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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Welcome home

Submitted: June 21, 2014

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Submitted: June 21, 2014



"Welcome to your new home." she said as she opened the door.

I thought i was surprised when we pulled up to this mansion like place she called a home. The inside was beautiful. It was so light and pretty. There were stairs right in the center of the entrance room.

"Ryan she's here!" She shouted.

"Great." i said unhappily.

Ryan came down the stairs, he wore a fancy vestlike shirt that made me instantly judge him. Snob.

"Hi." he said with a smile.

"Just go with him,he'll show you up to your room." Kristen replied.

I made my way to the stairs as the boy started walking ahead.

It seemed like forever just to get to my room, we turned multiple corners, i thought we'd never make it.

"Here you are." He finally said.

"Am i supposed to remember how to get here?"

"You'll get used to it." He replied.

"Seriously, you guys are loaded and you couldn't even get an elevator?" I said rudely. Something inside of me told me to be nicer, I was finally adopted. Did i really want to ruin this?

"Sorry, it's just early in the morning and i get cranky," I faked a smile,"My name is Kyrie."

" I don't really care," He said as he smiled, "But your name is stupid."

My mouth dropped. To think i was going to actually try to be NICE for once!

"Listen you little fucker, you are not going to disrespect me."

" I just did."

"What's your problem?"

"You. I don't need another annoying sister."

"Is that what you thought of your sister? She's dead and that's what you have to say about her? Wow, and i thought i was a bitch."

"You don't know anything smurf."

Smurf? Who was he calling a smurf?

"Look, we live together now whether you like it or not."

"Don't worry, i'll make sure my mom gets a refund."

I laughed and he just looked at me in confusion.

"What's funny?"

"The fact that you actually think i care if i'm here. I came here from nothing and to me this is like.. This is the best. But i'd rather be back in my prison cell if that means not living with you."

"You're just like her, i hate it." he replied.

I turned around, opened my room door and went inside. I looked at him one last time and then i slammed the door.

I turned around and sighed. I can't believe i let him get to me. I quicky stopped thinking about that when i looked up and saw my room.

My mouth dropped. It was so pink.

"No." i said to myself, "Just no."

Other than the color everything else was amazing. I jumped into my bed which was amazingly soft and comfortable. Before i knew it, i was asleep.

I woke up to a loud knock on my door.

"Dinner!" Kristen said through the door.

Dinner? Did i honestly sleep through the whole entire day? Well hey, that bed was fucking comfortable ok.

I opened my door still confused about the directions. I made a left and a right and then another left. I probably ended up in about 4 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms, but i finally made my way downstairs to the dinning room.

I pulled out a chair and sat down. The table was filled with all kinds of nice looking foods that i didn't know the names of.

"Wow." i said out loud.

"Hungry?" Ryan said trying to be funny.

"Shut up." I added.

"Nice outfit by the way."

I looked down, not realizing that i was still in my spongebob pajamas and slippers.

"I know right, i picked it out myself."

He glared at me, not expecting that type of answer.

"Don't worry Kyrie, you have a whole new wardrobe in your closet." Kristen said.

"Wow thanks i guess."

'Ungrateful." Ryan mumbled.

"Ryan, use your manners at the table." Kristen shot back.

"Okay, you are wonderfully ungrateful." Ryan said.

"Ryan, you just need to get laid don't you?" I said with a smirk.

Both Kristen and Ryan's mouths dropped.

"Kyrie! That's not apporpiate." Kristen said.

"Shouldn't have adopted this thing mom." Ryan added.

"Right, i'm just saying considering how many 'sexy' magazines Ryan has in his room. Not to mention all the porn on his laptop." I shot back instantly. I sat back in my seat waiting for the reactions.

Kristen instantly turned towards Ryan, "What is she talking about?"

"I- I don't know she's insane." Ryan said sounding nervous.

He looked at me like he wanted to murder me.

"You know how i feel about that! That is disrespectful to women Ryan!"

"I know! She's lying!" Ryan said.

"Oh no i'm not." I said defending myself.

"Let's just all eat okay?" Kristen said.

"With pleasure." I added with a smile.

After dinner, Kristen sent Ryan and I up to our rooms.

Before i could make it up one stair, Ryan grabbed my arm and said, "Sneaking around in my room huh?"

"Please, i got lost and happened to see those things."

"Let's make this clear, stay the hell out of my room. Got it?"

"Let's make this clear, I don't fucking take orders. Got it?"

I jerked my arm away and went upstairs to my room. Who did he think he was?

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