Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Destination: Fun

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



They never found Martina's body. They searched every street, every alley, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Whether she was dead or alive, Archibald didn't know. He guessed that he would never know.

The mayor had been killed instantly in the explosion, however nobody seemed to mind. He wasn't exactly a nice man in the first place, just extremely greedy. Likewise with Duji Maluji, for nobody really knew him and after the damage he caused they were all happier without him hiding out behind the clock.

Archibald and Jamelia went to the SPACE HOPPER and managed to attatch the new engine successfully. Jamelia was tidying up inside the ship, setting up the tables again, plugging in computers, assembling the files. Everything was ready to use except the random location generator, which was disconnected and re-used as a coaster for cold drinks.

The ship was ready for take off. Just a hit of a button and they would be on their way back to Nonotron...except Archibald didn't want to go back. Yes, his first adventure was hell, but he felt somewhat refreshed afterwards. And besides, Jamelia had spent most of it in a bird cage, so it was only fair they go somewhere else.

"Archy!" called a shrill voice. Archibald glanced out the door and saw just over the hill a figure running towards them. "A-a-a-rchy!!" It was Jessabelle Ogglington, who was slightly slower than usual. To Archibald's horror he saw that she had several suitcases. Did she want to go with them?

"Archy! Take me with you!!" she yelled. This answered Archibald's question and he smacked hard on the ignition button.

"Master? Where are we going?" asked Jamelia, who had finished polishing the last desk.

"Anywhere that's quieter than here," replied Archibald, sitting in the captain's seat and pulling several levers. Below him he could hear the girl shouting at him.

"Archy! Where are you going? Come back Archy! A-a-a-rchy-y-y-y!!" Jessabelle wailed, her yells becoming quieter and quieter as the SPACE HOPPER flew upwards and into the void of space.

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