Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Engines Are a High Demand

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



It was over. The chaos aboard the SPACE HOPPER had finally come to an end, and the void of space was quiet.

Well, space is always quiet, you numpty! And I don't mean that the SPACE HOPPER crashed or exploded, in fact Archibald Nugget and Jamelia Soggybottom survived. The SPACE HOPPER, well, didn't exactly crash land, let's made an uncontrolled landing on a distant planet, very far from where they started. It was a planet with countless meadows and fields of the deepest indigo grass, and the sky was the brightest yellow ever seen.

"Spudmuffins!" yelled Archibald, infuriated at what had happened. He hauled himself off the ground by grasping at a nearby desk and cursed at the battered computers and moniters that had been brand new 5 minutes before. "What the floop just happened?!"

Jamelia, who was curled up in a ball under a desk, said nothing.

"All I did was launch the random co-ordinate generabob!" shouted Archibald.

Jamelia opened an eye. "Did you remember to use the stabilisers?" he asked.

Archibald stared blankly at Jamelia, which was enough to answer his question. "Whatever. Anyway, theengines are beaten up too badly to use. Luckily this planet is habitable, I'm sure we'll find a town or city with some spare parts."

The SPACE HOPPER landed uncontrollably in a valley not too far off from the nearest town. Archibald had luckily brought his white umbrella with him, otherwise he'd have burnt up in the sunlight the moment he left the battered ship. The pair trudged over hills and along the roads without saying anything, until they arrived in the outskirts of a market.

"Shoot, there isn't a sign of technology anywhere!" grumbled Archibald. The markets were only selling clothes, vegetables, a few toys for the little ones (Jamelia eyed those stalls a lot), but nothing concerning anything from a quantum poweredthruster to a mobile phone.

"Maybe there'll be some in the main town," suggested Jamelia.

They walked on through the town, but as they got closer to the centre it became more and more obvious that the planet hadn't discovered electricity yet. The roads were paved with stone tiles, which horse carriages and chair bearers used, no vehicles that depended on mechanical engines at all. Archibald began sking random people on the street if they had any computers, but they all had no idea what a computer was. The most technologically advanced thing they had was the town clock, operated by a mysterious mechanism called "clock-work" (Archibald asked if they had any clockwork terminals, but it turned out they didn't even understand how clockwork actually worked).

"Is there anyone here who knows of engineering?" Archibald yelled throughout the streets. "ANYONE?!!" Nobody seemed to be paying attention to him, though. Engines? What jibberish language did that weird word come from?!

Only one person seemed to have taken an interest in what he was saying; a young woman, who wore a ridiculous bright pink dress and kept her blonde hair in a ponytail, topped off with a bow and bright red lipstick on her mouth. As Archibald and his servant walked away, she silently followed them.

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