” He stepped in front of me.

“What do you want?” I asked irritated. He gave me a small smile. “I want you to be my mate.” My insides felt like Gello. Chills ran down my body as he gave me a seductive look no guy has ever given me before. Before I could take another breath, I slapped his cheek hard across his face. He turned his head back to look at me. “You stay away from me, freak.” I said as I turned and walked away from him. Believe it or not, I only left him alone because I was afraid that if I didn’t, I was going to attack him and fuck him. Even though, I was a virgin and wanted my first time to be taken by someone I loved. But I wouldn’t have minded having sex with Eric right then and there.

And now here we were. He wasn’t the annoying, cocky, perverted little brother of the pack leader. Now he was the sweetest, beautiful, amazing sex god that I couldn’t live without.

“Whoa.” He said sitting up.

“What?” I asked him. He smiled and looked down at me. “I just……I just saw back to that day we first met. I was reading your thoughts and then out of nowhere, visions of that day started entering my head. It was… some kind of movie.”

“You actually saw my thoughts?” I asked. He nodded and smiled.

“What the fuck?” I laughed and sat up curling my fingers into his hair. “I guess that the deeper our love gets, the more we learn about our powers.” He nodded and leaned his forehead against mine.

“So, back to my question.”

“Mmh, what question?” I asked closing my eyes.

“Will you marry me?” He asked. I opened my eyes and smiled. And then nodded. “Yes, I will.” He grinned and then reached into his pocket. “I carried this ring in ever pants pocket for months until I could find the perfect time to ask you.” I held out my hand and he slipped the ring on my ring finger. “Perfect fit.” He whispered. Then his eyes went to mine. “Just like us.”

I nodded and went to kiss him again.

Lana’s POV

Todd was a rough person. In general. He’s a very complicated…..person if that’s what he is. He’s not even remotely human any more for crying out loud. It’s obviously not easy to get on his good side and he trusts no one. I closed my eyes and stirred slightly. I was naked wrapped in the silk dark blue sheets. Todd was lying beside me holding me. I wanted him to leave me alone. To leave my wolf pack alone. But no one could tell him to leave because he won’t do it. I can’t wait until me, Eric, Kevin and the rest of the wolf pack kills him. Todd King is a fucking p-

“Your thoughts are annoying.” Todd said. I sighed.

“Well no one told you to listen.” I replied. Todd let go of me and rolled to the other side of the bed. “God would she just give birth already? This is so annoying.”

“She didn’t ask to be put in this situation. You put her there. It’s only been a couple weeks. You have hardly two months and a half left. Why couldn’t you find someone else’s life to ruin?”

Todd sighed, “Because, I told you that her bloodline is strong. Extremely strong.  And I need my son to be strong. He’ll be indestructible. He’ll kill every single vampire and wolf that killed and attempted to kill me. He’ll be more powerful than the vampires that are on the council.”

“The what? What the hell are you talking about, Todd?” I asked turning to him.

“The council. The vampires that are after me and my family. There are at least fifty of them. And with Adrianne’s bloodline and my vampire and were wolf DNA, my son will be able to kill them all. Very simply.”

“You’re going to use your son to do your dirty work for you.”

“Precisely, sweetheart.” Todd replied. He was suddenly on top of me.

“It’s amazing what fucking can do. Wouldn’t you agree?” He asked looking down at me. I could feel his erection on my thigh and I tried to move to get away from him. He grabbed my face and looks deep in my eyes. “Listen to me, Lana.” He whispered. I looked up into his hazel eyes and I couldn’t look away. “Once everyone is sleep. You’re going to go steal every weapon they have. Every last weapon. Do you understand?” He asked. I nodded. I felt like I was flying. Like I was a light feather blowing through the wind. I nodded and smiled. “Okay.” I breathed. He smiled and kissed my lips. “That’s my girl.” He got off of me and I sat up. The high feeling disappeared and I felt back to normal. That was…weird.

As time approached, around twelve o’ clock at night, I got up out of my bed. I felt dizzy as I left out of the house. I had to do what Todd told me. I slowly walked over to Adrianne’s cottage and didn’t bother knocking as I opened the door. I shut it closed. I have to find every weapon and take it. I remember where I hid the guns. I got them from out of the closet where I also found the stakes and silver chains. I gathered them all in a pile and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a huge black trash bag and placed all of the items in the bag.  I smiled at the weapons I got. Getting them out of the house was another story. I had to actually drag them out. I heard the bedroom door open and Eric came out looking confused. “Lana, what are you doing?” He asked. I smiled. “I’m giving these weapons to Todd.” Eric’s eyes widened.

“You’re doing what?!” He closed the door and came over to me. “Did he tell you to give him the weapons?” I nodded.

“What the hell is your problem?” He asked grabbing the bag from me.

“Todd wants them!” I yelled. His eyebrows pulled together as he looked in my eyes. “‘The hell did he do to you? Your eyes look weird.” He said narrowing his eyes.

“Give me the bag!” I yelled.

“Why are your eyes white?” He asked.  He grabbed my face.

“Let go of me! Give me the guns, Eric!”

“Keep your voice down. Adrianne is sleeping.” He whispered loudly.

“Well then go sleep with her and let me get the bag.” I said. He shook his head. “I’m not going to let you give that asshole these weapons and you’re not going back there.”

“Please.” I said.

“Lana, maybe you should shift so your eyes can at least be the same color as your wolves’s. The white is starting to creep me out.”

“It’ll go away if you give me the bag.”

“No. Go to sleep on the couch. Don’t you dare walk out of this house.”

“I have to get back to Todd.” I whined. Eric shrugged. “He’ll be alright without you for a night. Sleep on the couch.” He started walking back into the bedroom with the bag in his hand.

“No, I’m going home.” I said heading for the front door.

“No, Lana. You’re staying here, I don’t give a damn if I have to force you into Adrianne’s bed and make you sleep in between me and her. If you’re not going to act like the goddamn alpha of this wolf pack, I am. You’re staying here.” He said. My little brother was taking charge and it honestly scared me a little.

“Fine.” I pouted. He dug a key from his pocket and locked the door from the inside. What the hell? “I don’t trust you 100%. Go to sleep.” He dragged the bag into the bedroom with him and closed the door.

Goddamn asshole. What does Adrianne see in that idiot? I sat on the couch and laid my head down on the arm of the chair. And I was soon off to sleep.

Adrianne’s POV

When I woke up, Eric was in bed next to me fully dressed. He looked anxious. “What’s wrong?” I asked. Eric sighed. “We’re going after him today.”

“Today?” I asked. He looked pass me out the window. I turned to see the sun shining brightly. “It’s time.” I looked back to him. “I need you to stay here, Adrianne. You have to stay here no matter what. No matter what thoughts you hear, you have to stay here.” He placed his hand on my cheek and looked deeply into my eyes. “I love you, okay?”

I felt tears swell up into my eyes. “Eric, please don’t go.”  He smiled at me. “I don’t want you to worry about me. I want you to think about other things. Good things. Like what you want to name the baby. What song you want for our wedding.” He chuckled slightly but I couldn’t find it in myself to laugh. Tears slowly spilled out of my eyes.

“Please.” I begged.

“I have to, Dri. I just have to. I’m doing this for us. Just be strong for me and stay in bed.” He said. I nodded and closed my eyes.  His pressed his lips against mine hard. His fingers ran through my hair. He kissed me like this was our last day on earth. “I love you.” He whispered against my lips.

“I love you.” I said back. He leaned his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. I did the same. “As soon as this is over, we’re getting married.” He said. I nodded and curled my fingers in his hair. “Okay.” I whispered. Eric slowly pulled away from me. He walked backward out of the door and shut it as he finally left out. He was gone.

Todd was unstoppable. And I doubted if Eric was going to make it out of this. I couldn’t let this happened. I looked down at the engagement ring that Eric gave me. It shined brightly as the sun reflected off of it. I loved Eric, I loved Kevin. I even loved Lana. I loved my wolf pack too much to let anybody get hurt. I wiped my tears away on my sleeve and got up. My stomach was bigger. I placed my hands on my stomach. “I love you, baby.” I whispered. I got up and put on some pants. I grabbed on my shoes and ran out of the door. Kevin and Eric were already gone. I ran out the front door as fast as I could. If I transformed into my wolf, I’d lose the baby. So I stayed in my human form. Adrenaline pumped through my veins. I didn’t have any weapon but I wanted Todd dead as much as everyone else and I will do whatever it takes to kill him.

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