The Half Breed

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Breaking Up

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



Author's Note: Sorry for any speeliing errors or if things don't make sense. I haven't been feeling too well lately. But I wanted to finish this. So here it is.

Chapter 9: Breaking up


"Don't break up with her." Kenny told me. I sighed in frustration. "I almost killed her." I reminded him. He shrugged. "Almost......but you didn't." He just didn't understand what I had to go through. I will never tell him about the time I was close to killing him when I first met him.

"I love her and that's why I have to let her go."

"But've been walking around for years saying how much you loved her and needed her and you're going to let her go like that?" He snapped his fingers. I ran my fingers through my hair and nodded.

"Do what you think is right, Dalton." Cyan said walking into the livingroom and sitting down on the couch across from me and Kenny.

I sighed. I loved Alessa but her blood was too much for me. Way too much. "I'm going to go over her house tomorrow. I'll break up with her then." Cyan nodded.

Kenny frowned. "Welcome back to the single life, Dalton. It's awesome." He said indifferently. I shrugged and leaned back in my seat thinking.

I didn't want to do this. But I had to. I had to for Alessa's safety.


The next morning, in school, I was carrying my books to my locker. I suddenly felt them being pushed onto the ground and then myself. I sighed and looked up to see Taylor glaring down at me with his fist balled up at his sides. "You're dead meat Khayman." Before I had a chance to react, Taylor was being pushed on the ground.

"No. You're dead meat, idiot." Said a familiar voice. I looked up to see Alison glaring down at Taylor. Crazy how a bully gets bullied by a girl. She looked down at me and held out her hand. I slowly accepted it as she helped me up. Her skin was soft. I looked deep into her blue eyes. "Thank you, Alison." I said picking my books up.

"No problem, Dalton. Taylor acts all tough until I come in the picture. Then he just acts like a wimp."

"Yeah, I see." I said looking down at him. He crawled backward and then got up running away down the hall. Alison giggled and it sounded beautiful. I turned to her and met her eyes. She looked down as if she was shy. "Well. We should get to mythology. Don't want to be late." I nodded as we began to walk towards our class. I looked over at Alison and noticed her gothic like clothing. black boots with black jeans. A black corset with a black jacket over it. Gold and black neckalaces and black gloves over her hands. Black thick eyeliner and dark red blood colored lip stick. I wasn't thinking about how good her blood must taste. I was thinking about how pretty she looked. I felt a hand wrap around me and I turned to see Alessa. Her eyes darted back and forth between me and Alison. Alison looked upset. "Um......Alessa...this friend, Alison. And Alison, this is Alessa. girlfriend." I could easily see Alison's fake smile. I wonder if Alessa saw it too. "Hi." Alessa said. I know exactly what was wrong with this picture.

"Hey." Alison said casually. Alessa smiled slightly and then looked at me. "Can we talk alone?" Her eyes glanced to Alison and then back to me.

"I have to go to class. Mr. DeLoric doesn't like it when students are late." He never said that before but I needed an excuse to get away from her. I was afraid that I would mistakenly blurt out we need to break up and she'll end up crying in school and I would be the cause.

"It'll be quick." She promised. Desperation was filling her tone.

"I'm sorry but I have to go." I kissed her forehead and then left with Alison and went in the class. it was horrible for me to treat her that way. But I couln't deal with anything right now. Nothing that involves breaking the heart of a girl I care about. We entered the room and everybody was talking about television shows and movies that held supernatural creatures and events happening. Me and Alison just kept quiet. Everyone once in a while, we'd look at eachother and smile slightly. It was an innocent thing.

Mr. DeLoric pointed to me. "Yes?" I asked.

"Your favorite show or movie dealing with fantasy?" I thought for a second. Now.....I don't watch Harry Potter. I don't watch Twilight. I don't watch the Vampire Diaries.

"Um.....Supernatural." I finally answered. Supernatural was a good show. Cyan made me watch it once. I rather enjoyed it.

Mr.DeLoric nodded but looked slightly uneasy. "You don't watch any vampire movies or shows?" What was he getting at. I glared at him and it almost looked as if he was glaring back but his expression was just grim. "No." I answered staring him in the eye. A slight smirk was on his face.

His eyes went to Alison. "My dear, Alison, your favorite fantasy movie or show?"

Alison didn't even have to think. "Buffy the vampire slayer." I raised my eyebrow at her. She looked back and smiled. "What It's a classic." I shook my head. "That's like saying Twilight is a classic."

"It's not exactly classic. It's just not like other vampire movies. That's all." She had a point. I think I was beggining to like Alison.





When it was lunch time, me, Kenny, Alessa and a few other kids sat at an round table. They were laughing at everybody that walked by. Making fun of their appearences. I just shook my head everytime they talked about someone. I looked over at Alessa who was twirling her fork around in her peas that was on her tray. She looked upset.

"You okay?" I asked. She shook her head while still looking down at her peas. I took a deep breath. "Want to go talk?" I asked. She finally looked at me and nodded. I grabbed her hand and got up. The guys started laughing and making kissy faces at us. I rolled my eyes. I suddenly saw Alison walking into the lunchroom with a tray in her hand. One of the guy's thrusted his foot forward and she tripped. It all happened so fast. I grabbed her tray a milli second before it could touch the floor. As I caught it in my hands, I internally berated myself. No human could move as fast as I just did. I gulped and looked around me. Everyone was looking at me with shock in their eyes. My cheeks were red with embarassment. I turned to Alison. "Um.....those morning runs are so starting to pay off." I said laughing nervously.

Evryone slowly went back to talking. I got a few more weird glares at some people but I just let Alison's pretty face distract me. I handed her her tray back and she grabbed it. "Thank you, Dalton. That meant alot to me." Her soft voice said. I smiled and she smiled back. Alessa suddenly stomped by flinging her hair in my face as she did. I sighed and followed her out of the cafeteria.

"Wait up!" I said. She stopped walking but didn't turn around. "What's wrong?" I asked. She turned and there were tears glittering in her eyes. "Do you like her?" She asked.


" know what I'm talking about. Do you like Alison?" The bell rang before I had a chance to answer. "I uh.....I have to get to class. I'l talk to you later."

"Dalton." She said. I ignored her and kept walking down the hall. It was the human side of that was the problem. A vampire wouldn't care about her feeling and break it off with her. Scratch that. A vampire would just drain every drop of deilicious blood so that he wouldn't have to see her heartbroken face everytime they were around eachother. I was a bad person. A monster that was about to break the heart of an innocent girl that loves me.



Once school was out, I hurried home before I could see Alessa. Kenny thought that I was acting crazy but if only he was going through what I was going through.

I wanted to kill my girlfriend. I wanted her blood. My heart pounded fast in my chest. Cyan was looking out the window. I plopped down on the couch and closed my eyes. I just wanted a break from reality. "Do you know that this damn black Hawk has been out this window just staring inside like a maniac. My eyes snapped open. I got up and went beside him. Was it the same one that flew into my geometry class? It looked just like it. "Are hawks in florida really?"

"Never saw one. Especially with red eyes. It's kind of crazy." I turned and leaned against the window. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. "I can't just break up with her. She'll be..... well........heartbroken.

"Do what you feel is right, Dalton." Cyan told me while still looking outside. "It's hard. I want her but I don't want to hurt her. I slipped up at least five times and to make her forget that I was trying to kill her. What kind of relationship is that?"

"One that probably cannot be fixed." Cyan answered. I looked back out the word at the hawk. It can probably fly any and everywhere without having one problem.

"Can I tell you a story?" Cyan asked as he went and sat down on the couch. I nodded and sat on the couch across from him. He sighed and leaned back. "A little before you were born, I was in love with a human. She was.....unbelievably beautiful. Undenyingly perfect and a fantastic lover. I've never-even in my human years- have loved a human so much it made my heart hurt. She was my everything. My lover, soulmate,flower,sun. Everything that can ever make me smile." He smiled slightly and then he frowned.

He swallowed and looked down to the floor. "One night....we were......"

I rolled my eyes. "I'm sixteen." I reminded him. He sighed. " night, we were....making love and I bit her. It was a habit and she enjoys it. I drunk alot of her blood and couldn't stop. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that I was killing her. I just kept feeding and feeding and when I didn't hear her heartbeat anymore........I knew what I had done." He blinked back tears that couln't possibly fall out.

"I knew I should have broken up with her before I lost control. When I met her and she found out what I was, she refused to stay with me. She said and I quote, 'Even the fact that you can kill me within any second can't make me want to stay away from you.' As she said that, I knew I was in love with her."

"But now......she's gone. She's been dead for a little over sixteen years. I tried to turn her but she was dead too long for the process to work and I broke apart. Meeting her was the biggest mistake in my life. Because my presence is what got her killed." Cyan's head hung low. "I'm really sorry." I whispered. He shrugged. "Nothing I can do now." I couldn't imagine if I ever killed Alessa acidently. I would probably never forgive myself. Cyan got up. "I have a picture in this drawer over here." He got up and opened the drawer. I he got out a medium sized picture frame and handed it to me. "What was her name?" I asked looking at the beautiful human in the picture frame.

"Summer." Cyan whispered. Summer had strawberry blond curls blowing away from her face as if the wind was blowing. Her eyes were hazel with a hint of green. Her lips were pink and full. Her skin was like percelain. She looked healthy and happy. Her smile revealed sparkly white teeth. She was laying down on the bed. With a huge t-shirt on. and she was looking up at the camera as it hovered over her. "You took the picture?" I asked. Cyan nodded with a slight smile on his lips. "Yes." He answered.

He was right. Summer was beautiful. But I couldn't imagine taking the life of someone who was so sweet, beautiful and innocent. Cyan was telling me that Summer wasn't innocent but her face says otherwise.

I handed Cyan the picture. "She looks really happy." I said. He nodded and placed the picture back in the drawer and turned to me. "Dalton, If I were you, I'd break up with Alessa before I do something regretful." He was right. I had to do it. It was the only right thing to do. I had some blood bags and just sat and constantly thought.

Around seven at night, I heard someone at the door. I got up and answered it. It was Alessa. She didn't smile. "You've been avoiding me. Why?" I sighed and stepped outside and closed the door behind me. I walked out to the yard and I counted her footsteps as she followed me.

"What did I do wrong?" I shook my head and turned to her. "You didn't do anything wrong, Alessa. I just..........."

"You what?" She asked. I took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Alessa but I can't do this."

"You....You can't do what?" She asked. Her voice was trembling. I looked down and shifted my weight to one foot.

"Us, Alessa. I can't do this. I......I don't want to be with you anymore."

Tears immediatley fell down her cheeks. "You don't?" She choked out. I shook my head. She closed her eyes slowly and then opened them back slowly. "Why? What did I do wrong?" She asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing. It's......It's not you. It's me."

"I cannot tell you how many times guys have said that to me. Tell me the real reason, Dalton. Please....make this less painful and tell me the truth." I looked into her eyes and swallowed. I could smell her blood. I saw the vein pumping through her veins. I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me."

"Try me. Please....I just want the truth." She wasn't going to believe me. I could feel it but it was worth a try.

"I.....I'm a vampire, Alessa." I admitted. The second I said it, I felt as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

"You're a vampire. Really? You can do better than that. Can you not lie to me? I know what the real reason is. You like that Alison girl and you're dumping me so you can be with her. Why don't you just admit it?!"

"I don't like her that way, Alessa. Maybe I'm just over you. Isn't that a possibility or are you too good to get your heart broken?" I didn't like yelling at her. I actually hated it but........I don't know.

"I've been nothing but heartbroken my whole life. Every time I'm dating someone and he wants to go all the way and I say no.....he leaves me." My eyes widened in shock. Is that what she thinks this was about? Me wanting us to have sex? Of course I wanted to but I would wait until she was ready. I can't believe she would think that was the reason. What kind of guy did she think I was?

"Are you serious? You think I'm breaking up with you because we're not having sex? You know me better than that, Alessa. Or at least I thought you did."

"So tell me why." I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "You know what, forget it. I just don't want to do this anymore. Let's just end it. Let's end it right now."

"I can't believe you." Her voice cracked.

"Believe me.....because...because it's over." I said. I slipped my hands in my pockets and turned around and began walking back towards the house.

"Please don't do this." She begged. I closed my eyes. I couldn't stand the hurt I heard in her voice.

"I don't have a choice. Goodbye, Alessa." I said as I grabbed the door knob, walked in and slammed it shut. It was over. Me and Alessa was over. And now...I can go on with my life.

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