Renesmee and Jacob: Their True Love Story

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Renesmee is 19 years old and Jacob is still stuck in his 18 year old self. He wants to marry her, but history repeats itself and the Volturi are on there way...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Renesmee and Jacob: Their True Love Story

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



Renesmees POV: I wake up beside Jake and look at my ring. My promise ring, Jacob gave it to me last night after getting Dad's permission. Jake starts snoring loudly again, I just laugh and get out of bed, in the mood for pancakes. I get out all the ingrediants; flour, milk, sugar and my secret ingrediants cinnamon and nutmeg. As I mix the mixture I see Jake's finger dip into the mixture and jump about a foot in the air. 'Jake!' I say hitting his bare chest. 'What? I thought you knew I was in here,' Jake says dipping his finger in again. 'Well if you don't make noise how will I know?' I say hitting him again, 'Stop putting yoir fingers in my food!' I flick the mixture at him where it splats straight on his nose. Jake takes a handful then it lands right in my hair. 'That was totally the wrong move!' I say. My hair; my hair is amazing! You may think I'm cocky but I have bronze curls which fall way below my waist. Then we have a mini wrestling match then Jake and I hit againest the kitcgen table and the mixture falls all over us, just as the front door opens. 'Nessie, Jake, I was,' Mom stops as soon as she sees Jake and I together. On the floor. Covered in pancake mix. 'Hey Bells,' Jacob says cheerily trying to ease the tention. Mom looks at me then Jake and rolls her golden amber eyes. Jake goes to put a shower and leaves me with my Mom, covered in pancake mix. So gonna get him later. 'Honey, what are you doing?' Mom asks with a half seeious, half laughing face. 'Making pancakes,' I say wiping some out of my hair over by the sink. 'I can see that now, well I was wondering if you and Jacob wanted to join us on the family holiday, we're going to the Bahamas,' Mom says. I've always wanted to go there, but travelling with Jacob is a nightmare. He literally packs everything for a emergency. Then he sometimes has to leave because of his wolf pack. Sam dropped out as Alpha because he wanted to spend more time with his newlywed, Emily. So Jacob decided to take tne offer, after all he is the rightful leader. 'Mom, I'm going to have to talk to Jacob he's got responsibilties in La Push, I can't just leave him,' I say. 'Well talk fast we leave tomorrow morning early come to the house at 3am,' Mom says leaving the house. Jake comes down looking at me with his sexy grin. He plonks down on the sofa beside me, and kisses my cheek. 'Mmmm you taste like pancakes,' Jakes says smiling at me. 'Get off!' I say getting up. 'Look I think we should go, I'll get Sam to be in charge for a few days,' Jake says. 'You're a babe!' I say kissing him on the lips. Jake pulls me down beside onto his lap still kissing me, I pull away not wanting to do anything stupid like Mom and Dad. 'When we're married,' I say and go in the our room to shower. ON THE PLANE: It's nice having rich parents and grandparents, but Mom and Dad don't like me using the term 'rich'. So we just call it 'well off' Anyway being 'well off' means we get to travel first class and guess who booked the tickets Dad. So I don't get to sit next to Jake I end up sitting next to Dad. Jake is with my Mom, Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and Carlise and Esme. So now for 5 hours I have to listen to him telling me all the girly stuff. Um hello but Mom beat him to it by like 7 years. I close my eyes and fall asleep, but am woken up half an hour later by the sound of Jacob ordering my favourite snack; chocolate brownies. What where did Dad go? Jake kisses my forehead, 'Morning beautiful,' I lean upwards and kiss him as he smiles then I come join him on his side of the seats. 'Your Dad kinda threatened me,' Jake says smirking. 'Shut up Jacob,' Dad says reading his mind. 'Daddy what did you say?' I ask using my baby voice. Dad looks at Mom who just raises her eyebrows at him. 'I said that if he tries anything stupid with my baby girl, I will kill you,' Dad says as Jake stiffles a laugh? 'Dad! You let him become my fiancé, but you manage to threaten him,' I hiss. 'No honey I'm only trying to look out for you,' Dad says 'Well don't,' I say as Jake puts his arm around my shoulders. 'He's just looking out for you, don't worry it's fine I would do the same for our daughter,' Jake says looking at Dad. 'We're here,' Mom says. I look out of the window to see a sea full of sparkles and colours. This is the start of my magnificent holiday with my family.

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