Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Pieces of the Plan

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Maluji grunted to himself. If it weren't for the mask people would see his eyebrows that were raised, and they would be able to tell that he wasn't annoyed, but he was actually impressed. Last time Maluji did this nobody was able to dodge the blasts of energy quite like Archibald Nugget. Such a shame his intentions weren't the same as Maluji's...they would've made a good team. No matter, now that the vampire was at close range one super-charged bolt would be more than enough to burn him to a crisp, even if the aiming wasn't very accurate. The engineer pressed and held down a large green button, allowing the energy to build up.

Jamelia, dangling forgotten behind Duji Maluji, knew what his plan was, and wouldn't sit by it helplessly to watch it happen. He had to create a distraction, anything that would divert the attention of the deluded scientist, even for a minute or two. Jamelia looked around the room, the floor, the walls, the ceiling...hang on, what was that? Jamelia saw that his cage was hooked over a pipe that ran overhead. If he could dislodge the hook, he could roll around on the floor and distract Maluji. It may even break on impact and he could attack the mad man.

Jamelia tried pathetically to reach the hook, but his tiny arms were nowhere near it. Jamelia knew he'd have to jump around the cage to dislodge it. Getting up onto his feet (very carefully as there wasn't a solid floor to stand on) he leapt up and hit his head off the top of the cage. Luckily his hair cushioned him from a bruise. Jamelia groaned and found he was still dangling, and Duji Maluji was still building power. Jamelia dared a glance at the screen to find Archibald had just run out of the alleyway and was darting straight towards the clock tower. It's now or never,  thought Jamelia. He focussed all his might to his legs as he sprang upwards, forcing the cage to jolt upwards. Jamelia was weightless, just for a second, and then saw the top of the cage rotate and then smash to the ground with a clang, Jamelia tumbling inside it. The door had broken off and Jamelia scrambled out, and despite having a bruised arm, he charged at Duji Maluji and kicked and punched every inch he could get to. Duji wasn't injured at all, but the unexpected bang and this tiny person scrabbling at him all of a sudden gave him quite the fright. He threw his hands upwards, diverging the aim of the cannon, and he released the trigger, sending a sphere of electricity flying over houses, straight into the town hall, which errupted in an explosion of fire and light.


Archibald didn't notice the ball of energy, and he ran straight through the courtyard and into the tower.

"You fool!" yelled Duji Maluji. He kicked Jamelia away, which made Jamelia stumble backwards and he fell to the floor. Duji Maluji leapt to his feet, holding the cannon on his shoulder and firing blasts of lightning at the servant. Jamelia shrieked and clambered out the doorway and down the stairs. He could hear the engineer screaming curses at him as he left. Jamelia ran into Archibald, who was relatively surprised and out of breath.

"Ja...Jamelia?" the vampire panted. "What...what are you doing-"

"We need to go!" shouted Jamelia to his master. Above them, they heard the deep thud of boots and a voice like rusted metal grinding together yelling like a lunatic. Archibald wanted to leave, but if they did the machine would simply destroy the whole town. Archibald climbed up the stairs and braced himself for the worse. Jamelia watched him cautiously walk up the stairs before mumbling something and tiptoed after him.


The engineer's madness was now undeniable, for he had smashed his cannon (which still would've worked perfectly) to pieces and was stomping on each circuit board, ripping apart wires, whilst yelling maniacally. Archibald froze at the sight of this metal-faced monster screaming in such a terrible way. Duji Maluji's masked face spun round to stare at the onlooker.

"You..." he spat, kicking a scrap of metal down the stairs. "You ruined my plan! All I wanted was for them to stop!"

"Wanted who to stop?" Archibald dared to ask. "What were they doing?"

"THEM!" yelled Duji Maluji. "Everyone in this pathetic little town! They wouldn't stop...they were telling me what to do, what not to do, bothering me, ignoring me...NEVER LEAVING ME IN PEACE!!"

"But...if they were ignoring you, then surely-" began Archibald, cut off by Duji Maluji's scream. The masked scientist picked up a metal pipe from the floor and advanced on Archibald at such a speed the vampire never saw the attack coming.

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