The Fight Of Our Lives

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Jason and his ex best friend, Lily are put together for a project in their Sociology class but when Jason finds a picture of a man who looks similar to him, he starts to worry. He finds out his Dad is an agent for the CIA and that his parents aren't his parents but his protectors. So when the Russians track him down, Jason and Lily are in for the fight of their lives.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fight Of Our Lives

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



'I still can't believe Mr Andrews put them together for this stupid project!' Cassy complains to her bunch of friends. Yeah well guess what sweetheart, live with it, I mean just because we were best friends until 9th grade now, we can't even talk to each other without being annoyed. I see my best mate Tyson by his locker. 'Hey man, still going to that party tonight?' I ask. 'Yeah, dude I ain't gonna miss that one bit,' Tyson laughs as we walk over to the lunch table with the rest of the football team. Everybody at the table laughs and high fives me as I sit down. Being one of the most popular boys in school has it's ups and downs. The ups being invited to insane parties, sitting at The Table and getting any girl I want. The downs being I'm always either training in football, wrestling and boxing. 'So, how was football practice?' my best friend Lily asks. Lily is a great girl, she's bright, bubbly and totally gorgeous.Lily knows it as well and is always trying to flaunt it. 'It was great Lil,' I say kissing her cheek as she sits on my lap. 'So whats the plan?' Tyson asks Ryan. 'Well obviously get drunk!' Ryan says as the whole football team cheers. 'This is gonna be the best senior party Oakville High will ever see,' I say. 'I gotta go,' Cassy says kissing my cheek and walking off hips swaying side to side. All the guys lean off their chairs watching her, 'Back off, she's mine,' I say. 'Actually she's not, she's just one of your mates and neighbours,' Liam says. 'And she is fine,' Henry says laughing. 'Come on guys, you've got girlfriend right?' Jayden says. Jayden has stuck by me since elementary school when we became best buds. Ever since then we've been part of the populars and have ruled the school ever since. 'Nope, got dumped!' Henry says sitting back just as his ex walks by me. 'Ha, don't blame her!' I laugh. 'Yeah, well, oh just shut up Jason,' Henry says. 'I've gotta go now, free period and all so I'll see you suckers later,' I say getting up from the table and going to my new car, which is a new BMW 5 series electric blue, tan leather seats, blacked out windows and it's all customized to my liking, SatNav, TV, and a fridge to store alcohol when I'm partying, total babe magnet. AT THE PARTY: 'Dude this will be awesome!' I say standing in the truck part of Liam's car. 'You are gonna fall out of there!' Liam shots. 'Push it to 80,' I shout. The car speeds up and we arrive at Leanne's house for her party as I jump out and land on the grass. This is so cool, the music is loud, and everyone is acting drunk already and the party only just started. Later on I find myself being very drunk by the pool with Liam and Henry. 'This is so crap,' Liam slurs. 'God, my lips are numb from snogging that blonde girl in Chemistry,' I say. 'Let's go.' Henry says. 'Na, na, let's stay,' I say going off to dance with some random girl. But as I walk off I feel really weird and pass out on the floor.

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