Archibald & Jamelia: Maluji's Master Scheme

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Fireworks in the Tower

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Jamelia couldn't sleep well. The wooden floorboards were too hard, the rug was too rough and itchy, clearly neither were designed to be slept on. Through the door Jamelia heard Archibald muttering something about "stupid zombies and their corrupt ideologies", so Jamelia quietly tiptoed down the corridor and out the inn.

It wasn't that late at night, yet the town was fast asleep. The two moons illuminated the clouds and behind them millions of stars glistened like a sky of sequins. The streets and roads were all silver on the light of the moons, and there were orange pools of light around the lamp posts. Jamelia decided to go over to the main market to see if anyone was there. As he travelled down the dark and dim alleyways he thought that maybe this place wasn't as bad as he thought. People sure were nice enough around here, and there were plenty of houses available to buy. In fact, this town was much nicer than anywhere he'd ever been. Sure, there were a couple of weirdos, but Jamelia clearly stood out in this small town so he wasn't one to judge. The more Jamelia thought about it, the more keen he was to stay here. He figured he'd fit very well, thought Jamelia, I don't even know the name of the town I'm stuck on! Come to think of it, he didn't even know the name of the planet. At this point Jamelia was halfway between the inn and the clock tower. It wasn't easy to miss, it stood out and towered over every other building in the town, and tonight it was even easier to see with the bright green smoke and flashes of light appearing through the glass windows. What? I didn't notice that before...that man! Jamelia realised. I knew there was something shifty about him! What in the name of Harlacus could he be doing up there?! Jamelia decided to take matters into his own hands. He didn't trust the engineer one bit, so he headed straight for the clock tower, running along the stoney streets as fast as his short legs could.

Duji Maluji was too obsessed with his machine to notice the little servant running straight towards the tower on the moniters, far too busy calculating the amount of queuerock needed to stabalise the reactor core to see Jameliacreep up the stairs. Jamelia squated at the metal door at the top and tooka moment to catch his breath. He was a servant, not a runner! After a couple of minutes, Jamelia searched for a gap in the metal panels, a key hole, anything that allowed him to see or even hear what the maniac was up to. At last, there was a tiny crack by the hinge of the door that Jamelia could press his eye up to, but only just and he had to take his glasses off to get close enough to see. It looked as if the masked scientist was checking a device about the size of a football on his desk, but without the glasses they were a colourless blur of shapes, he could only tell it was Maluji by his white coat and red mask. The object was a greeny grey haze, however flashes of purple would crop up occasionally. Jamelia suspected a flashing light of some sort.

"Quantum lenses, check," Maluji mumbled. He often spoke to himself, as he had nobody else to talk to. "Queuerock thrusters, in position, ALPHA turbines, active..." Jamelia heard a snapping sound, he guessed Maluji had flicked a switch. "Check. Now to test it..."

Test what? thought Jamelia. What on Nonotron is he up to?! There was another snap, then a whir, like a rocket engine building up power. The purple flash was increasing, and Maluji was making an odd noise, Jamelia thought maybe he was having trouble breathing. A wheeze, a grunt, a choke, a, he was fine. No, more than that, he was laughing, but why? Jamelia's eyes began to water, and he pulled his face away from the door. He pressed the glasses up to his eyes. Before he could take another look, there was a crackle, a bright flash, a bang, and the metal door exploded off its hinges and smashed itself against the wall opposite. Jamelia screamed; if he didn't take his face away when he had, half his head would be swiped clean off. Theiron door stuck to the wall for a few seconds, suspended in mid air, crackles of electricity shining over the rusted surface, before falling with a clang down the many stairs. The echoes carried all around the building, until there was silence. Jamelia was shaking at what he had just witnessed. I have to warn someone of what I saw! he thought desperately. I must tell Master Nug-

"Hey!" Maluji's rusty voice bellowed from behind Jamelia.

Spudmuffins! Jamelia thought. Before he could run down the stairs, or even shour out, apair of gloved hands muffled his shouts and grabbed his collar, and hauled him into the lab.

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