i dont belong here

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where am i? good question i dont know
since the age of ten Satie has always felt different from everyone else he caint remeber his own parents who got killed or how they got killed. know all of the suddent Satie has developed some powers and scared and shocked Satie wants to know where he comes from and if hes really human at all. and just when he thinks he'll never find the truth he meets Jed who has come to earth in search of Satie and also could it be possiable that jed be Saties father is his father really dead? if you want to find out you'll have to read this

Chapter 1 (v.1) - i dont belong here

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



chapter 1

isent it sad when you have no idea where you come from who you really are i never knew my parents they died when i was young the only thing i know is that my fathers name was jed people told me he died in a car accident when i was only one year old. but for some odd reason part of me never belleived that. then until the age of ten i grew up in an orphanage. i dident like it there kids where mean they always had  to remind me i was different but i always knew i was different; at the age of nine i discovered something odd i could make things fly with out touching them know i just wouldent take out my hand and say fly i said it inside my head.i was glad i was alone that day or else i dont know what would of happend if another kid would come into the room and  see a garbage bin flying in mid air.

lets just say with my new ability i had lots of fun i could trick people there where times where it was funny then well there was those moments where id get a time out and trust me you dont want a time out over there those were the days where they would make you sit on a stool take out your hand and hit you on the hand with a ruler.i dont have many fun memorys about that.

as soon as i got out of the orphanage there came so many questions about my past like where i came from questions that even my adoptive parents couldent answer its became a sourse of fustration,anger, saddness i just wished somebody could let me know what really happened to my parents.but then again it always comes back to they died in a car accident but somewhere inside of me something was telling me that it  was a lie.

i started having visions and dreams of this place its not earth i now that and theres this man i swear he kind of looks like me maybe that was my real father. but from then on i promised myself only this that i was going to find answers to my past once and for all it could take my years but i have  feeling that something is going to happen i dont know what it is yet but im waiting.


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