Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - She's just too much

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Chapter 5: She's too much


I growled loudly as I spotted Lana in the main pack area. She turned and looked at me. '"You wouldn't dare." She said glaring at me. I snarled at her. I jumped and flew to her at an instant. Before I could reach her even an inch, she shifted and knocked me down to the ground. I growled and pushed her off of me using my body. She growled as she glared at me. "Stop it!" My mother yelled as she ran in between us.

'Move out of the way before I end up killing you.'

I told my mother telepathically. She looked at me and shook her head. "Both of you stop it. Right now." Without warning, Lana charged towards me, pushing my mother back a few feet and bumping into me slamming down into the ground. I growled out of anger and pushed myself up to look back at her. I wasn't in any pain. Any scars or bruises I see when I'm back in my human form will heal almost immediatley. She paced back and forth measuring my next move. I didn't have to read her thoughts to know that.

"What the hell is going on?" Asked Eric as he came near us.

'Go away. This is between me and your stupid ass sister.'

He looked at me.'No. You have to stop this. Stop it right now, Adrianne.' I calmed down a little. I was happy because if he could hear my thoughts, this meant he still cared for me. He looked back at his sister and glared at her. "Stop it, Lana. Both of you calm down."

I sat down on the floor and felt my form vibrating as I shifted back to my human form. Eric looked at my body and then down to the ground. "You can't keep me and your brother away from each other." I said grabbing Eric's arm and looking at Lana. I was happy when he didn't push me away. Lana growled and turned back into her human form. "I'm the alpha. And what I say...goes."

"We're not hurting you by being together.Or are you just jealous because everyone in the pack has someone but you and you just don't want to be the 'odd one out'?"

"My brother cannot be with a weak wolf. Do you understand how that makes our family looks? Me having the position that I have, I cannot have a weak family or I will be reposted as lower than alpha and I'll be damned if I'm going to lose my position over you."

"I'm not weak." I said clencing my teeth. She rolled her eyes. "Yeah right. Could have fooled me. You're the weakest of us all. And it won't be much time before you realize that. You and your pathetic family are the weakest of anyone." I was about to walk over and grab her by her hair and pull until her whole outside of her head comes off.

'Calm down. Please, for me.'

'What's the point? You obviously don't care anymore.'

'Of course I do. Would I be able to hear your thoughts if I didn't?'

He had a point. I tried to calm down but my body was still shaking with anger. "We're going to be together if we want. And not even the fact the you're the leader of us all will stop us."

"Actually, you may want to rethink that, Adrianne."

"What are you talking about?"

A small smile appear on her face. "We've-me and mom have been thinking about leaving. Our packs separating. And you two wouldn't want to be too far from eachother now would you?"

"What are you saying?" Eric asked.

"I'm saying that as long as you two stay away from eachother and find other mates, we'll stay here but if otherwise, we're gone, Eric. And I do have the power to do that." Where the hell does she get all of her wikedness from? I mean her mom is nice. Her dad is nice. Eric is.......amazing. And she........she is just a bitch.

Eric sucked in a breath and looked down to the ground. "Mother wants us soon, so finish whatever business you have with her and come on. I'll meet you at the cottage." She turned and ran off deep into the woods. It was lighter outside as the semi-circle of the sun appeared from behind the clouds. Eric looked down at me. "We don't have to listen to her." He sighed.

"Yes.....we do. We don't have a choice. Would you rather be broken apart or broken apart 3,000 miles away from each other?"

"Neither." I answered.

"Let's just obey her for now and find out what to do, later. I'll see you later." He said walking away from me. As he reached the woods, he got on all fours and changed into his wolf form. I stood there looking after him. I was heartbroken and upset. Upset that I had to obey a girl who only takes joy in making people's life a living hell. I have to get away from here. I have to. I went into my cottage that was in the middle of the woods. I opened the door and slammed it shut. Kevin was snoring on the couch. I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and placed on a long sleeved shirt. dark blue jeans and black boots. I walked out of my cottage and sighed as I breathed in the air.

I suddenly smelled the scent of Oranges and grapefruit and grass and something else I couldn't identify. I turned to see a guy leaning against a tree watching me. I stared back at him. "Um...who are you?" I asked. He smiled, "Todd." He answered.

"Well, Todd, you standing here watching me is kind of freaking me out so can you just go back from where you came from?" He ran his fingers through his hazel colored hair and smiled as the sun glistined off of his dark eyes. "I've been watching you for a while and you didn't notice."

I suddenly felt a little nervous. "Why were you watching me?" I asked. He grinned. "Well, let's just say I've been admiring you. You stand up to the vampire that comes to your land. You fuck your boyfriend or should I now say ex- in the woods with no fear of being caught and you stand up to the alpha of your pack. What's not to admire?"

I never thought of all those things as admiring. I thought of them more as irritating. "You seem to get irritated fast." Did he just read my thoughts? How can that be possible? Does he love me? Are we related?

"Not exactly to the first one and to the second-well....we definitely don't have the same bloodline."

"So what do you want exactly?" I asked.

"I want to join your pack." My eybrows pulled together as I looked at him. "Are you sure because there's alot of drama all the time."

"I love drama. My middle name is drama."

I laughed but he frowned. "No. I'm not kidding. That's really my middle name." I stopped laughing and became serious. "Oh." Was all I could say.

"Todd Drama what?" I asked.

"King." He answered. I nodded and put on a smile. "Well, fine. I guess you're in. But you'll have to talk to the alpha."

"Yes. The bitch- as you call her- that you dislike. Can't wait." He said indifferently. I led him deep into the woods to the cottage that Eric, Lana and their parents lived. I knocked on the door and Eric opened the door. He glared at Todd. "Who is he?" He asked.

"Todd King." He answered. Eric looked at me. "It's amazing how short of a time it took you to find someone else," I stared at him in disbelief. "I'm not with him. How could you think I'd find anyone else?" Lana then came at the door and as soon as she looked at Todd, she was in love. I could see it in her eyes. An automatic smile appeared on her face. "Um...Hi.....wh-who are you?" She asked. He flashed a sexy smile. "Todd. Todd King." she began to walk down the small stairs and almost tripped as she came face to face with Todd's perfection of a face. "'re a werewolf too?" He nodded and tried to hide the smile that was on his face. I wonder why.

"Yeah. I want to join the pack. I stumbled upon the scent of wolves and followed it and ended up here. I watched you guys for a few days just to make sure you were all safe. And here I am." he said.

" you are." Her black hair blew in the wind.

"So am I in?" She nodded and smiled. He smiled also. "Great. Where do I sleep?" He asked.

"You can sleep at my place. I have an extra bedroom. Lana and Eric's house is all crowded." Todd smiled. Almost deviously. "I will be more than happy to stay at your place with you."

"I don't like that idea very much." Eric muttered. I sighed in frustration.

'Nothing is going to happen. Trust me.'

'Make sure he keeps his hands off of you. You may not be mine anymore but I will still make sure you're safe.'

'I know and thank you for that, Eric. Your name will always be permanently tattoed on my heart. You know that.'

'Same here.'

I smiled as I led Todd away from Lana and Eric and towards my house.

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