Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Pleasant Voyage

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



"So Jamelia," said Archibald Nugget, strolling around in his brand new spacecraft, the SPACE HOPPER. "A new ship, and anywhere in the galaxy. Where shall we start?"

Jamelia Soggybottom, Archibald's servant, couldn't answer. He cowered before the shining ship; a giant sphere with the door open and a ramp extending into the control deck, and his master paced inside it, running his fingers over the keyboards and circuits, his white cape trailing behind him and his spotless white top hat barely brushing the ceiling. He trully looked posh, especially with his shiny white suit.Jamelia wore his usual maroon suit and a large brown bot tie, his swirly white hair cleaned and his glasses that magnified his blue eyes.

"How about the Great City of Dunderland?" suggested Jamelia in a high pitched tone.

Archibald frowned and sighed. He put a hand over his red eyes and said, "You know what, I'll make the decisions. There's no way we're going to Dunderland straight away...too much bustle." He spun round and leapt onto the control seat. "Luckily this thing has a built in map of all the known civilisations in the Dunderland Empire," he muttered, whilst tapping some buttons with his grey hands. A holographic 3 dimensional map sprung out of the moniter, which had labelled all the many planets in the Dunderland Empire. They revolved around the cabin like hundreds of blue fireflies, all shining with defferent climates and landscapes, different people of the weird and wonderful.

"Get in, Jamelia! We're about to go," called Archibald.

"Go where?" asked Jamelia nervously, as he scrambled up the ramp and into the cabin, the door closing sharply behind him.

A spark appeared in Archibald's eye as he slowly lowered a finger onto a large, red button. "I haven't the faintest idea," he said, and he grinned, showing all his fanged vampire teeth. He stamped his fist on the button, and nothing but hell followed; the moniters flashed with various images, sparks errupted from every terminal, alarms screeched and the lights flashed on and off unevenly. It was like a massive earthquake, but it never seemed to end. Jamelia bawled and held onto one of the chairs, screaming for it to stop, and Archibald cursed and began mashing buttons at random, failing to stop the ship that was hurtling into deep space and out of control.

"Son of a bean!!!" yelled Archibald as he began kicking various terminals, hoping it would somehow help. Instead the ship gave a violent lurch and Archibald was flung against the wall of the cabin. Jamelia eyed the red button that Archibald had pressed, which was now flashing a bright blue colour. He crawled towards it, dragging his tiny body along the ground to avoid being thrown across the place. He reached up to the desk, too afraid to put his head up, and began feeling around for the button. The screens had began to count down from 10, each second an ear-pearcing screech would sound. Jamelia frantically started rumaging around the desk, still refusing to look up. He glanced sideways at a fallen moniter and it had already counted down to 4. Whatever the countdown was, it couldn't be good. Taking in a deep breath, Jamelia leapt up and scanned the tabletop for the button. Under the papers, he saw a blue light from underneath them. He prayed that this would work and slammed a hand hard onto the blue light...

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