Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Duji Maluji Realises

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



It seemed as if Archibald and Jamelia would be staying longer than they expected. Jessabelle thought they were staying permanately and was thrilled by the thought, she even offered to let Archibald sleep in her spare room. Instead Archibald booked a room in a small inn in the town square for a couple of days, though he feared it'd be longer. The room wasn't too bad,a large double bed with velvet pillows and a private bathroom with a large variety of soft towells, but it was a little small.Archibald just fell face first onto the bed and slept fully dressed. Jamelia, realising there was only one bed, crept into the corridor and slept on the floor.

What an interesting man! thought Jessabelle as she strolled down the quickly darkening streets. Most people were inside at this time, but a few odd characters were standing around streets corners, collecting last minute dinners, hiding away in alleys. Jessabelle prefered it when it was quiet, it meant she could stroll around wherever she pleased. I hope he stays! Jessabelle continued with her thoughts. Or if he leaves...would he take me with him? Oh, I'd love that too! Jessabelle hadn't stopped thinking about Archibald since she first saw him in the busy market. She had forgotten a lot about Jamelia, but he was nothing but a silly little servant. She skipped away down the deserted lanes and sang a love song to Archy as she went.

Duji Maluji worked silently into the night, using dimcandles to light his room. Once or twice he glanced at the survalence moniters to check if any other unwanted visitors were to come, but nobody came. He was still furious about before. The blonde girl, Jessabelle, wouldn't even look at him! He'd never been so crushed in his life. He shook away this thought and tried to focus on the engone he was working on. He connected wires, welded strips of metal together, fuelled the queuerock thrusters...

Maluji's gloved and busy fingers suddenly stopped what they were doing. He didn't know why, or what the weird high-pitched noise was that the computers were making. It took him a while to realise that he was listening to Jessabelle sing through the survalience camera he had installed on North Street. He turned to watch the girl on the moniter skip and dance in the street lights. What was she singing about? Who was she singing about? Maluji didn't quite understand this whole singing concept. As the girl skipped off down an alleyway, the soft notes of her song left with her and Duji Maluji sighed. He didn't understand what he felt. Deep down, he looked, searched, and realised something that he never knew he could know before...

He hated Jessabelle.

He hated everyone, all the people that lived in this small, stinking, stupid, smiley town. He hated the mayor for ordering people around like he was any better than them. He hated the ecologist hippies that cared so much about the planet yet never did anything useful, they only complained. He hated that greedy vampire and his snivelling servant that thought Duji would simply give him the spare parts he needed, as if Duji didn't have any use for them!! But, most of all, he hated that idiotic, giggly, weird blonde girl Jessabelle.

He didn't know why he was building this machine before, but now he knew, and he began to work at double the speed.

He hated them all, and he felt no pity for what was going to happen to them.

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