The Hourglass Cult

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Hooded Men

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



Grace hits the concrete hard, I turn around to see her lying on her stomach, her head bleeding. I think to myelf 'Should i help her up, or should I catch this thief?' The descion is made for me as Grace slowly starts to get up and the man crosses the street. I run across the street, hot on the heels of this thief. I try to grab the back of his jacket but trip over my own feet, I've never been good at running.

I quickly get back to my feet and quickly behind the thief. He turns a corner, down an alley and over fences. At this point I start to get tired, and thoughts of doubt cloud my mind. 'I have a wife at home, why am i helping this singer?' Then i thought of the beauty of this women and how she sings... Oh god, how she sings. How I want her in my arms, to love and to hold. I quickly come back to reality as the thief has dissapered.

I look around. No sight or smell of this thief. I grab my hat, then hold it to my chest, with my free hand I scratch the top of my head. Then, I see it. A grid on the side of the road has been opened leading to the sewers.

I climb down the ladder fast, I hit the concrete of the sewers with a thud from my feet. I remain still for a while, hearing his footsteps I run along the smelly infested sewers. I see the thief at the end of the passage it was a dead end for him. I reach for my revolver moving slowly down the passage. 'Don,t shoot!' The thief shouts.

'I just want the purse, hand it over' I reply to his cry. He hands the purse over then runs past me. 'Easy enough' I say to myself with a smile. 'Now for my reward'. I start to walk back down the passage, then I hear it. The sound that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Humming. It stops me dead in my tracks, i was no longer alone in this sewer. The humming was getting closer, the humming of atleast ten people. 'I need to hide' I think to myself. The passage was a dead end, but the people were coming this way. I cling to the shadows of the passage wall as a group of hooded men turn the corner into the passage way.

The humming grows louder as they come nearer, 'Will they see me?' I think to myself. The leader of the group stands infront of me facing the dead end of the passage. 'Im to the left of him, he must not see me because of his hood!' I say to myself. I try to look at the hooded men behind him, all diferent races, all carrying big hourglasses.


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