Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Breakable

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Chapter 14: Breakable


Eric’s POV

Adrianne’s body fell to the ground and I watched as blood spilled out of her mouth and her stomach. Her body twitched as she looked up into the sky. My eyes grew wide at the scene. My fiancée was dying. As soon as I ran for her, Todd pushed me to the ground. Then he stepped down hard on my leg, and I heard a crack. I cried out. Todd walked near me and looked down at me. “I’ll be taking my son now.” He said smiling. He looked over at Adrianne and his fangs slowly extended. “Her blood smells delicious. I think I’ll take a taste…..or two.” He smiled and then walked over to Adrianne whose eyes were still open looking up at the sky. She was expressionless. Todd stood over her and looked down at her. “That’s a lot of blood, baby.” He said.

 I couldn’t stand. My leg was bleeding and red and swollen. “Fuck.” I whispered. I began to drag my body to Todd and Adrianne. Where the hell was Kevin? “Adrianne!” I yelled. She didn’t respond. Todd got on his knees between her legs. He examined something and then looked back at me. “Her water just broke. She’s not dead.” He turned back to her.

Slowly, I could feel the excruciating pain in my leg slowly disappear. When it did all the way, I got up and ran over and grabbed Todd and forced him down to the ground. As soon as I did this, Adrianne shrieked and I looked at her and her eyes were bloodshot red and her stomach was…….moving. What the hell? Todd made me fall to the ground and then he wrapped his hand around my neck and squeezed.

I couldn’t breathe and he had a strong grip on my neck. My eyes widened as my vision got blurry before me. Adrianne was still crying and screaming loudly and twitching on the ground.

There was suddenly a loud bang and I looked up to see a bloody hole in Todd’s chest. Todd looked down at the hole and then smiled and looked at me. He leaned down and I felt his teeth pierce into my neck and I grabbed his hair pulling him back from me and a chain was wrapped around his body and his neck by a red headed girl who looked like a teenager. My neck was released and I could breathe again.

Aeryn then came out with another man. I guess they were all vampires. How were they out during the sun?

The man had a gun in his hand.

Todd was on the ground and smoke was rising from his skin because of the silver chain wrapped around his body.

Two silver bullets struck into his chest. And another one into his head. Kevin came to him and held up something in a can. He glared down at Todd who was already groaning in pain. Kevin pressed down on the little button and as soon as the liquid touched Todd’s skin, it began to dissolve and his groans turned into screams. Wolfsbane. They were doing it, using the weaknesses of vampires and werewolves to kill a hybrid. Other unknown people came over with stakes tight in their hand and began to pierce his dissolved skin. He was turning into blood and bones slowly.

I looked over at Adrianne who was twitching in pain still. I ran over to her and kneeled beside her. “Baby.” I whispered. She looked up at me weakly. Tears coming out of her eyes. “I’m scared. I think he’s……..” She whispered. I shook my head. I lifted her pale dress and looked under her dress. She was breathing heavily. “Push baby.” I whispered. She shook her head. “I can’t.” She whispered. I nodded. “Yes you can.”

She closed her eyes and screamed as she tried to push. Kevin came over towards her. “We need to get her home.

“She’s about to have the baby.” I said. Kevin looked behind him and then to me.

“Truth be told, wolf,” Aeryn said leaning down between us. “I never actually heard of a hybrid birth. Only a birth between a vampire and a human and wolf and a human.”

“Why are you just now telling us this?” Kevin asked. Aeryn licked his lips and sighed. “I didn’t want you all to freak out. You can’t exactly get a hybrid aborted or anything.”

“Why?” I asked.

Aeryn shrugged and sighed. “I don’t know.” He answered.

I looked at Adrianne’s weak body and face. She was growing pale. I shook my head. “No. No. Baby.” I whispered. She wasn’t answering me. My eyes watered. “Baby.” I whispered. Her eyes closed.

“Fuck.” Aeryn whispered. He lifted his sleeve and bit into his skin and let the blood fall onto Adrianne’s lips.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked. Aeryn looked at me as he pushed his wrist against Adrianne’s lips.

“You don’t want her dead. My blood can heal her.” He said. I looked at her and then looked underneath her dress. I can see the baby sticking out but he wasn’t crying. Fuck.

“We need to get her home.” Kevin said.

“Right, with a baby sticking halfway out of her vagina.” I snapped. He rolled his eyes. I reached inside of her and pulled the baby out. I stared at his small bloody pale figure. His eyes were closed. He was breathing. Aeryn looked at his half-brother and then to me. I looked down at him.

He slowly opened his eyes. He had white pupils…..then they slowly turned black and then light green. Then to dark green as he looked up at me.

“Is that him?” Asked the red headed girl. I looked up at her. Aeryn nodded. “Guys, this is my sister, Aries. Aries, this is our half-brother.” He said. She smiled down at him. She got on her knees beside me and Aeryn. “He’s beautiful.” She whispered. Her eyes slowly went to Adrianne. “Is she dead?” She asked. I shook my head.

“She better not be.” Said Kevin. I looked back down at the baby. “He’s gone?” I asked no one in particular.

“He’s gone.” Aeryn replied.


Adrianne’s POV

When I woke up, everything was bright. I rubbed my eyes and swallowed and sat up. I realized I was back in my cottage. In my bedroom. “Hey, don’t move so fast.” Said a voice. I looked over to Eric and smiled.

“How do you feel?” He asked. I scratched my head and looked down at my stomach that was no longer big. I gulped. “Eric?” I asked.

“Relax, honey, he’s fine.” He whispered. Relief washed over me. “It’s a boy?” I asked with tears forming in my eyes. Eric nodded. “It’s a boy. Its our boy.” He whispered. I smiled and he slowly leaned over and kissed me. “Why do you taste different?” I asked. He shrugged and smiled, then kissed me again. And again. And again. And again.

“Where is he?” I asked against his lips. Eric stood up and went out of the room for a second. I didn’t want to ask him where Todd was. I didn’t really care. The only thing besides Eric that I cared about right now was my son. My son. I’m going to have to get used to having a son. It was definitely a change. A huge one.

Eric came back in with a tiny pale baby in his hands. I almost cried at how beautiful he was as Eric put him into my arms.

He was warm. Not too hot like a werewolf. Not too cold like a vampire. His pupils turned from green to white for a second, then black, then back to dark green. It truly scared me for a moment. I looked up at Eric as he shrugged. “That happens. I don’t know why.” He whispered. I rocked the baby back and forth and smiled at him. It was hard not to.

“May I come in?” Asked a familiar voice. I turned to see Aeryn in the doorway. I smiled at him and invited him in. He walked in with a red haired girl right behind him. “He looks just like you, wolf.” He said smiling. I rolled my eyes.

“What’s his name?” The red haired girl asked. I licked my lips and thought for a second. “Lucas.” I whispered.

 “Beautiful.” My mom whispered as she walked into the room. I looked up at her. Tears forming in my eyes.

“Mommy?” I cried. I sounded like a little girl. Eric took the baby from my arms. My mother hugged me. I was about to ask her where she has been but I remembered that Todd said he compelled the wolf pack to stay away.

“Are you okay?” She asked. I nodded.

She looked at Eric and Lucas. Eric was doing a cute little voice as he was talking to Lucas. My mom turned to look at me. “Are you sure you’re okay? I heard about everything baby. I wish I was there.”

“No mom. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s okay now. I’m just…..I’m so glad that you’re here.” I said. She smiled and hugged me tightly.

“Me too, baby.” She whispered. I never felt so close to my mom before now. I loved her more than I’d ever realize.

She turned and grabbed Lucas in her arms. “God, he is so gorgeous.” She cooed. Eric smiled a little and then came over to me. I watched as Aeryn and the red head went over to play with Lucas.

He sat on the bed and looked at me. “Does your mom know about Lana?” I asked. Eric sighed and nodded. “Yeah she knows. She’s pretty heartbroken about it.”

“I’m sorry Eric.” I said. He smiled and leaned his forehead against mine. “I know. It’s okay. I’ll always love her. Just like I’ll always love you.”

“I know you’ll always love me but your sister just died and you don’t seem to be phased by it at all.”

“I feel kind of numb about it truthfully.” He said.

I nodded. “Numb is good. Sort of.” I whispered. He smiled and pressed his forehead against mine. “You’re all I need.” He said. I smiled. “You’re all I need.”

“He’s so beautiful, honey.” My mom said handing him back to me. “Thanks mom.” I said. She smiled. “I’ll leave you alone for a little.” She said and then turned and then left.

Aeryn sighed and then smiled.

“I’ll wait outside with Addison.” The red haired girl said. She left out of the room quietly.

Aeryn nodded. “This was quite a day. Quite a day. My dad’s dead. And I have another brother. “

“Yeah.” I said. Aeryn looked into my eyes. “I guess I was wrong about wolves. You guys really do have meaning.” He said. I smiled. “Same about vampires.” I said.

Aeryn looked down at Lucas. “That little guy is definitely going to change some lives.” He said. I nodded.His eyes then went to Eric. “Sorry about your sister.” He said. Eric nodded. “Thank you.”

Aeryn smiled. “I’ll catch you all later.” He said.

“Hey Aeryn,” I said. He turned slightly.  “You’re a good friend.” I said. He smiled and nodded and then stalked out of the room. I licked my lips and looked down at Lucas.

“So breast feeding is definitely out of the question.” Eric whispered. I playfully pushed him with my shoulder and he kissed my forehead.

“We’ll have to get some blood for him.” I said. He nodded. “I’m sure we can find some human. Get some blood. Shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Right, like a human is going to offer to donate blood for a werewolf vampire hybrid.” I said sarcastically.

“They don’t have to know what its for.”

“I heard vampires keep humans around for blood and sex. Maybe Aeryn has a human.” I said. I watched as Lucas’s eyes slowly closed.

“Maybe.” Eric whispered. We both watched little Lucas. We both envied the kid and he’s only been here for a couple of hours.

Lucas was going to be a good kid. I can see it now. He was beautiful and he was perfect. He was my son and I’m holding onto him.

 And. I’m. Never. Letting. Go.


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