Chapter 1: The girl with green eyes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“I am convinced that the multiplication of the Feeble-Minded, which is proceeding now at an artificial rate, unchecked by any of the old restraints of nature, and actually fostered by civilised conditions, is a terrible danger to the race.” Winston Churchill.


It was a sunny day at the country border's desert, Ken's sweat was all over his body once he went out of the air-conditioned fort. The building was a place for soldiers to stay when they're deployed to the desert. Ken was the supervisor of the site, and has been deployed here for 5 years. He knew everything around the site, endless sand and a government institute somewhere up north. He did not know what's happening in the government building, he had tried asking his superiors, but they all changed subjects, so Ken didn't bother to know.


Until he met Martha.


Ken took out his towel and rubbed the sweat off his face, as he heard a soldier marching towards him quickly.


“Sir. There's an emergency.” The tall-build soldier saluted


Ken returned the salute and asked “What's wrong sergeant?”


“We've just received an emergency alert from the government, about something wrong up north.” The soldier handed him the phone in his hands.


He picked it up and dialed the hotline to General Kha in the headquarters. Five seconds later, the General's voice was on line.


“This is the General Kha, what's wrong Lieutenant Ken?”


“I have received an alert about something going south up north.”


“Ken, listen to me. You are too late, there will be a great funeral for you. Die like a hero.”


“What? I don't understand. Please explain sir........”


The line went dead.


What's too late? There must be something fishy happening up north. Why die like a hero? Is there a missile or nuke heading towards the camp? But Ken had no time to think, he had to come up with a solution to save the hundreds of lives in his site.


But he was too late, way too late.


He heard a loud bang from the northern side of the building, a bang he's heard many times, it was missiles hitting the ground. He ran inside the building followed by the sergeant, and went into the infantry to equip himself. He ordered the sergeant to ring the emergency alarm as he rushed up to the command room, where the monitors showed the surroundings of the building. A screen displayed an object flying towards the building, he clicked to zoom near it.


He was shocked to realize the floating object was not a missile or nuke, it was a human being, a girl dressed in white blouse to be exact. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not hallucinating, but the image was clearer as the girl flew nearer. The soldiers got into the command room, fully armed.


“Sir, we're all ready to fight.” A soldier saluted behind him.


He returned a salute and said “I don't know what's that creature.” he pointed at the screen. “This must be some secret project of the government, therefore, I don't how to stop this horrific creature.” He stopped to let the soldiers take in what he has just said.


He continued “But it's our duty to safeguard the wellbeing of civilians in our country. So we must fight against it till we die. This is an order. Maybe the last you'll hear, but fight like warriors, die like heros.” He saluted.


They returned a salute, their last.


Ken ran out to the vacant area where all equipped soldiers were lined up, and he repeated his speech again. After that, he ordered “Battle stations soldiers! Move! Move! Move!”


He went back into the command room to monitor the activities of each troop and prayed for survival. He looked closer into the screen showing the unknown creature flying towards the camp, he couldn't believe his eyes, a pair of wings was on her back. They were transparent and not attached to her back, like a projection or hologram. Suddenly, he heard a scream in his head.


''PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!'' A little girl's voice bursted.


''Did you hear that scream?'' He asked the other soldiers in the room as he rubbed his ears.


''No sir.” One of them answered.


And the voice rushed into Ken's head again. “I DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT ANYONE.” Ken stuffed his ears to stop the annoying screech in his head, but it kept going. “I DON'T WANT TO KILL ANYMORE. I DON'T WANT TO KILL..........” And it kept repeating until he collapsed on the floor, and made him unconscious for about five seconds. However, in that five seconds. It was more than five seconds to him.


He felt a strong force pulling his conciousness out of his body and into another dimension where it was a dark space. He heard a soft voice saying “Don't be afraid. You are not dead and I am the one who is flying towards you right now.”


“What?” Ken didn't know what to say. But he could feel there was a strong power making him calm at that moment.


“I am Martha, number 0001. The lab dosed me with a new medicine to increase my powers, but it went south, so one of my personalities went along with it. Unfortunately, that personality has 99% of my powers, but telepathy was working.” Martha paused for Ken to catch up, and she eventually continued “Please prevent the attack, if I see you as a threat, you will be destroyed in a moment. Stop the attack before it's too late......”


Ken's conciousness went back into his body, he could feel his pulse again. He found himself surrounded by men in the room, and they all looked petrified. He was lifted up by two soldiers.


“Sir, what happened? Are you alright?” One of them asked


“ Stop the attack right now!” Ken demanded.


“Sir?” They were all taken aback.


Unfortunately, very unfortunately, a rocket was launched towards Martha before the retreat order was given. Soon, multiple rockets were launched with shots from rifles and machine guns. Nonetheless, the rockets and bullets were deflected by a force field opened up by Martha, heading back to where it had come from.


In five seconds, all troops were destroyed.


Ken made a radical decision to run out and confront Martha alone. His subordinates were too afraid to stop him, and too afraid to end their lives.


Martha landed in front of him when he dashed out from the building. And he saw those eyes, jade green and bright, staring at him fiercely, yet so beautiful and intimidating at the same time. And her pair of giant transparent wings were glowing under the bright sun in the desert. He knew his guns could not protect him, so he put them down and raised his arms, while his heart was racing like a Bugatti Veyron. Martha shut down her force field and knelt down, then started crying.


''I never wanted to hurt anyone.” She cried. “I will be a good girl.”


Ken felt something strong inside his mind, telling him to walk near Martha and comfort her. He took a step further and pat her head, saying “Of course you are a good girl, Martha.” She looked at him with a pair of puffy eyes, but with crystal blue pupils and gave him a naive smile. She was like a child who dropped her ice-cream on the floor and got comforted by her parents, so innocent and pure-hearted.


A shot was fired toward them from the top of the building, and Ken was the collateral damage. Martha could not save him from the bullet, but she managed to deflect the second one. The last image in Ken's head was her eyes turning red, blood red. She was screaming so loud that his ears went deaf and the fort was in pieces before he fainted.


The next thing he knew, he was laying on a hospital bed. There was no bullet hole on his body and he was not deaf. He asked General Kha, who came to visit, what happened after he had passed out, but Kha didn't tell the truth.


''It's a miracle. We found you left only with a head concussion after the battle with the most dangerous terrorist group, The Deserters.”He exclaimed


''But sir, I remembered the girl with a pair of gigantic wings and green pupils.......”


''The heat must've gotten into you my boy. Just rest and be thankful that you didn't die.”




''That's it! End of topic.Do you want that medal of honour presented by the president next week or do you want to be blamed for the deaths of those soldiers in your camp?”


There was a moment of silence between both of them. But the General eventually sighed, and slowly said “Sometimes secrets have to remain secrets. Are we clear?”


Ken reluctantly said “Yes sir.” 

Submitted: February 07, 2016

© Copyright 2021 iceflare. All rights reserved.


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