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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



There was a guy and a girl in the living room with one leaning on the wall while the other standing with her arms crossed and all of a sudden the guy hit the girl on the head \"That's my line.\". \"You always get the good lines.\" the girl grunted and looked away. He hit her on the head again \"So?\" and they started yelling at each other and I thought if most of what they were saying were even words. I took advantage of the time to study them.

I looked at the girl first and she wore gold gauntlets encrusted with red and shoulder plates at the back seamed to have one spike on each side coming out and she wore greaves and with the design it looks like flames that traveled up her skin with boots too. The guy looked like he wore a black cloak that covers most except part of his chest and head and by the looks of it he was a hairy guy.

\"Uh who are you two?\" I finally said and they finally stopped yelling at each other and looked at me. \"Oh yeah, I'm Brandon and this is Lucy she's a little hotheaded.\". Lucy sighs \"I can introduce myself you know. Hey, I am not hotheaded-\". \"But why are you here?\" I said interrupting her so they don't start yelling at each other again. Sydney was hiding behind me. \"We were ordered here by the high divine to protect you.\" Brandon answered.

\"High divine?\" I questioned. Lucy sighed \"He doesn't even know what the high divine is so why do we have to protect this kid?\". \"Lucy, I explained that to you, do you ever listen? Anyways, I believe you've met a divine but not a high divine, I've also heard that you've fought him head on and defeated him.\" Brandon said. \"D-Dompy?\" I said shocked. \"This kid looks like nothing, I could easily beat him in a fight.\" Lucy said.

Brandon seamed to not stop her \"Go ahead.\" he winked at me. I turned to Sydney \"Can you take a few steps back please Sis?\". She nodded and took a few steps back. Before Lucy charged at me she told me \"No swords kid I left mine at home!\" and with that she charged at me swinging her fist at me.

I caught her fist \"I'd rather fight someone if I have a reason, not just to compare skills.\". She grunted and pulled her fist away \"Some other time kid and you better not be a woos.\". \"He's a lot older then you Lucy.\" Brandon told her looking at me \"And also, don't mind Lucy, like I she is a bit hotheaded\". I realized that even Brandon was surprised I didn't fight back.

\"So tell me, why are you guys here and give me a better answer then just here to protect me.\" I finally said breaking the silence. Brandon just leaned on the wall but then finally got off and stood strait \"We are here to protect you till you have remembered everything.\".

\"What do you mean everything?! I know everything about my life for the past 17 years!\" I said. \"Its... how do I puts this.... complicated to explain at this point of time.\" Brandon said as he walked towards the window and peered outside. I too looked outside and there was a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot of those things.

\"I can't believed they scaled an attack this big, unfortunately for them they were unlucky and Dompy got to him first.\" Brandon turned to Lucy \"Can you go out and handle them quickly.\". \"No\" she snapped. \"I wasn't asking, now go or I will bring you back to the High Divines and tell them that you were slacking and you-\". \"Fine, fine I'll do that.\" she cut him off.

After Lucy left I wanted to ask a question \"Why did you threaten her to take her back?\". \"Because I was originally chosen for the job and I brought her with me for a couple of reasons, the first is that she wanted to meet the legendary Dom and don't get thinking she doesn't like you and think your bad at fighting Its just that's how she conceals herself of making a fool of her self.\" He answered. \"Well she did anyway, what's the second reason?\". \"I'd rather not say anything about that, maybe another time.\"

Lucy came back inside \"Damn that was fun, but I'm all done, I sure needed to kick someone's ass and that did it.\". After that there was a long pause of silence then finally

\"Uh, I have another question, actually two the first is who is this 'legendary' Dom and second where are you gonna stay if you have to stay to protect me?\" I asked breaking the silence.

\"Well, the 'legendary' thing you will find out over time and for us staying somewhere it would be best if we stay here.\" He answered me. I sighed \"Fine.\". \"Don't worry I can cook pretty good even ask Lucy.\" we all looked over at Lucy. \"Yeah, good, its amazing.\" She answered sarcastically. It started to seam as if she is just trying to get Brandon mad or something.

\"No, it's fine, cooking for two more isn't a problem.\". Then both of them look over to Sydney who is still kind of hiding behind me. \"Even though we were told a lot about you we only heard you have a sister.\" Brandon said. \"Oh?\" And Sydney started to go more behind me hiding. \"By the looks of it she looks shy.\" Brandon observed. Lucy turned to Brandon and she hit him \"There's no problem being shy, I find it cute of her.\"

\"Hey I was just saying, I wasn't being disrespect her or anything.\" Brandon started to rub his side \"And you don't have to hit me.\". Lucy walked up to me and walked passed me to be beside Sydney and she held out her hand. \"Let's be friends, want to show me around?\" she said with a nice smile. Sydney held onto my shirt and tightened her grip.

\"It's fine Sis she's gonna be around here for a while anyways.\" She looked at me and then turned to Lucy and took her hand and brought her up stairs. Once they were upstairs I looked over at Brandon \"Looks like its getting late and since there is four of us I guess you can help cook.\". \"Sure.\" and with that we walked over to the kitchen.

We cooked mostly in silence at first but then we started to talk. \"I'm surprised that Lucy was really nice to your sister.\" Brandon said. I looked at him and said \"Why is that?\". She usually doesn't even know how to talk to over girls and when she was younger she was picked on for being different because she acted more like a guy.\". \"I also find it weird because she actually seamed to like Lucy too.\" and after talking about that we cooked in more silence.

\"I have two more questions to ask you Dom.\" Brandon said breaking the silence. \"What is it.\" I asked. \"The first is that has your sister always been shy?\". \"No she hasn't been this shy, she used to be shy but she talked to people but she stayed near me or our parents.\" I answered. He continued to cook a little bit longer before asking the other question. \"The High Divines may know a lot but they don't really know about this past, I just wanted to know.\"

I ignored the fact that he said 'this past' because I would really not want to know but I still answered his question. \"I will only say if you keep it between us, its kind of personal.\" I said. \"O-ok I will.\" and with that I started.

\"When we were about 6 years old things happened but before that was like an ordinary kids day, but on our birthday in the night our house got broken into and then our.... parents.... W-\". \"You don't have to say that part, just continue on.\" I was kinda happy that he didn't want me to say it but at the same time at one point people have to know but I just continued on.

\"After that our lives became really harsh, I kept Sydney going to school but at first I had to get a job and luckily some people let a 6 year old kid work for them, well years past and on our 14th birthday a envelope came in and it was directed to us for our birthdays when we opened it and pulled it out I read out the letter.\" I paused for a bit and continued.

\"It said 'Dom, Sydney, if your reading this it is your guy's 14th birthday. First thing we want to say is happy birthday you two and hope you guy's have a wonderful life ahead. You guys must be getting ready to go to high school and that you guys have been having trouble because Dom must be working and Sydney must be going to school. We are sorry this happened to you guys its just that we couldn't explain when you guys were younger so we had this prepared, we know you have a long road ahead of you guys so just be careful on that road and Dom can go back to school because we have a check in here worth years for both groceries and the house so don't worry about that, both Mother and me love you guys and don't worry about us just live your life normally, good bye you two.' that's what the letter said and we followed what it said and it brought us to who we are now.\" I finished.

Brandon was silent for a bit then he said \"Wow, they really care about you guys.\". \"Yeah, and the foods done, can you get the other two?\" I asked. \"Sure.\" and he walked out up stairs. When I didn't hear foot steps I went to the fridge and opened the bottom and pulled out a bottle and drank it all before anyone came back downstairs.

They all came downstairs when I had everything prepared to eat. We sat down eating mostly in silence until I asked Lucy \"So, how was the tour?\". Lucy looked up \"Your guys house is really nice.\" She answered and for the rest of the time eating it was silent.

After finishing dishes I headed up stairs to check on everyone. I came to the first door and opened it which was the first guest room and there was Brandon laying on the bed with his hat over his head. \"Need anything.\" I asked. \"No, just tiered that's all.\" he answered so I just closed the door.

The next room was the other guest room and when I opened it there was no one so I quickly went to Sydney's door and opened it and surely there she was with Lucy and they looked up. Lucy then asked \"Something wrong?\". \"No, so your staying in here for the night?\" I asked. \"Yeah.\" she said. \"Ok, good night you two.\".

After I closed the door I walked over to the bathroom and cleaned up and headed for bed.

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