Wanting To Be Accepted

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This is the story of Gemma. Gemma is overweight and seeks comfort with her childhood best friend, Johnny. One problem, Johnny is a jock. Second problem Johnny's best mate Seth decides to bully Gemma, to get her attention. Then Seth realises that he is bullying her, because he loves her. Johnny hates Seth for it and realises something. Is he in love with Gemma as well?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wanting To Be Accepted

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



Gemma's POV

Great first day of school as a Senior. I look through my wardrobe, not like there's even much for me to wear. Yeah I know i'm fat and i have to deal with all the remarks from everyone. Even though I have a pretty face, well Johnny tells me i'm pretty all the time, he kinda has to seeing as i've known him since pre-school.

I do think my best feature are my eyes. They are an amazing chocolate brown, Johnny always says that my eyes are like little mirrors.

Anyway i choose a pair of leggings, my black ankle boots, and a long flowy floral patterned top. I look in the mirror at myself one last time and walk downstairs quickly. I manage to miss my Mom who was still in the shower.

I go into the kitchen and can see my little brother Callum sitting at the kitchen counter, eating a bowl of Cherrios.

\" Goodmorning Gem,\" Cal says giving me a hug.

\" Morning baby, come on we've got to get going, so hurry hurry,\" I say.

Cal is the cutest 7 year old brother in the world. He has smooth chocolate brown skin, green eyes and these little pouty lips.

Cal goes upstairs to brush his teeth so I down a mug of coffee, then by the time i'm finished Cal has come downstairs ready for school.

I get Cal into school well before the bell and I decide to start walking to school, as my watch says 8:34am and school starts at 9:00am.

As I walk down the road, i hear the sound of a car slow down beside me at the side walk. The cars tinted windows winde down slowly, and behind the wheel is none other than Johnny.

\"Need a ride?\" Johnny asks me smiling.

\"Your a life saver! New car,\" I say stepping in examining the cream interior.

Johnny starts to drive his new Ferrari Spider down the road speedily showing off.

\"Daddy's little rich boy finally got his new car!\" I say jokingly poking his arm as we pull up to a traffic light.

\"He sure did! Daddy's little rich boy had to pull a few strings and got his new baby,\" Johnny says rubbing the dashboard.

I laugh at him, Johnny is so easy to talk to and we've known each other since we were 3. But even though I'm a average and he's a jock, Johnny still always makes time for us like old times.

\"So after school Seth is throwing a party-\" I cut Johnny off before he's even started.

\" I am not. I will not, go to that stupid freaks party alright!\" I say.

\" You can stay with me,\" Johnny says as he parks the car in the parking lot at school.




\"I'll give you one of my baby's,\"

Hmm one of his cars eh. I did need one, I do have a licence now to drive.

\"Deal!\" I say

\"Deal!\" Johnny says shaking my hand.

Now here's the embarrassing bit; getting out of his car with everyone who is popular out here looking to see who will come out.

Johnny and i count to three and walk out the car at the same time. Johnny gets my bag from the boot of the car looking at me as we see everyone stare and whisper. I nod, I mean, I have to deal with this kinda stuff everyday.

Johnny gives me a friendly hug nevertheless before letting me walk off, while he stayed with his mates.

As I walked away I could here the things the populars were saying about me.

'She's such a freak'

'Why does Johnny even bother with her still'

'He deserves a pretty girl like me. Not some fat cow like her!'

Then all the laughter, of there stupid fake selves.

I hold my head up high to show them I don't care and I walk through the corridors and make it into the bathroom just in time. To have a 5 minute cry.

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