Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Behind the Clock

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Jessabelle leapt in front of Archibald and grabbed the pipe Maluji has swung at him.

"NO!" she yelled, her eyes widening in anger. "I shan't let you harm my dear Archy!!" She was surprisingly strong, and she managed to twist the copper pipe out of the hands of the engineer.

"Jessabelle Ogglington..." Maluji spat, his rage bubbling up inside him. "The prancy dancy goody-two-shoes blondey who has a voice like ear sand paper and wears dresses so pink even blind people can't face them on a sunny day!" he yelled, his deep voice becoming rustier. He stomped towards her, not caring about Archibald anymore, and held his trembling fists up in rage. "I hate you more than ANYONE!!" he screamed, thrusting his fist at her face. She ducked, and Maluji's fist slammed against the wall and a cracking noise came from inside his wrist, making Maluji whimper in pain.

Archibald saw his opportunity and legged it down the stairs. He saw Jamelia creeping upwards and Archibald yelled at him. "No, down, HURRY!" They sprinted out the tower, but then Archibald stopped in his tracks. "Jessabelle!" he exclaimed, and turned to see where the odd girl was. He saw nothing, but heard footsteps stumbling down the stairs. Moments later Jessabelle appeared, holding a large shiny object.

"Your engine, Archy!" Jessabelle shouted with joy and did a semi-skip, semi-trip due to the weight of the object. "I nicked it from his store cupboard whilst the crazy man was heaving a whole load of them out."

Archibald laughed. He discovered he was happy, despite the horrors of the past couple of days; the ship, the cannon, Martina's injury...Martina! "Jessabelle, where is Martina?" he shouted. "I told you to stay with her!"

Jessabelle stared blankly at him, then at the clock tower. Archibald wanted to see what she was staring at, so looked too, and then gasped. Jamelia's jaw practically dropped. The clock face was swinging open like a door, and a small sphere of rusted metal shot out of it.

"That must be why he got all those angines out then," whispered Jessabelle. Though the sphere could have been anything, they all knew that Duji Maluji had gotten away.

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