Living in Sin

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



It was only about 20 minutes before the final bell when I got back to school. I had left early to get some rest but as usual ended up at a bar and lost track of time there.  My bike had to stay there for if I wanted to make it back here in one piece, I knew I had to take a cab or something. The hallways were empty as I walked to the lockers. After I changed back into uniform, I grabbed my bag and walked out of the bathroom.


 As I was running through the missed calls I received during my ‘recreation time’, an unfamiliar number caught my eye.  And it’s called four times already? My heart leapt in excitement at the possibility that this might very well be Rina. Shit, I totally forgot about her. I thought about waiting for her by the entrance and decided to, for it was only a matter of minutes now before the final bell rings.


Even if I made it to the class, I still have to talk to Baldy for being late and being what I call ‘refreshed’ and they call ‘drunk’. Yeah, he’s my math teacher, who looks like he’s got an elephant shoved up his arse whenever he’s conscious. I was headed for the entrance when my phone rang. I fished for it in my back pocket and flipped it open to see that it was that unknown number. Finally, I thought, and took it. I waited for that sweet angelic voice but nothing came. Well somebody’s shy. But as I was about to speak out first, I froze at hearing the voice on the other end of the line.


“Kun, is that you?”


I didn’t respond for I still didn’t know if this was for real. He took the silence as a yes and went on.


“How are you doing?”


Is that even a question? After nearly two years without a word and he asks how I was doing? I almost snapped back but thought better of it and waited for what he had to say next.


“Alright, listen, I’m coming back home. The flight is in a few hours.”


Wait, what? “What?” I half-yelled.


“I’ll talk to you when I get home, alright?”


“Why? Why are you coming back?” there were so many questions lining up as to why is he calling now? And what’s the reason of this sudden comeback?


“We’ll talk later, Okay?”


And with that he hung up.


I can’t believe he said it so casually, like nothing ever happened. Not to mention he even used my nickname, one I haven’t heard since she ….


Just hearing his voice brought back so many painful memories. Memories I’ve tried so hard to forget but to no avail. I know I should’ve told him off but some part of me kinda ridiculously wished that he did come home, that he knew better to start mending his ways after ignoring me like he did for the past two years.


But as much as I wanted him back, I wasn’t going to let him just waltz his way into my life again. Not after he left it to rot and never looked back. No, he’s gonna have a hard time, and I’m going to make sure of it. My train of thoughts broke when somebody launched at me. I felt the familiar feel of her body and that over-flirtatious voice was unmistakable.


 “Where have you been all day? I’ve been looking all over for you.”


I turned to see what you would call the school slut grinning at me. I put my hands under her thighs and lifted her up so that she was now straddling me in midair. As she scissored  her legs across my waist, I removed my hand from under one of her legs and pulled the back of her head closer for a long hard kiss. But strangely that didn’t ease my racing mind. At all.


I pulled away and she stares back at me, quite taken aback by my reaction. Normally, which means always, I never even talk to her nicely if I didn’t have to get her to bed. Delight took over the surprise on her face.


“Somebody’s in a good mood today. Anything I can do to make it even better?”


Good mood? Honey, it’s pretty much the other way around. Then something crossed my mind.


“Ash, are you in for a party tonight?”







I just sat there reliving my memories of us three together until the alarm went off. I slid my hand into the bag and took out my phone and dismissed it. It’s time I went to the airport. And that brought my mind back to Nicole. How she’ll take it, I wondered. Sure he would’ve told her by now but I doubt there’d be a homecoming party thrown for her beloved father. I got up and picked up my bag which was lying on the ground beside me. And with one last glance at where my own father lay, I walked out of the cemetery.


It was getting dark when I got to the airport. I didn’t wait for the change and said thanks to the cab-driver and got out. But as I did, my phone rang. It was Jen. Then I realized I was a little late. They’re already here!


“Hey, wait a sec. I’m at the entrance. I’m coming.”


“No, honey. We are gonna be late. Our flight has been delayed ‘cause of the weather, but I hope we’ll get on the plane in the next thirty minutes or so. So you just wait at the hotel, Okay? Or maybe go ahead home. I’m sure you’ll be welcome. Ed’s told her.”


Well, I seriously doubt it.


“Sure, perhaps I’ll check on her. You be safe, alright?”


“Of course, honey. You too.”


“Say hello to Ed for me, I’ll talk to you guys when you get here.”


“Bye honey. See you later.”


I had to chuckle at the sound she made resembling a big kiss. She’s just too cute for a woman in her mid-thirties. I gave her a kiss back and hung up.


Well, just great. I just spent nearly two hours for nothing. I contemplated going back to where I was staying at, then thought why not check on Nicole while I had the chance. What could possibly go wrong?


I had asked the cab driver to drop me off a little far from the house. I earned a glare from him when I asked, again, if he heard the place right. But I can’t believe it. I thought at least she was going to be in denial, but it seems there’s a party inside the house. This girl is just full of surprises.


When I first saw her she was acting like she’s got nothing to lose and now she’s all for welcoming back her father. It’s not like I hated Ed, I wouldn’t let him wipe his hands of his actions this easily if I were Nicole, even if he was all I had. But I couldn’t blame her, could I? After all, she’s just a teenage girl who had gone through what others her age couldn’t possibly imagine and she’s just missing and longing for her father.

However, my earlier impression that this was a homecoming party was thinning with every step as I neared the Taylors’ residence. A handful of teenagers occupied the lawn and got a handful of drinks each. I was startled by the music that boomed through my ears when I opened the door and I beat myself for thinking Nicole was that easy.


Mess was but one word to describe the scene before me. It was like the whole school was in here. This sure would get Ed pissed off. I got stuffy and annoyed by the intensive partying around me in less than 30 seconds. Dodging couples grinding each other in the living room, I decided to go the stairs, which seems to be a less busy area, but on my way over, I caught a glimpse of a familiar face in the sea of people. I turned in the direction of what seems like the kitchen and walked over to him.




He looked back at me in a daze and a light shone in his eyes.


“Hey, yourself. Where did you disappear to today? I looked for you at lunch.”


“Oh, I had something I had to take care of.”


“Did it go well? How did you get here, anyway?”




“I mean I texted everyone I knew, but I don’t remember getting your number? But anyway you are here now. So having fun?”


“Not exactly. I’m not into crowd-stuff.”


“Then why are you he.. Uhh, looking for the host, with hardly any luck, seeing you’re still alone. ”


“No, I’m with you.”


“Ha ha, funny.”


He said, grabbing two cans of soda from the stand.


“Now that you’ve mentioned her, where is she?”


“Probably isn’t here.”


“Isn’t this her party?”


“She’s always like that. You’ll get used to it. You’ll probably see this is a makeshift party. She just told me she wanted, no, needed one and I had to have this done at last minute.”


“So you guys are friends?”


He nodded handing me a can as he started walking. I followed him towards the front door.


“Me and her? Yeah, we’re pretty tight. We’ve known each other since like birth.”




“So where do you live?” he asked, sitting down but kind of falling to the ground.


“I’m currently staying at a hotel. Till my family gets here.”


I answered, hoping him to drop the subject, or else, it’d lead to me having to explain why even I’m here joining a school if my family haven’t got a place of our own already.


 “Considering their product,” he said, “they must be somewhat beautiful beings.”


He apparently is drunk, seriously, from his compliment and choice of words.


“Umm, thanks. But they are not my parents, biologically.”


He looked back at me from glancing around.


“Well, I was orphaned some years ago because my dad died in an accident and mom left me afterwards. So I was put into foster care. I got adopted about 2 years ago.”


“I’m really sorry.”


“It’s okay. She’s actually nice.”


“She? I thought I heard they.”


“When I was adopted, Jen was still single. She got married earlier this month.”


“Oh, congratulations. For your mom, I mean.”


“Thanks. So what about you?”


“Nothing interesting. Born here, grew up here and probably gonna die here.”


“Well, you never know.”


We sat around like that for a while till I got bored and looked at Steve. He’s knocked out.


“Hey, Steve.” I called shaking him slightly by his shoulder.


He said something incoherent and lifted his head up from his knees. He looked at me sleepily and grinned.


“Hey, sorry. I must have dozed off.”


“No, you fell asleep. Why don’t you go home?”


“I can’t. I still have something to do here. And I can’t leave you here all alone, can I?”


“Well then you should take a nap or something. You look worn out. And drunk!”



“Dude. You haven’t seen me drunk. I’ve set my limit at four heads. There’s only two now.”


Seeing I’m not catching up, he explained.


“I mean I see four heads on a guy when I reach my limit. Now you only have two so I can still manage.”


Well, that explains his whole looking over my shoulder thing while we were talking earlier. He was talking to my other half.


“You want another drink?” he asked, getting up, barely.


”No. I could use the bathroom, though.” I said, helping the man up and followed him, who was kinda sleepwalking, into the house.


“You don’t wanna use the ones downstairs, trust me. There’s a room upstairs, though, with a bathroom. Maybe you can even take a nap there, you know get away from this hell of a party.”




“Save those thanks for later.” He grinned and stumbled into the crowd. I didn’t get what he meant by that but that’s the way he is, I guess. I smiled at myself for achieving a new record. I’ve made two really good friends, I think, already only in a day’s time here. That’s way better than my last one which was 4 in two years at my previous school.


Yeah, I was a nerd, if that’s’ what you call someone who’s really smart and humble and caring and lovely and .. well, you know what I mean. As my previous school life entered my mind, a lot of memories which I’d rather have left forgotten came rushing along with it. Well, I hope I’ll have a new start here. I shrugged it off and made my way upstairs.




It took us a while to get ready for the party. Considering the dress( if you call two strings and a handkerchief a dress, that is) Ash had on, you’d think it shouldn’t take more than half a minute. And as a matter of fact, it didn’t. But she had to do the dressing twice, after I saw her in it, at her house, in her bedroom. To make it short, we left her house quite late.


Opening the door, I groaned at the sight before me. This is one hell of a mess. If not for the whole piss-him-off thing, I would’ve been pissed at Steve for bringing what seems like half the school here and letting this so get out of hand. Well, I AM pissed because the culprit is passed out on the couch, snoring the night away. He must be quite drunk, because he wouldn’t want to get caught in this mess with my father, who’s quite known for his temper.


Come to think of it, they are still here, which means he hasn’t shown up yet. Or had he? No, that’s not possible. If one thing, my father was not one to watch something like this from the sidelines and walk away. Then, why the hell isn’t he here? Has he chickened out? That’s more absurd. Then I got worried as a thought cross my mind. Is he all right? As much as I hate him, I know I can’t let him go. I gotta at least get him back for what he’s done to me and then some.


I released Ash from under my arms and pushed her slightly in the direction of the living room. It was only a slight push but she almost fell over. Unlike any other school sluts, she easily gets drunk. She was talking about something I couldn’t get a grip on. “Get me some drinks, I’ll be outside.”


She stumbled her way into the crowd and I made my way upstairs. About time I got some space. She’s just too nosy, acting like we are a couple.


As I was about to turn into the corridor, I heard an angry voice boom through the house. I smiled to myself.


“All of you, get out of my house, right now!”


I didn’t hear anything else but the sound of stumbling and shuffling downstairs. That sure would’ve woken up that corpse on the couch. Not feeling like running down the stairs and giving  him a teary hug, I didn’t wait for him to shout my name and walked to my door. But to my surprise, the room was locked. I don’t recall doing it when I left in the morning. This is someone else’s doing. And seeing it’s locked from the inside, the crook is still in the room. I thought I told Steve to make sure no one goes into my room.


Using the key, I opened the door making as little noise as I could. Whoever inside is going to get what they deserve. A little spanking and what have you. But my thoughts shattered to pieces, or got wilder, the moment I saw her standing by the window, wrapped in a towel, pretty engrossed in watching my photos. She was wiping her hair dry with another mini towel.  


I let out a sigh I didn’t even know I’d been holding. God was she beautiful, with that towel reaching only mid-thigh, unintentionally showing off her beautiful, creamy, long slender legs. For once, I thank Carol for getting me those short towels. But before I could make another step, as if by sixth sense, she turned and looked my way. I smiled, which I’m sure would’ve got out as a smirk, and started towards, surprisingly fumbling for the right words to say but before I could take another step, she screamed.


The first thought that came to my mind was that this girl sure can scream. Second thought, more of a knowledge, she’s pretty cute when she screams. But then again, she’s like all-time-cute to my eyes. Third thought, more of a decision, I gotta shut her up before every cop in this town gets here. And what better to shut that pretty mouth with, other than mine. But before I suited action to my thoughts, I saw her hand swing, not the one holding the towel to my dismay. In a split-second I felt a burning pain on my fore head and something warm streamed down my right cheek. What the hell!!




I stepped out of the shower, all freshened up. I took the liberty of familiarizing myself to my new home, that’s what I kept telling myself to make myself feel better. In my own defense, I normally don’t use other people’s stuff without their knowledge, but I needed a shower and boy was this great.


I wrapped a towel around my soaked body and took another one to dry my hair. I went back into the room and looked around. I was too eager for a relief earlier to realize that this might very well be my new sister’s room. There were a few frames on the stands and surprisingly none without Nicole. One was a family photo, with a couple and their daughters. The older girl,  is holding who I’m guessing was her sister in her arms. I still can’t figure out who this room belongs to, though. I don’t see anything pertaining to a girl in anyway, nor the girls in the photos looked noting like Nicole even though they were obviously taken a while agos.


 After about five photos, I heard a faint shout from downstairs but I shrugged it off, having seen myself what the party was like. I walked over to the window and picked up a frame lying face down on the table beside some books. The photo showed some guy in a hiking track suit, winking at the camera. He seems familiar though. Wait, that’s the boy from school. The one Nicole was kissing. Suddenly I felt somebody’s presence in the room, and was shocked to find that dangerous-looking guy staring at me.


Our eyes locked for a while and then he gave me that smirk which bore a desperate need in my stomach to get out of here. But he took no notion of my displeasure, and took a step forward, which caused me to follow the routine of any damsel would take in distress. I screamed and threw the photo frame at him. Unfortunately for him, my normally bad aim did its job and the impact made him stagger back a little. I decided to run past him through the door, but someone showed up in the doorway and to my relief it was Edward.


I saw Jen come from behind him and, giving a quick glance over the crouching figure on the floor, rushed towards me with a concerned look on her face. By that time, Ed was pulling that guy up bythe collar of the jacket he had on and threw him out of the room.


“What the hell do you think you are doing in my daughter’s room?”


In his daughter’s room? That boy leaning against wall slowly got up and faced him. I could see Ed was monitoring his every move, with anger written all over his face. I got out of Jen’s grip and tell him to calm down, before he hurts the boy, after all he hasn’t done anything to me, or to his MIA daughter. But as soon as he spoke, confusion took over the anger on Ed’s face.


“What do you think?”





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