Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Test Firing

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



All day Jamelia had been locked in that cage. Now dusk was approaching, and Jamelia couldn't get any sleep, much like the previous night. Maluji had been a little nice to him, acouple offriendly conversations every now and then, but most of the time he was busy on his little device. Well, it had grown to a relatively large size now, about the size of a small table. It was a bulky black object that had oblong componentes sticking out in uneven places around the cylindrical shape of it, and a sleek cone at the end that had electrodes and whatnot on the end. What is that thing? Jamelia thought to himelf worriedly. Maluji had been silent for hours now; he was tinkering it with a screwdriver, making a few adjustments around the place. It had to be in perfect condition for it to work.

"Sssh, 'urry up, just get to the tower!" came a female's voice, with a slight purr to it. This startled both Jamelia and the engineer, and they looked sharply at the moniters that were connected to the cameras all around Cambitsville. Some streets had a couple of people bustling around, but most were empty. One very noticable one was a screen displaying a man in a bright white suit, following a dark woman who was hard to spot, except her eyes twinkled like candles in the dark.

"Master Nugget!" whispered Jamelia, who was glad help was coming. Maluji just gave a chuckle, and muttered somthing dark to himself. Jamelia didn't hear what he said, but his hopes fell when he realised what was going to happen next. Duji Maluji flicked several switches on his small contraption and aimed it out the shattered window, downwards into the city.

"Archy! Archy!!" Jessabelle called, prancing eagerly to the vampire and the cat woman. "I know where your servant is! I smelled for his trail and saw his shoeprints and followed them to Du-"

"Jessabelle, we don't have time!" Archibald replied, sprinting after Martina down a dark alleyway. Jessabelle continued to follow him, and kept babbling something to him even though he wasn't listening.

"This way!" shouted Martina to her followers. "Keep up, will ya?" she added, in a half-taunting tone. Just as they reached the end of the alley and the beginning of a large street, a crack of lightning burst in front of her, causing her to stumble backwards inches from death. Martina could feel the heat energy from it, she felt the electricity tingle through her fur. "What in the name of Harlacus?!" she gasped. Behind her she heard Archibald mutter to himself in disbelief, even Jessabelle stopped talking to stare at the explosion of energy. It was only there for a moment before the light vanished, leaving a smoking crater in the middle of the road.

"Maybe...maybe it was lightning?" whispered Archibald, trying to make sense of what he witnessed.

"No, no it couldn't have been..." replied Martina. "It didn't come from the sky, look..." She pointed at the trail of destruction the beam had left. It had singed the rooftops of buildings, and Archibald noticed there was a straight line of smoke from the crater to the top of the clock tower...

"Maluji!" he cursed. "That's what he's been up to, creating that infernal contraption!"

"The cameras! He must know that we know, that's why he's been aiming it at us-" began Martina, but was cut short when a second energy beam hit her right in the chest.

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