Creepypasta: James the Killer pt. 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The aftermath of James Gregory Arkensaw's encounter with his sadistic homicidal maniac father Jeff the Killer. Now James is alone in the world seeing as to how Jeff murdered his mother...

Corn...nothing but fucking corn for miles...but I guess you gotta be in a pretty remote place when your going to juvenile...
Oh sorry bad start! My name is James Gregory Arkensaw, and...I'm an orphan...a while back if you don't already know my father Jeff killed my mother in cold blood...the fear of death finally caught up with her, or...maybe her fear wasn't death it was failure, the failure to kill her greatest enemy, or perhaps a less selfish fear the fear of losing her son to her own death...I don't really know at this point...all I know right now in this moment as I'm handcuffed in the back of this squad car is that I'll never see her again...Nor my aunt Madyson...the only sympathy I feel right now is for her...the look on her face as I waved goodbye...It still gets me.

You're probably wondering how I got myself into this mess, well I was at school in the lunch line, then this jerk walks up to me and shoves me "Get outta my way Arkwensauce! I'm taking your spot no beat it!"
I looked at him sarcastically "First of all  it's Arkensaw, second no. you. are. not."
He got in my face and shoved me again "Didn't your mom ever teach you any manners? Oh wait...Hahaha!"
I looked back at him waving a hand in front of my nose "Well she at least taught me how to brush my" I handed him a stick of Trident "You need it man."
He got really mad "Heh...nice come back...just like your dad's man that was a killer one-...oh whoops! Hahaha!" He imitated a carved smile in his cheeks and I kept my cool just like mom always said, but...he just kept prying...then he used her name in vain "Oh man Jeff, Jane, and James wow weren't they creative! Well I guess her not so much seeing as to how she actually created a steaming pile of stupid and gave it a name! Wow she must be a really great mom huh?"

That was it! I grabbed the kids arm and pulled it hard behind his back with a loud cracking sound I dislocated his shoulder and then pushed him onto the floor. I got down on one knee and looked him dead in the eye holding a firm gaze "Don't you ever, And I mean EVER speak badly about my mother again!" I stood up and everyone was staring at me jaws dropped even the teachers "Do I make myself clear?" Everyone turned around fast and resumed talking. A teacher walked up to me and escorted me and the kid to the office he went to the nurse first though. Mady was called and I went before a judge the next day. He sentenced me to a week of probation a.k.a house arrest. When I got back in school everyone avoided me. Good. I want them to leave me alone...except for this one girl she followed me everywhere! We had all the same classes but still everywhere I turned she was behind me. One day I decided to confront her I spun around just as we both turned the corner to lunch hour we were the only two in the hallway. I slammed my hand against the wall behind her and got in her face "What's your deal huh?"
She was shocked but not scared, she was pretty shy to though "I...I'm sorry I just...I'm sorta like you..."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
She moved my arm and I let her there was something odd about this one..."My mom and dad died in a crash when I was little...I was in the backseat..."she shuddered "I was raised by my aunt and uncle for a few years but my uncle hated me so he beat me all the time...I called DCFS on him and now it's just me and my grandma...she's better...when she's drunk." We both laughed at her last comment in a sort of "I get it" way ya know?
"Why are you telling me this?"
"My story isn't nearly as bad as yours but...all I've wanted my whole life is to find someone who I can't at least on one level relate to...and well that's you..."
I didn't know what to think and before I could respond the late bell rang. She picked up her books and scurried around so fast she dropped one of her books I picked it up just as she was about to and we were nose to nose when we looked up. She backed away and I cleared my throat handing her the book. "Here and sorry for everything..."
She smiled half hearted "It's ok...I'm just glad I got to meet you James..."
"Nice to meet you too..."
" name is Annie..." She ran off to go put her things away and go to lunch. I looked for her when we got there and I found her walking out with her food. "Workroom?" I thought. I followed her out and called out to her "Hey, Uhm Annie right? I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me at lunch?"
She smiled "Why would the Oh So Scary James want to sit with a loser like me?"
"For one your not a loser, two I owe you for making you late."
She gestured for me to follow her and she speed walked down the hall. We reached the library and I looked around. "I come here for lunch everyday...I love reading." she turned to me and set down her food "You?"
"I'm not much a bookworm..."
"Video games?"
"Nah...I don't do much in my spare time but watch the clouds...or skateboard."
She smiled "Time to change that." She grabbed my hand and everything felt funny. I mean it was weird normally I'd pull away but I let her drag me instead, pulling my hand away immediately after she stopped. "Here." She handed me a book called Percy Jackson.
"It's a great and easy read trust me you'll love it!"
I wanted to turn her down but she looked so happy..."Um...Thanks!"

We sat down and ate our lunch together not saying a word just reading. To be honest the Percy Jackson book was good! And the silence was so calming I felt like I could actually think and breath in there. She was starting to grow on me...

So you're thinking why am I telling you about her? Well...she's one of the reasons I ended up in juevy.

At the end of the day I offered to take her to the skate park with me since it was a Friday. She reluctantly accepted.
Though something's off...I don't feel right...about being this close to someone...
We skated for a bit and she was absolutely horrible I couldn't help but laugh! She fell the second she stood on the skateboard.
I offered to help since I made her angry by laughing. I helped her stand on it and maintain a balance. She got the gist of it quite fast but then I told her to push one foot off the ground and she fell against me and the board went flying. She immediately shoved away and apologized like a zillion times, and said she was just  a waste of time and as she started to pack up I couldn't help it...she looked so upset...I walked over to her and grabbed her hand. She looked at me red in the face "What?"
I looked at her and said "No. You're not a waste of time..."
She smiled and came back to the park with me. We skated all day and she got better! I walked her home and said goodnight.
I hated being in the dark and her house was in the opposite direction of mine. But, it was the right thing to do. I walked home and looked around as the sun set. It had been a good day but...Mady must have been worried I hadn't called. Realizing this I ran all the way home. When I got there Mady was sitting in a rocking chair sipping hot cocoa watching some show on Netflix.

"Hey Jamie your back! Want some cocoa?"

I started to apologize when I noticed what she had asked "Huh? Your not mad?"
"Well I was...but I drove by the skate park thinking you'd be there skating alone with headphones on...but you had a girl with you and I didn't want to interrupt you two."
I blushed "She...She isn't what you think!"
She flashed a look at me then laughed "Oh geez you are such a serious kid! I know she isn't! If she was I'd be in that chair..." she pointed to the dining room table "...sipping on coffee and we'd have a little talk."
I gulped "Well anyway sorry."
"No problem squirt come on let's chill!"
Mady and I were more brother and sister than adopted aunt and son.

Over time Annie and I bonded and became quite fond of one day she wasn't in the library...or at the skate park.
I ran to her house and climbed up to her window and knocked. She was on her bed crying into her pillow. I immediately opened her window and rushed to her side. "What's wrong?"
She looked at me shocked that I was here and said shacking "My moving in with us...the other one...he's much worse..."
She lowered her eyes and tears rolled.
I sat next to her on the bed and patted her on the back "Hey I'm here for you! If anything happens I'll always be here!"
She smiled then hugged me "Thanks you really are a good friend."
I helped her up and asked her to go to the park with me. She said she had to get dressed and she'd meet me there. I left and started walking fast but slowed my pace..."What's wrong with me? Why am I doing this for her...She's different...yet we are so much alike."
I went to the park and got set up and she came shortly after with some food in a basket. We skated for a while, but we tired out quickly...just not into it today I guess...I sat next to her on one of the ramps and she opened the basket and handed me a brownie.
"So...why is your uncle moving in with you guys?"
She stopped munching for a moment thinking of what to say "He lost his place to's a mom to turn down her son?"
"That're always welcome at my house any time any day!"
She smiled half hearted "Yeah...thanks..."
I looked at her as she ate...she looked so detached...I saw how she was holding back tears and her hands were shaking. I put one arm around her and she winced for a moment, but then leaned into my chest. She started to cry, and not knowing what else to do I lifted her chin and wiped her eyes with a finger and smiled...then...we stared at each other for a minute...she leaned closer and my heart raced...she closed her eyes...and I....turned away. I can't be so close I told myself if she gets hurt one day I'll feel awful! I can't be dragged down. She opened her eyes and smiled embarrassed "Sorry."
"It's...It's ok...I just..." I pulled away "Can't..."
She put her hand on my neck and rubbed my cheek "I know how hard it is to be alone then finally get close to should do only what your heart says is right." She placed her hand on my chest "Then one day you'll notice sharing a heart isn't so bad." She took my hand and placed it on her chest too.
"I'm just not ready to move on yet...just not now..."
She pulled her hand away and I dropped mine "It's ok James...healing a broken heart takes a lot of time and love...but sooner or later you'll realize..." she stood up putting on her headphones and putting one foot down on the skate board. "...that fixing a heart doesn't just mean showing it love...but giving it part of yours." She slammed the other foot down and she was off. I sat there and took everything in..."what would mom do?"...

I walked her home and went back to my house. Mady was sitting and sipping cocoa "Say yes to her Jamie."
"Woah what?"
"Say yes to Annie she loves you and you love her back." Her eyes never left the tv screen.
"Eavesdrop much?''
"Your fault for not calling me!
"Damn it!" I dropped my skateboard by the door and took off my shoes "You're a god damn psychic!"
"Nope I just know you too well."
I chuckled and went to my room. I changed into PJ's and flopped onto my bed looking at the poster of clouds on my ceiling. Slowly drifting to sleep.

The next day was the best...and the worst...
I went to school and I saw Annie in the hallway, but she seemed very...I dunno...depressed maybe?
When I tried to talk to her she walked past, not avoiding but like she was in a trance she just walked past me without making eye contact. She wasn't in the library, so I went looking for her I checked workroom and the cafeteria, but no Annie. I started getting anxious, I was bothered not knowing where she was, but even more so as to why I was so bothered anyway. Maybe she was in the office or she went home sick...I tried talking myself out of it...the main goal is graduate and kill Jeff not worry about some girl, who cares it's not my business just look out for #1...but then...why can't I stop moving my feet? I rushed around looking for her when...I saw these two girls walk out of the bathroom shaking they're hands around and laughing wickedly, but they looked my way "Oh shit!" Then they took off fast covering their faces so I couldn't identify them. My heart sank and I rushed over to the door and listened anxiously...I heard a soft shaky cry. I pressed my hands against the door about to open when I noticed this is the girls restroom, so I just backed away "Annie? in there?" the crying stopped and I heard footsteps approach the door. "J-...James?"
My heart lit up a bit "Hey! Are you ok what's wrong?"
"Those girls...Kendra and LaTina...they...never mind...who cares?"
Without thinking I blurted "I care Annie! I care about tell me what's wrong?"
I could hear her back slide down the door "Later...right now I need time..."
"Fair enough." I said doing the same as her.
"At the park I'll tell you...about some stuff..." She gave out a cracked sigh then began crying again.
I stuck my hand under the gap in the door and touched her hand, she jumped for a second then hesitantly placed her hand under mine.
" can't do this to me!"
"Do what?"
"Ya left me all alone in the I looked like such a dork! Pfft!"
She laughed slightly then pulled her hand away and stood up. I backed away from the door opening it. 
She jumped out at me, the door slammed against the wall, and she wrapped her arms around my chest and sobbed into my hoodie. I didn't know how to react "Uh...Annie..."
She pulled away quick "I'm sorry it's just..." she looked up at me sheepishly...revealing the bruises all over her face, and the bloody swollen lip. I grit my teeth and turned away from her, and shot down the hall leaving her there as the bell rang. 

Ignoring the fact I was going to be late I looked around the hall, and all reasoning in me was gone I was on fire. I saw the two girls and walked over but stopped dead in my tracks when I heard one of them say to some other kids "Yeah we beat up that Annie girl she's stupid as heell man! And damn is she ratchet!"
I walked over and got close enough to make myself known. By now everyone in the hallway was gone including the other kids...It was me and the enemy. "What did you just say?"
They looked at me with eyes of horror "Uh what you talkin about?"
"Did you or did you not just say that you beat up Annie?"
One girl looking cocky stepped forward "No we ain't talkin bout that ho now go about ye business-..." I cut her off when I grabbed her and shoved her hard against the wall "I'll only ask one more time...what did you do to Annie?"
"Nigga get yo hands off me I ain't do nothin to that slu-" I dropped her delivering a hard blow to the stomach, she fell over crying.
"That's for lying..." I gave the other girl a stone cold glare and with every word I took when step closer and she took one step back. "Let this be a one messes with Annie...GOT IT?!" by now we were nose and nose. "Do I make myself clear?"
she nodded fast and grabbed her friend then ran off. "And I think you know the penalty of a snitch!" I called back, she looked back nodding "Yeah, I know it!" 
I left going to my next class, victory in hand.

After school I took off running, due to the heavy rain from earlier skating wasn't an option. 
When I got to the park Annie was there hands on cheeks. I dropped my stuff and ran up the ramp to join her. " you feeling?" I saw the bandages and figured she went to the nurse but the bruise on her cheek still shown. I put my hand on her cheek "Damn..." she whipped her hand smacking me across the chin moving my hand in the process. She tossed a brownie at me and slid down the ramp, and started to walk away. I sprinted down cutting her off. 
"Hey what's wrong?"
She pushed past me with a "Hmph!"
I got angry and grabbed her arm squeezing it "Annie! Hey what did I do?!"
She spun around whipping her hand out of my grip "What did you do to that girl James? She was in the nurses office and told me what you did!"
"She hurt you and I'll never stand for that!"
?"So what?! You only care about your own safety! And I hate violence it's just wrong, and with your influence you could have just threatened them verbally!"
"I-...That's not true...I do care..." Looking down I backed up "I-..."
She turned to leave. What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I care? Why do I feel this way?
"I'm sorry Annie...I stepped out of line and I'm sorry..."
She stopped and looked back "You...what? Why're you me?"
My heart felt heavy and weak like a knife is lodged into it and I keep prying at it but I just won't come out!
I staggered for a moment then I couldn't take it anymore!
"Annie wait! I'm saying sorry cuz...ok I dunno know why but I don't want you to hate me! I can't stand violence either but something snapped! I don't know why or what's wrong with me but when I'm around you, and you're hurting my heart burns and I feel like part of me is dying! Please!" tears started rolling uncontrollably "Please don't leave me!" my voice squeaked and I wiped my tears.
She looked back and smiled "You mean it?" I nodded still unsure of what the hell I had just said.
She stepped closer to me and hugged me "I feel the same way...and I don't know why either..."
This time I hugged her tight and we both sank to the ground in each others arms crying. 
I let go when she started squirming. I pulled away from her and looked into her eyes as she did to me.
She smiled and blushed "Do you think we're in love?..."
My eyes widened blushing "Only one way to find out I guess..."
I pulled away slightly giving her a moment to regain her breath then without even thinking, as she drew a breath I swooped in and kissed her on the lips. Stunned she tensed up, remaining like that for a moment...I pulled away and fell back "I'm so sorry! Really I am!" scrambling to my feet I brushed off my pants. "I should go that wasn't a cool thing to do I don't know what came over me I-"
She cut me off grabbing my hand and pulling me back she brushed my bangs out of my eyes and looked into them smiling her face still pink "No...It wasn't... but I'm happy you did." she pulled in for another and I hesitated for a moment, when she started to pull away disappointed I met her lips and we embraced for a while.
When we pulled away she grabbed my hand running and we laughed running to the ramp picking up the board. "C'mon!"
I picked mine up and we skated for the rest of the day. Exhausted we layed in the grass and watched to sun set and talked for what felt like hours. I checked my watch seeing it was 7:30pm. I leaned over her slightly and said "Hey Annie we gotta go..."
She rolled over to me smiling and pulling me in for a quick smooch. I helped her to her feet and we walked home holding hands and smiling. When we got to her door her smile faded though. She looked at me "Come get me tomorrow it's Friday."
Shaking she went to open the door, I grabbed her hand and kissed her on the cheek, then whispered "I'll never leave you...See you tomorrow..."
I walked away not looking back I shot home.
When I got home Mady was at the dining table sipping on coffee. 
"Um hey Mady..."
She looked up from her book "Sit."
I pulled a chair "What's up?"
She smirked "Your mother and I have waited a long time for this..."
She mouthed a fake kiss at me. 
I blushed hard "Dude! Quit stalking me!"
She laughed "Dude maybe you should call me!"
Is smacked myself in the face "Crap!"
"So my little Casanova how was it?"
"Shut up Mady..."
"Hee hee...Your mom wanted me to give you this in case she passed before your first girlfriend."
She handed me a small letter.
"Go read it in your room I'm making dinner."
"I'll pass I don't feel like dying today..."
She shouted back at me "It's not that bad asshole!"

I chuckled a bit, but was then cut off by the silence of the room...I looked down at the paper and how it reflected in the blue moonlight that peeked through my shades. I threw my backpack on the floor and sat on my bed, hands shaking I opened the letter.

"Dear James, if you are reading this then congrats on your first kiss! Or girlfriend at least. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. But know if you are reading this then you can't make me any prouder! This is exactly what I want from you, absolute are the most important thing in my life now and forever. I love you soo much baby! Now this girl make sure she's not trash for one!
Once you know this here are my wishes. Treat her as you would me, protect her. Never snap at her, always love her and do what she tells you, so don't go fighting if she doesn't want you to! Make her feel like the most important girl in the world...I love you James now and forever...sorry I let you down...Your mom~"

I sat there on my bed crying "Mom! You didn't let me down I'm sorry! Sorry I was so terrible! I miss you..."...then I layed back on my bed with my arm over my ever I sobbed heavily for a while...until...I fell asleep. 
I woke up the next day in my pajamas tucked in bed with cookies and milk on my nightstand. I ate them looking around and rubbing my eyes. I looked down and noticed the PJ's. "Mady..."
I looked at my clock...8am. 
I slid out of bed and got dressed. Mady was at work so I left a note and took my phone and wallet with me. As I walked down the road I saw a woman selling flowers at a cart. I smiled and ran over buying a bouquet. I checked my watch 8:39am.
I wonder if Annie is awake...I walked to her house making sure to waste time so I didn't get there too early.
I saw there was a car in the driveway so I knocked hiding the flowers behind my back. No one answered, but I heard metal music blasting, and someone stomping. I rolled my eyes and banged hard on the door shaking the flower pot on the window sill. The music stopped and someone came stomping up to the door swinging it open. There was a large over weight man wiping his nose from snot. "Can I help you?"
"Hi, I'm James is Annie here?"
He studied me for a moment skeptical.
"If you get her I'll stop knocking and you can go back to the's sounds pretty hardcore! Metallica?"
The man grinned "Nah...Pantera...gimmie a sec." he shut the door. I heard muffled yell "Annie there's some kid here for you Jake I think. Hurry your ass up!" there were panicked footsteps running down stairs. I stepped back expecting to get tackled. The door swung open and out of energy she smiled "Hey! I was waiting! Your late!" I looked at my watch 9:02am. 
She shook her head "Doesn't matter your here now!" She stepped out for a hug and I hugged her with one arm, as she pulled away to see why I stuck the flowers in between us and her face lit up. "Oh my gosh James! They're so pretty!"
I rubbed my head "Yeah I thought you'd like something to lighten up your room..." 
She shook her head "Oh you!..." then kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you."
I blushed "Oh! Can you go out with me today." We both froze "I-I-I-I m-mean not 'out' out like a date but like a kinda let's hang out ya know?"
She laughed "Hold on a moment." She peeked in the house and asked something...I waited and she turned around. 
Her face bright with joy "I have three hours!" She grabbed my hand and took off with me stumbling down the stairs. We both held hands and I lead her to this area behind the forest. It had a huge hill that let you see the whole town and the rest of the forest. We sat down and caught our breath. I looked at her smiling and it took her a moment to realize that I was. "Huh? What? Omg is there something in my teeth?!" 
"Oh no! Your fine I just..."
"Just what?" she said brushing hair behind her ear.
"Nothing..." I looked out at the town and all the traffic.
She smiled and looked out too. We were both silent for a while until she slid her fingers interlocking them with mine. I looked at her and blushed...then we stood up and decided to go for a walk. But she slipped and almost fell down the steep hill that lead into the forest. I grabbed her hands and tried to pull her up but her foot was caught. I had her hold onto my back as I undid the tangle she pulled herself up then...I started to slide and I pushed her up and I fell tumbling down the hill. Everything spun around and I felt Sharpe things scratching me and whacking my face. I stopped when I slammed into a tree trunk at the bottom. I stood up weary and I brushed off the blood and dirt on my pants. Everything ached and I looked up...craining my neck hurt a lot, but I did it anyway. I saw her looking down scared. I came out and waved. She put her hands over her mouth and slid to her knees. I climbed back up limping a bit. When I got to the top I threw myself onto the ground panting. She swung her arms around me "I'm sooo sorry this is all my fault! I got you hurt!" Before she could continue I put my finger on her lips. "Shhh...It's not your fault it's mine I brought you here in the first place..."  I sat up and rubbed my head where it ached a great deal, then bringing it down revealing that I was bleeding. She looked at me and gasped "Oh no no no!" She reached into her satchel and pulled out a small first aid kit. I waved my hand "Don't. I'm fine as long as you're ok." 
She shoved me against the tree "Jacket off."
She gave me a menacing look and I did as I was told. She pulled out rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. She disinfected the scrapes and cuts changing the swab every time. It stung like hell but I grit my teeth and took the pain.  She frowned "Now the fun part. She pulled out a cotton ball this time and dosed it in the cleaner, lifting my hair. "Try to stay still this will hurt."
She tapped it once and I slammed my fist on the ground hard making a dent in the dirt. She winced back, but I told her to keep going. She tapped it again, I could hear it sizzling on my head, and it felt like you just put hand sanitizer on a big paper cut! She helped me to my feet then put on band-aids. "Ok...ok let's go." I said hasty to get off the hillside. She smiled and followed me, but she noticed I was gripping my side. "Let me see." 
"It's a bruise, leave it,"
"James...let. me. see."
I looked at her angrily but she stared right back. 
"Ugh...fine!" I lifted my shirt exposing a large short cut that was bleeding a bit.
She looked at me with a sad/angry expression, as she pulled out wound cleaner and bandages.
"This cleaner won't burn it's for large enough cuts that alcohol can't help." She sprayed it on then bandaged it. 
I sighed then lowered my shirt. 
"Anything else you hiding?" She said backing up.

She smiled "Good." we walked back to the park. I checked my watch 10:32am. We still had two and a half hours before she needed to go home.
But those of you wanting me this story wasn't a complete waste of time...

When we got to the park we both sat down when I felt something small and hard hit me in the back, I spun around putting one hand in front of Annie. There were three guys and two girls standing behind us. One of the girls I recognized, it was the girl I punched.
One guy stepped forward "You James?"
"Who's asking?" I said keeping a gaze.
"Me. I'm asking. So is you James or nah?"
I gave a wicked smile, and stood up straight lowering my hand, "Yeah, why do you care?"
A few of the guys backed up a bit looking a little worried. The main guy kept a strong look "That's my girlfriend. And you are a dead man." He pointed to the girl I beat up.
"Yeah. Um I don't know what she told you but..." I stepped out of the way of Annie, "Your girlfriend beat the crap out of mine then she got fresh with me. You're protecting your girl and I was protecting mine."
He raised his head so he looked taller than me "And now we gonna fight to protect our girls, so get ready."
I looked at the other guys "So why the posse then?"
He smirked nodding at the guys "To make sure you don't turn chicken."
He grabbed my arm, and yanked me forward causing me to fall, catching myself before doing so...then Annie screamed...I looked back and one of the guys was holding her arms behind her...the other...the other had a knife...the sight of...the sight of the made this strange feeling well up in the back of my chest, and along with the lump in my throat they both progressively got thicker as I stood up. Memories I hadn't thought of in ages...flashes...blood. They all coursed through my head faster than I could process them. The guy looked at me taking off his Nike hoodie "Alright white boy show me what you got."
I looked at Annie for approval on using violence and she nodded, with tears in her eyes that were full of worry.
I turned to the guy and unzipped my hood never breaking eye contact. I held a stone cold gaze as I tossed my hood on the floor.
The guy put his fists up "First one pinned looses."
I kept my fists at my side "Let's make this quick I got two hours before she has to go home." I cracked my knuckles then shifted my feet. He smiled then lunged at me swinging. I stepped out of the way tripping him. He fell to the ground and I stuck out my hand to help him up. He smacked it grabbing me and raising a fist. I blocked it inches away from my face. His face crinkled and he shoved me back making me stagger a bit. He ran at me fast but I dodged him just as he was about to swing he smirked switched hands and hit me in the side where I was cut. Annie gasped and screamed "Stop!!! Please leave him alone! Beat me up I'm the one who started this!" The guy behind he kneed her in the back, making her scream in pain. Then he yelled in her ear "Shut up slut!" I looked at him with a scary look and his eyes widened. The main guy backed up expecting me to swing, but instead I walked towards Annie and the guy "You hurt her or call her something again I'll take that knife..." I pointed to the one the other kid was holding "And I'm gonna cut your tongue out and shove it down his throat.
The boy gulped and I looked back at the main guy.
He raised his fists and ran at me this time hitting me square in the jaw. I saw my blood fly past my eyes and everything went in slow motion. My heart raced, my hands shook violently, I felt overwhelmed I can't even explain it well to this very day. In a split second I was behind him and I grabbed his hand and shoved it up his back making him let out a cry. He hung his head crying "Yo let go man!" Ok...but...I couldn't...what the hell was going on? I told my arms to let him body wouldn't listen. I panicked on the inside. I watched my body move on it's's horrifying...I looked at Annie her eyes were holding in loads of tears, her lip quivering. The more the boy struggled the stronger my grip and the further I pushed his arm up his back. "Ok! Ok! You can have her! Yo back off! Just let me go!" The guys backed off, but...I didn't, or at least this imposter puppeteer didn't. There was a stinging in my throat that burned horribly, and the pain in my chest grew. The boy squirmed. And his girlfriend ran at me "Let him go you crazy motha-" I swung my fist hitting her in the face sending her flying back. Annie stood up and screamed heavily "James Stooooooppp!!!!!!!!!" Then she opened her eyes and fell back scooting away.
"What?" I thought.
"James...wha-...why are you...smiling?"
The boy head but me hard in the stomach trying to break free. So...I grabbed both his arms put one foot on his back and popped them out of place with a loud "CRRRRRAAAAACCCK!" He screamed in pain and fell to the ground face first unable to break his fall. I leaned in close pulling his hair up "Go to Sleep." I said then pulling his hair to the side snapping his neck. Everyone ran off screaming "Monster!...He's crazy!...someone help!" Annie stood there in a daze. Then I regained my ability to move freely. I fell to my knees looking at my hands, I covered my mouth holding in the bile that singed my throat. She stumbled towards me tears bubbling and rushing down her cheeks creating a wet pattern on the ground beneath her. She slumped next to me hugging me and digging her nails into my arm "Why?! Why?! Why?! Why did you do that?! How could you?!!!?" She sobbed burying her head in my chest. I hugged her "Annie I do-...Oh god! I have no idea what the hell happened! I had no control over my actions! I'm-..." I looked at the limp corpse his eyes a dark gray and his skin a pale tan. "I'm sorry...But you can't be around's not safe...goodbye Annie." I stood up she held on to my shirt " No! no no no no no no!!!!!! Don't leave me!!!" I pulled my shirt out of her hands and she gripped her stomach slumping forward touching her head to the ground. She heaved and screamed for me to come back. I made the mistake of looking back. I walked back and threw my hood over her kissing her on the cheek and walking away. When I got home the police were already there. Mady saw me and discreetly shooed me away telling me to run. But I walked up to the officer and stuck my arms out in front of me as I fell to my knees with tears pouring down my bruised face. 
The next day I stood trial.

"It was self defense and defense of another your honor! Those boys were going to kill the girl." my lawyer argued
"Proof shows that he killed the boy after he surrendered."
They went back and forth like children until I stood up slamming my hand on the table in front of me.
The judge looked at me "Ahem...he is guilty, but there is only so much I can do to not give him death."
"Your honor if I may. Yes I am guilty." Everyone gasped. "I am guilty so sentence me what ever you feel is right but at the end of the day I am the true victor. I have won. I can now feel safe knowing that my girlfriend is safe."
She looked at me with an unimpressed frown "I know that you have a complicated past..." here we go... "But there are children in worse situations than you who haven't done what you have done!" 
I smiled "Yeah no matter what happens...if your in my situation or the one of a girl who is being trafficked..." I looked up at her with a dark glare "There's always someone in a worse case huh?" I was mad at this point! If they were gonna call guilty, THEN DO IT!
Then she said the worst thing anyone could say that would make me snap instantly
"I understand how you feel James but-"
I cut her off raising my voice "You understand? You understand?! How could you ever understand how I feel?" I started screaming along with my tears "I SPENT MY WHOLE LIFE ON THE RUN! RUNNING FROM A MAD MAN ALL ACROSS AMERICA MOVING 16-20 TIMES A YEAR! I GREW UP WITH NO FAMILY NO FRIENDS AND THE ONLY PERSON I KNEW WHO LOVED ME OTHER THEN MY AUNT IS DEAD! YOU HEAR ME? SHE GOT PUSHED OFF THE ROOF OF A BUILDING AND I HAD TO HOLD HER IN MY ARMS CRADDLING HER AS SHE SLIPPED OUT OF EXISTANCE! AND WHO PUSHED HER? MY SERIAL KILLER FATHER! WHO HAS BEEN TRYING TO KILL ME! SO IF YOU THINK FOR EVEN ONE GOD DAMN MOMENT! YOU ARE WROOOOONNNGG!" my voice cracked and I heaved wiping my tears. Everyone in the room sat silent even Mady and Annie who were in the audience. The judge had to wipe tears from her eyes. "Even are guilty...I sentence you to life in prison..." she slammed her mallet and stood up to leave. Then a voice cried out from behind me "You can't!" it was Annie "Let me take on some of the years! Anything please!" The judge looked at her with sympathetic eyes..."Sweetie...that isn't how this works..."
Annie ran up to the gate slamming her hands on it "Then you are just as guilty as him!!!"
The judge looked back "Excuse me?!"
Annie stood up straight looking at me "If you sentence James to life in prison then I'll kill myself! My blood will be on your hands only! You are a murderer your honor!"
The judge got mad and ran back up to the chair "Very well James I here by change my sentence from life to 100 years in prison!!!" She slammed her mallet on the table and left "Good day!" 
Annie started to scream but I stopped her. "Annie...just stop...hey..." I picked her chin up kissing her "Make me that one face!"
She looked at me skeptically "What face?"
"That really cute one where you brush your hair behind your ear."
She moved her hair behind her ear looking up at me with glossy blue eyes.
I smiled "That's the one!"
She gave a sad smile "Oh James!" She wrapped her arms around me kissing me a bunch of times.
Mady stood there crying into her hands I took Annie's hand and waled over to her hugging her. 
She squeezed me hard "Damn it James! Jane is sending me to hell for this!"
They both hugged me until the cop came over "Goodbyes are over...I'm sorry...I have to take him...I wish I didn't" 
His eyes were watery too. Annie grabbed me clawing my hood as I walked up to him. Mady pryed her off but Annie struggled out of Mady's grip. She ran at me hugging me from behind. I turned around both us crying hard I gave her a salty kiss and wrapped my hood around her. "It'll keep you long as you love me I'll always be with you even if it isn't clear..."
I walked away calling back "If you really do kill your self I won't ever forgive you!"
The cop opened the door and I stepped in. He didn't keep his hands on me though I think he knew I wouldn't run away.
We were quiet the whole ride. 
After a while he stopped. "I gotta take a leak gimmie a second..."
I leaned back trying to get rest it was dark out and the clouds were heavy.
Then I heard a racket outside jolting up I tried to make sense of the noise it was so dark I couldn't tell where anything was all I could see was corn and a forest.
I got close to my window then I heard a scream and a whack. Then the cops face popped up on my window blood splattering all over the car door. I screamed backing up. The door opened and I closed my eyes terrified...but to my surprise there was a hand sticking into the car. I heard a deep familiar voice "Hurry up kid!"
I took the hand and stepped out. the headlight I could make out who he was him.
I screamed and he put his hand over my mouth "STFU!"
I whacked his hand out of the way and I started yelling that I was gonna kill him until he stopped me.
"Why are you helping me?"
"I...I killed your mom in front of you...your just a kid and nobody should have to go through I'm paying my debt to Jane."
"You don't know do you?"
"Know what?"
"You're my dad Jeff..."
There was a stunned silence.
"What? I- What?!?!"
I shook my head "Doesn't matter now...but I'll do you a favor."
"What's that?"
"I'll hold off my vendetta for you for now since you're helping me..."
We both turned seperate ways "And the next time we cross paths..." he said smirking
"We'll see who's the greater killer..." I said smiling a bit.
Then undoing the handcuffs
 I set off...walking into the endless corn field...











Submitted: December 11, 2014

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Idk what the heck happens with these stories I swear Booksie needs to fix these bugs! The font changes mid story and in JTK pt.2 I saved the story and published it but now there is only half of it! RAHHHH!!!!!!

Thu, December 11th, 2014 4:54am

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