Misadventures of Neverland

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - I Have My Villain

Submitted: February 12, 2016

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Submitted: February 12, 2016



Darkness surrounded the girls, the only indication that the other was beside them was the sound of their heavy breathing. They were sat on what seemed to be a bench, still roped and bound.

“Vanessa!” Ava shouted. “Vanessa, he’s going to kill us! I’m not ready to die- we have shit to do!”

“Ava!” Vanessa hissed.

“I’m not ready to die! I’m too sexy to die!”

“Ava! Shut the hell up!”

Just as the words left Vanessa’s mouth, a light appeared, illuminating Peter Pan. The girls could see their cell, the walls were made out of stone, and a rock slab had been pulled away from an entrance, letting in the sunlight. There was a counter in the corner, holding vials and bowls.

“Listen here, you asshole. You had better let us go, or I swear to god-“

“You’ll do what?” Peter cut Ava off.

“What are you going to do to us?” asked Vanessa, although she thought she knew the answer.

“More like what I’ll be doing to her.” Peter gestured to Ava.

“Why only her?” Vanessa’s question went unanswered.

“I’ll be taking her energy, of course. She’ll make an excellent meal. I haven’t had one in so long.” He walked over to the counter, and began mixing the contents of the vials in a wooden bowl.

“Look, I get it. I’m a girl, I understand cravings, but sapping someone’s energy like some glorified vampire is not the way to go.” Ava went from scared to extremely angry.

“Ava, shut up!” Vanessa said, desperately trying to get her friend to stop talking. She knew how her friend babbled when she was afraid, however this was not the time to insult a man who had no qualms about killing them. Her hands were shaking, but she did her best to keep calm.

Ava, on the other hand, was making no attempt to conceal her emotions. She struggled against the rope, her fists clenched, and gritted her teeth. “Let us go, you wrinkled old prick!”

Peter Pan ignored her, and finished mixing the ingredients. He walked over to her, bowl in hand. Forcing her mouth open with his bony hands, he poured the concoction into her mouth and clamped her jaw shut.

“Swallow, my dear.” He gave her a wicked smile when he saw her gulp it down.

James and Jolly looked around wildly.

“Where did he take them?” James shouted, a murderous gleam in his eyes.

“He took them to the graveyard to drain their energy. Do you boys have your swords?” said Elena.

They nodded, and felt to make sure they were secured to the belt of their jumpsuits.

“Follow me.” Elena flew down the path, and the boys ran after her.

“How is he flying?” Jolly asked.

“He kidnapped the Fairy Queen, Tinkerbelle. He steals her magic.”

The trio tore down the trail, and Jolly’s brain was racing as well.

What if we don’t get there in time? What happens if they die? What if we die? His hands shook, and he was hyper-aware of everything- his cutlass clanking against his leg, the hammering of his heart, the pounding of their feet on the trail.

However, James only had one thing on his mind- he was going to rip Peter Pan’s heart out.

“Now, I know your valiant Captain Hook will be on his way to rescue you, along with Jolly Roger. So we don’t have much time, my dears. I’ll explain quickly.” Peter Pan sat on the counter. “You’ve read the book, or at least seen the movie. I had lots of time to read and watch movies when J.M. Barrie locked me out of Neverland. And I must say, I quite like his version. So why not make it real?”

“You’re insane!” Ava interrupted.

“Don’t cut in, dear. I don’t have much time. When the little spin off, Capt. Hook came out, I saw my chance. I thought to myself ‘I can’t get in to Neverland by myself, so I’ll trick someone else to do it for me’. By slipping that bookmark into your book, I set the plan in motion. Now, not only does it grant wishes, it evokes them. That’s the magic. It took me years of digging, but I succeeded. Quite brilliant, if you ask me. So now, I have everything I need. I have my Wendy.” Peter stoked Vanessa’s hair. She recoiled from his touch, disgusted by his plan.

 “I have my delicious morsel to make me young again.” He laid his hand on Ava’s cheek.

Suddenly, James and Jolly crashed through the doorway, weapons drawn. Peter picked up a sword from his shelf.

“And now, I have my villain!”

James’s eyes were blazing, and he held his sword straight out, prepared and very eager to fight.

“Now, now, now, we don’t fight indoors.” Peter chided, but James ignored him and lunged. He blocked the blow with his own sword, and the sounds of metal against metal echoed loudly off the stone walls.

Elena buzzed by Jolly’s ear as he rushed to the girls. He didn’t know how to free them, and he froze again. The fairy rolled her eyes and flew over the Ava. She brushed her tiny hands over her skin, and the pressure from the undetectable rope faded. Ava sat there, dazed, while Vanessa stood up immediately and rushed to Jolly, squeezing him tight and breaking him out of his stupor.

“Come on, stand up.” Elena encouraged Ava, and she shook herself awake.

Meanwhile, Peter and James were still fighting. The fairy took a deep breath and focused all her energy on Peter. Slowly, starting at his feet and crawling up his body, paralysis took over.

“Go!” Elena screamed. “He’s weak, but I can’t hold him too long! East of the orchard there’s a clearing. Go there, tell them I sent you!”

James stepped away, and the group ran from the crypt, leaving behind the fairy. They watched as the stone slab closed, locking Elena in.

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