Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Electric Flames

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



It was like fire, except not hot. It was like being electrocuted, but it didn't hurt. It made you feel weak, and fragile, and would last long after the strike. Martina curled into a ball on the floor and gasped for breath, trying to fill her lungs with oxygen. Wafts of smoke licked off her back and slithered into the air. Archibald stood watching her, horrified at the girl who had literally been roasted right before him, but Jessabelle just looked down on her with a look of mercy and sorrow.

Though he had viewed it from a low resolution screen, it felt dreadfully real to Jamelia. That poor woman! he thought. He turned to see Maluji shaking his head, then heard him mutter, "Better turn up the voltage."

"Martina! Martina!" Archibald yelled, stooping over her body to check if she was alright. He hoisted her up, and to his relief, found that she was still alive.

"I'm okay..." she choked, then coughed up a cloud of smoke. She had no strength in her bones, she couldn't even stand on her own feet. Archibald tried to lean her against the wall, but she collapsed almost instantly and she groaned in pain. "Just...just go..." she spluttered, before her neck went limp and she passed out. Archibald realised that he had to stop Maluji's schemes, and make sure nobody would be harmed by that cannon of his.

"Jessabelle, stay here with Martina," he told the blonde girl firmly. "Don't leave her, make sure she keeps breathing." He didn't wait for a reply and darted off through the night, leaping over the crater in the ground the first beam had made. To his surprise, Archibald realised he cared about Martina, despite the fact that she was a chav. He also realised he cared about Jamelia, wherever he was, and he even cared a little about that weird girl who kept following him.

After Maluji had adjusted the settings, he glanced back at the moniters. The vampire was the main threat at the moment, he was only 10 blocks away. Aiming the gun carefully, Maluji pressed buttons and it sent several bursts of light down into the town. Jamelia shouted at the engineer, he begged him to stop, but Duji Maluji didn't listen. He continued to fire upon the vampire. Jamelia saw on the screen that his master was running ahead of the explosions. He narrowly dodged a couple, which singed his cape a little but Archibald took no notice. Shot after shot, the vampire kept coming. Jamelia could here the frustrated mumbles of his captor, who then began shooting bolt after bolt aimlessly in the vast town bellow, destroying houses and causing massive fires to spread across the city.

Two blocks away, Archibald stopped to catch his breath. He regretted it moments later when a stray shot of lightning blew up a building ahead of him, spewing rubble and flaming furnature around the street, blocking the vampire's path. Archibald took a second to think. The streets seem to run parallel, so I could take an alleyway to another main street and should be able to get to the tower, he thought. He hoped that Maluji hadn't outsmarted him and blocked all possible routes to the tower. Archibald ran back the way he came, searching for a narrow passage that could lead him to another street. He wasted a couple of minutes doing this, but once back on track he made sure he would make up for the lost time. He made sure he wouldn't let the people of Cambitsville down.

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