Forget The Goodbye

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Callista "Callie" Smith was an average, pretty girl in college, who worked at a low-key cafe. However, one mysterious, incredibly handsome customer slowly becomes infatuated with Callie and won't stop until he has her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forget The Goodbye

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



First Story :) Hope you like.

I put my strawberry blonde hair up in a pony tail, humming to the retro music coming from the juke box. I worked at Bohemian Cafe, a low key cafe were only the business was lousy but the money was good. Frank, the owner, was practically bathing in money even though this place barely had twenty customers a day.

I went over to table thirty two and placed the coffee and muffin down. "Here you go ma'am. Enjoy!"

She handed me a twenty. "Thank you, dear."

AS i walked back towards Giselle, my best friend who also worked here, i contemplated going back to the middle aged woman. The tip was way too big. "I know what face," Giselle said, brown eyes sparkling even in the dim lighting. "Callie, she gave you it because you're nice. Just take it, okay? The lady looks pretty rich anyways."

I sighed, grinning. "Yeah, yeah. Hey, so has Peter called yet?"

"No." Her voice was deadpan. "Im not sure i want him to. I mean, he-he didn't call for a week and was partying in Vegas. That's not right, you know?"

"Well, don't call him. He deserves to be worrying his ass off and if he's not, the Peter is seriously missing out." i hugged her. "Seriously, Giselle."

She smiled. "You always know what to say, my little virgin!"

"Shh!" i poked her arm, looking around to make sure no one heard. I was fresh out of high school; being a virgin wasn't that bad right? Right then, the most handsome guy I've ever seen walked in. He had on a white T-Shirt and dark jeans; clearly he was fit and not to mention incredibly tall. Sunglasses hid his eyes. He was tanned and had the smoothest looking skin I had ever seen. His brown hair was bed-head messy in a Im-too-cool-to-care way.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph," Giselle whispered as he took a seat in the back. "Hes!"

The guy took of his sunglasses, revealing round hazel eyes that peered into my blue ones. Was he really looking at me? I glanced back at Giselle, who was a red head beauty, and she looked equally confused. I liked to think I was pretty, but Giselle was usually the one guys looked at. Why was he the exception?

"Go take his order!" she whisper shouted.

I gave her an anxious look as I approached his table. He had a small smirk on his face as I shyly walked over. "Hey," I said, hoping to sound nonchalant. "May I take you're order?"

"What's your favorite drink here?" he asked suddenly.

I bit my lip, thinking. Actually, thinking was a lot harder since his face and body wad male model worthy. "Probably the white chocolate mocha with extra whip cream."

He smirked. "Then I'll have that and a dark coffee."

I wrote down his order quickly. "Alright, be right back!"

While making the coffee, I spilled to Giselle how hot he was up close. The way his hazel eyes slightly slit and looked at me with such intensity making me blush. And even his voice made me sigh because it wad rugged and velvety at the same time. I went back over, placing the two coffees in front of him. He looked up from his phone and grinned. "Thanks. Mind if you join me? "

I was caught off guard. No customer had ever asked that; would Frank allow it? " I-I dunno if I can-"

"Oh c'mon. There are like five people that look like they've been here since the sixties. Please?"

I sighed, glancing at Giselle who vigorously nodded and shot me an "okay" sign. "Well," I began. "I guess I can."

He looked satisfied and handed me the mocha. "This is for you." "Really?"

I smiled. "That's so sweet. Thank you."

He laughed. "No problem. What's your name by the way?"

"Callie. My real name is Callista, but I go by my nickname."

"Pretty name for a gorgeous girl," he said, smirking. "Im Noah." I

Igrinned. "Im not that gorgeous, you know."

Noah clucked his tongue. "Yes, you really are. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here right now."

"Oh." I couldn't manage much else. Not only was this guy smoking hot, not only did he get me my favorite mocha-he called me gorgeous. Perfect much? But what if he was too perfect? The type that cheats on you. When I searched his intense eyes, though, all my doubt washed away.

"So tell me about yourself, Callie," he said, cooling his coffee.

I twirled my hair, nervous I would talk to much.

"Well im eighteen. I just got out of high school actually but I've been working here since I was a senior."

The look he gave me was sly and sexy even. Like I was different in a way. "Just out of high school, huh? Well I'll be careful not to hurt you then."

"Who said I would give you the chance to?"

Noah smirked. "Me."

Later that night back at my apartment, I kept looking at the new contact in my IPhone 4S. Noah. Only four letters and yet, they had such an impact on me. Sultry eyes clouded my vision, and I bit my lip, wanting to know more about him. He asked for my number so I gave it to him, and Giselle was like squealing after he left. Him leaving made me disappointed. My phone buzzed suddenly, almost making my jump out of my the hot bath water. I pushed past bubbles to see who texted me. I almost dropped it when I saw Noah had texted me.

Noah: Night Callie ;) Cya 2morrow

I quickly texted back: sure (: I knew I was completely lame, but I honestly had no idea what to say. "Cool" just wasn't a word that fit me. I hoped he didn't think I was weird or anything. As I threw my blue sham over me, I couldn't help but want Noah to be right here in this bed next to me.

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