Chapter 1: Nathan and Bobby

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 330

Chris slowly placed ribs and steaks on the grill as he waited for his neighbours, Nathan and Bobby, to arrive. The doorbell rang when he turned the sides of the meat and he shouted “Come in, lock the door when you're in.”

Chris smiled when he heard the door lock, which meant the happy evening was about to begin. Nathan stepped onto the fake grass of his backyard first, followed by the bulky Bobby, who was holding an ice-cream cone in his hand.

“Lose the belly, Bob. One day it's going to get you.” Nathan teased.

“Look at you, thin as a stick, like a poor African on the commercials.” Bobby responded as he licked the bottom of his cone.

“Do you even look at the mirror in the mornings? I can see triple chins on your neck, quadruple even.”Nathan said.

“Better than a bamboo stick.” Bobby didn't give up.

“You are a house, a mansion, a cave, big is somehow related to you.” Nathan raised his arms.

Chris placed two plates of nicely grilled ribs in front of them as they teased each other. Nathan and Bobby have been his best pals from high school. Every Saturday evening around 4 to 5 o'clock, they would get together and have dinner. Today's theme was barbecue because Chris has replaced his old grill, and bought the newest model on the market. So he invited them to come over and try his ribs.

“Alright Fatty and Bamboo, stop talking and start chewing.” Chris smiled.

“Hey, don't mention that anymore.” They both said to hide their embarrassment, and happily ate a freshly cooked ribs.

Bobby was the first to finish because he not only looked like a pig, he ate like one. His fastest record of finishing a meal was 15 seconds, a record set when he was a teenage boar. But since fast food culture had struck, anyone could attain that record, a joke which they often use to mock him and the amazing culture.

“Fantastic. Juicy, meaty and the seasoning was on the tip of perfection. This grill can make miracles.” Bobby exclaimed. Chris smiled and put another rib on the grill.

“See Bob? You just eat, eat and eat. Someday you are going to choke within 15 seconds.” Nathan mocked. “But the ribs were fine. Your new grill is great.” Chris turned down the heat a little and sat down blissfully.

“You Little Bamboo. Don't you curse me. Be careful, these days, the wind is getting stronger, make sure you have a rope tied to a rock, otherwise......” Bob laughed, revealing an extra chin.

“Don't mention that. That was way back.” Nathan waved his hands and stomped his foot.

“Oh, you guys talking about the trip in the mountain that summer?” Chris prepared for the assault.

Nathan grabbed Chris by the shoulders and shook him. “No, please don't mention that.” But it was too late because the rest of the story was spitted out by Bobby's oily mouth, which was gasping for breath as he laughed very hard.

“That year we went to summer camp, haha.... It got windy.......ha.. and you couldn't stand straight, and almost fell off the hill....... It was like watching a stick fly away.....ha” The rest was undefined language as his words were mixed with laughter, English and a fat tongue. Nathan stopped shaking his friend and sat back on the chair, crossing his arms, staring at the shaking chins on Bobby. Bobby gave him a pat on his back, trying to ease his anger. However, his pig like laughter annoyed him even more.

“Come on Nathan, just a joke. Don't take it too seriously.” Chris comforted.

“Fine.” Nathan sighed “And Mr. Pork, will you stop that annoying laughter of yours?”

“Sorry, sorry. My fault, shouldn't have brought that up.” Bobby tried to control his laugh.

“Chris, I am back. I smell smoke, you in trouble?” A woman's voice came from the door.

They all knew that voice, that was Chris's sister, Nana They were best buds when they were children, they played toys, built robots, did makeup, and even decorated Barbie's house together. But puberty struck, she had her own social groups, but things were more interesting and fun when she was around.

“Hey Nana. How is it going?” Bob came first again, this time glaring at her in a charming way, he thought.

She smiled gracefully and answered “Great, thanks.” she walked near him “Watch those chins, fatty.”

“Lose some weight Bob, Nana says so as well.” Nathan teased.

“Eat more meat, Bamboo.” Nana grinned at him. Nathan silenced for a while, finally. “Big bro, mind if my boyfriend joins in laterwards?” Everyone was dumbfounded, but it is reasonable for a pretty girl like her to have a boyfriend at her age, they thought. “Sure, I have lots of ribs and steaks.” Chris said cheerfully.

“And big bro, I think your ribs are on fire.” Nana pointed at the grill. Everyone was taken aback when they saw black smoke coming out of the new grill. “Oh dear.” Chris shouted and turned off the heat, Fortunately, the ribs were not on fire. While the siblings were focusing on the black smoke, Fatty and Bamboo walked into the living room, planning something fishy.

“This new boyfriend Nana has, let's play a little game with him.” Nathan rubbed his hands and looked at Bobby.

“Old rules?” Bobby gave him a wry smile “Can he handle those limits?”

“We will see” smiled the devious Bamboo.

Submitted: January 28, 2016

© Copyright 2021 iceflare. All rights reserved.


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