The Half Breed

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The arrival of Darius Hemsing

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Chapter 4: The arrival of Darius Hemsing

Darius smiled down at me. "Alice." He said with a smile playing on his lips. "I thought you weren't coming back until the baby is born." I said. My heart pounded fast in my chest. "I don't want to wait any longer. He suddenly glared at my stomach and pain shot through me. I cried out in pain and fell to the floor. "It's okay." He whispered. What did he just do to me? Did he do that with his mind?

"Actually I did." He said. He walked in the house and closed the door. He picked me up and had me in my bed within seconds. He tied my wrist to the head board. I felt something coming out of me. Like it was pee but so much of it. My water was breaking.

That's when panic started to arrive. My body felt weird. Painful and sore. I tried to tug my wrist free from the cloth he had tied around my arms. "Please untie me." I begged with tears threatening to come out of my eyes.

He shook his head and pulled my pants down. "Not until you have my son." He answered. I closed my eyes wishing that Cyan was here to protect me or I was strong enough to protect myself.

My panties disappeared next. "Please, Darius. I go to the hospital." I said. He shook his head and got onto the bed with me. "You think humans would be able to understand a birth like this? Vampires have to be kept secret. And I'll be damned if I expose myself for a you of all people."

I tried to breathe and stay calm but another pain shot through my stomach. I cried out. "I might as well put you to sleep." He said sounding irritated.

"Please. Do. Please." I begged.

He smiled slightly. "No. Why don't you just learn to bare through it?" I closed my eyes as another shot of pain went through my body causing me to scream. He looked down. "Please. Get it out." I begged. My voice was weak. The room was hot and I felt my conciousness slipping away.

I felt him reach in and my body tensed up. "Here comes the head." He said. I squeezed my eyes tight.

"Push, Alice." He demanded. I pushed as hard as I could. The pain was unbearable. "I can't." I cried. His face was suddenly inches from mine. "If you don't push my son out, I'm going to fucking kill you." His fangs pushed out of his gums. I swallowed and tried to breathe as he got back on the bed looking down in between my legs. "Push." He ordered. I tried to push and every push was just as painful as the last. It felt like a knife was stabbing me down there. "Fuck!" I yelled in pain. Darius smiled. "One more push for me, baby." He said. I breathed deeply. Well I was hyperventalating. "I can't." I cried.

He glared at me. "Yes you can. You don't have a choice. Push. Now." I closed my eyes and pushed again. With all my strength and energy combined, I pushed him out. My son. My Dalton. My love. Darius looked around and grabbed a small blanket. He wrapped the baby up and picked him up. I smiled at the baby. "Untie me and let me hold him." I said. Darius looked at me. "No. You not being in his life its what's best for all of us."

"What? No. I carried him inside of me. He's my baby too." I said trying to let my hands free. He tied these knots extremely tight. "You're dying anyway. You lost alot of blood." Darius said.

I began to cry. "Please, Darius. Let me see him just once." I begged. I felt light headed. Darius shook his head and left out of the room. "Let me hold Dalton!" I cried. I heard Darius go down the stairs. I laid there crying with my hands still tied to the bed. And I knew I was dying. Was this what he wanted? He tied me up so I could die? "Darius!" I cried. I suddenly felt dizzy. Like I was going to pass out but I had a weird feeling that this time, it was going to be permanent. My eyes slowly closed as I felt my life slip away.

Cyan's Pov

I approached Alice's house and could smell and feel another vampire in her house. My fangs automatically slid out. I quickly opened the door and my angry mood vanished as I saw my brother, Darius, holding a small baby in his hands feeding it a bottle of a dark red liquid. "What are you doing?" I asked. He smiled and looked up at me. "Feeding my son." He said innocently. I growled at him. "Where's Alice?"

Darius's smile became wider but went from innocent to devious. "She's upstairs. But don't expect her to wake up anytime soon." Images flashed through my head. Her face. Darius tying her to the bed. Her crying and begging and him taking the baby and leaving her to die. I flew upstairs and as I enetered the bedroom, she was laying down with her eyes closed. I couldn't hear her heart beat. Or her gentle breaths. I sighed and went over by her and untied her hands. I moved pieces of her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. I sighed and went back downstairs angry with my brother for his reckless ways. "How could you do that to her?"

"Why do you care?" He asked staring down at his son. "Darius, she was only a innocent human. How could you be so careless?"

"She was going to die no matter if I showed up here or not. The day she became pregnant, her life was going to be limit and you obviously didn't care about her becuase you didn't tell her she was going to die." I did tell her that but she wanted the baby anyways.

"Why did you procreate with her?" I asked. Darius looked uneasy. "Excuse me?" I sighed and sat down on the chair looking up at him. " Why did you have sex with her and leave her knowing she was pregnant with your child?"

He looked away from his son and into my eyes. "I wanted a son."

"Out of nowhere? And besides, why would you of all people need a son?" He shrugged. "He's a half breed and I've always wanted a half-breed child. Now I have one."

"What are you up to, Darius?"

"Nothing, Cyan. Now if you will excuse me, Dalton and I have places to go. People to see." I didn't trust him for a second. I got up into his face. "Put my nephew down." I said vigorously. He let out a small laugh. "Or?"

"Put him down. Now." I whispered. Darius sighed and walked pass me.

"If you don't put him down right now, I'm going to go upstairs, turn Alice into one of us and she'll come back and kick your ass."

"I'm not scared of that whore."

"That's the mother of your child and you just used her like she was garbage."

"Oh well." He said as he began walking towards the door. I looked around and found a fire sticker. I grabbed the black metal in my hand and stabbed it through his back. The second I grabbed Dalton, Darius gripped the stick in his hand and groaned in pain.

"Have fun getting that out, brother." I said as I opened the door and walked out with my nephew safely in my hands.

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