Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Jessabelle

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



The market square outside the massive clock tower was empty. Old newspapers and brown leaves blew in the wind and circled the square, and the sound of the busy streets were only heard as a light whisper in the distance.

"Master, why is it so quiet?" whimpered Jamelia as they walked out an alleyway and into the barren square.

"Because of the man," a soft voice replied. It was high pitched and had a sense of aggression, and Archibald jumped at the sound of it. Behind them the girl was standing; she had followed them all the way through the alley to the square.

"Who the devil are you?" exclaimed Archibald. He didn't like being startled, especially by people in bright pink ballet dresses.

The girl beemed at Archibald. "My name is Jessabelle Ogglington, and I know who can help you."

Archibald stared dumbly at her. "What?"

"I've been following you," she said, her voice becoming slightly more aggressive, a lot more psychotic. "I've been watching you, hearing you, seeing you and smelling you and I know exactly who you need," her eyes grew wider and wider, yet her pupils grew smaller and smaller.

"Who is it? Can he help us get our ship working again?" Archibald said, his hopes lifting.

Jessabelle's face twisted with an odd emotion, rage and confusion mixed together. "What implies that they'd be a he?!" she yelled, but in a soft tone.

"No, I ugh - what I meant," Archibald struggled to find the right words.

"Well, he lives in that clock tower," said Jessabelle, suddenly acting casual which made it seem even less casual. "I must warn you; he is not a man of reason. He crosses the lines of science that we weren't meant to cross." Jessabelle began to raise her voice. "He does the most diabolical things to creatures, despite their suffering!" She was shrieking now, her voice sharp enough to slice through metal. "He is a lunatic, a madman! He is NOT to be trusted!!" she yelled.

Archibald stopped to process Jessabelle's sudden outburst. "...But...he can help us? He's the only one who can?"

"YEEESSSS!!" screamed the girl, her arms flailing around in random jerky movements.

"Well then, no time to lose!" said Archibald cheerily and he strolled over to the tall tower.

"But Master!" squeaked Jamelia, who had been petrified of Jessabelle's insanity. "What if she's right? What if we can't trust that man?!"

Archibald stopped in his tracks and turned to face his cowardly servant. "Listen Jamelia: we are leaving this planet no matter what it takes. Whether we put our trust in a deluded scientist or the word of a freak," he glanced at Jessabelle who was yelling at herself in toungues, "we are going to repair our ship and finally get to see the whole galaxy as we planned."

"But I wanted to stay at home!" wailed Jamelia. "I knew something as bad as this would happen!"

"Enough negativity!!" bellowed Archibald. "We're going to see this crackpot whether you want us to or not!"

And with that, the vampire barged through the doors and dragged his servant into the clock tower. The girl hesitated, then followed.

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