Story of us.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 29 (v.1) - phone call

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




A/N: Excuse any errors! And just wanted you guys to know I was going to quickly end the story in about 2 more chaps. but LOL I just watched a movie right now (which is why this chap. Is late) and I cried like no tomorrow at the end HAHA. So I’ll add a little more before actually getting straight to the point. And lol sorry this is super late! I was working on this huge assignment for English and its due Monday and I’m still working on it!!! D:

Phone call.




The wall clock just constantly ‘Ticked’ through the night.  The pang of each second that passed rang in my ears. The sound somehow seemed louder, and the louder it seemed to get, the more I was aware that I wasn’t sleeping yet.

What was it now—5 maybe 6 in the morning?  Sure it was Friday night, so what if I didn’t have to worry about school and such— I was usually asleep about now. 

Ah, sleep sounded good right about now, yet my mind wouldn’t stop thinking of Garrett enough for me to lose consciousness.

Tomorrow was his party…well tonight is his party, actually.  I forgot  it’s technically Sunday already due to it being past midnight.

Anyways, so yeah I’m expected to go to his (technically his and his brothers) party and enjoy myself.  So, aside from me thinking about Garrett, I was also thinking about his party: what to wear and such.

I was thinking of going for some slutty little look… or just dressing casual.  I’m not sure if I can do either and pull it off.  Should I drink and go nuts?  Or should I do something crazy like somehow lure Garrett away from the party and into his room… somewhere private and dark? No, no, no.  I physically slap my own cheek. 

“God, Rose get a hold of yourself.” I breathe and bite on my lip.  Damn I wish I could do something crazy like that... But I’m freaking Rosalynn Watson, shit; the craziest thing I’ve ever done was probably dating an idiotic rock-star like Will.

I groan at the thought of Will and get up off my bed, grabbing my phone and wrapping the blanket around my arms then walking slowly out of my room and down the stairs.

I stop at the top of the stairs and look briefly down the hall in the direction of Garrett’s temporary bedroom.  He never came home last night. 

Then I start down the stairs and also add in the fact that Jules never came home last night either.  Sandra said they were probably going back home to get the house ready for the party tonight.  Hopefully that’s what Garrett is really doing and not fooling around with some girl… Oh goodness even the thought makes me shudder.

I walk into the living room and go through our extensive collection of DVD’s.  Rush Hour 3…no.  Kung Fu Hustle…no. I continue flipping through the stack of DVD’s and suddenly one catches my eye, A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I shrug a shoulder and pop it in the DVD player, and then turning on the T.V., hitting play.  “What the hell, why not?” I say to myself, meaning for it to sound like a statement but it came out as a question to me.

Siting back on the couch and cuddling under the blanket, I stare at the screen, watching as scientists contemplate building what they called a “robot child”.  I sit there and watch as I realized the last time I had probably watched this movie was when I was in the 3rd grade or so.  I can't really remember why, but the only thing I can remember was that I cried—a lot.

As the movie goes on I’m beginning to remember small fragments of some scenes, but I have no clue what the ending would turn out to be. 

I watch as the boy is being left in the middle of the forest by his mother, and wonder if that was maybe the part I cried at the most when I first had seen it as a kid.  Now seeing the scene only makes me feel sorry for the robot child, but I didn’t cry.

But as the movie was coming to an end a long while later, it started become more and more suspenseful.  And I wondered will the boy ever get to become a ‘real boy’ and be loved by his human mother who had abandoned him?

Then my cell phone rang, and I nearly jumped so high I could have hit the ceiling, just not realistically speaking.

I answered without even looking at the calling screen, there was no way I was looking away from the T.V. “What?” I grumble.

“Whoa, you picked up?”  It didn’t take a lot of rocket science for me to realize the voice on the other line was Garrett’s.

“Obviously, Sherlock,” I say annoyed as stare up at the screen, “Look I’m kind of doing something. Be quick.”

He chuckled, “Well I wasn’t planning on talking to for long anyways!”  He meant to be sarcastic and make me laugh, but it wasn’t working.“I was just going to leave a quick message.”  Then right after he suddenly said, “Dang!”

“What?” I say half mindedly as I watch the little boy being uncovered from ice 2000 years into the future when our Earth’s life finally died out.

“It just started to rain.  Hold on, my phone’s getting wet let me use my sleeve to cover it.”  After some slight muffles, he finally said, “Hello?”

“Yes, Turtle I can hear you. What?” I hiss while gawking at the screen.

Another chuckle escapes his lips, and even if my mind was 95% on the movie I was still able to melt every time he laughed. His laugh was hard and raspy and just so…desirable...goodness how’d I let him go in the first place?!

“Look, I’m out buying a few things for tonight, I was just wondering if you have a favorite drink or something.”

I watch as Aliens begin to access the robot boy’s memories, and I’m slow at replying.


I shake my head and stutter, “Huh? Oh, how’d you even know I’d reply in time before you’d leave the store?  It’s only like 8 in the morning…you know I usually sleep in.”

“Well, Jules and I are planning to make more runs to the store later today.” He sighed, “Doesn’t matter, so anything you like to drink?”

I look at the screen and frown, because I was confused at how the boy suddenly got back home.  DAMN THIS MOVIE IS SO COMPLICATED YET GOOD!  I yell in my head.  “Uh… Juice?” I mutter, and then shrug, “I don’t know.”

“Bug,” he laughs all out of breath, “I meant drink as in alcohol.

“Oh,” I bit my lip as I realized the boy was technically dreaming and I continue on watching to the very end.  “I don’t drink.”

He fakes a shocked gasp, “No way!”

I purse my lip and sarcastically laugh, “Hah, hah, okay so now you know I’ve never really experienced a real high school party since I’ve never actually had alcohol enter my body.” I roll my eyes and look back to the movie.

I stare intensely as I watch the little boy coming close to being given the happiness he’s been waiting for.  And this is where I can start felling choked up—damn that Steven Spielberg for directing this movie…

“Hah, okay I’ll be sure to pick up some juice boxes for you.”

I don’t reply and just keep watching in awe.

“Shit! Okay now my phone is really getting wet.”  He laughs, “Hah, guess I have that effect on more than women.”  He adds cockily.

Usually I’d roll my eyes or add a snarky remark, but I was so engulfed in the movie I couldn’t even concentrate on him.


I still don’t reply as I’m suddenly close to tears.

“So, why are you still up?”

“I’m…” I pull that last word as I begin to feel a little choked up when the boy finally gets to see his mom.  Maybe it was the way his face lit up, or maybe the way he started to cry to his mom—I don’t know, but my eyes suddenly began to swell and I started to remember why I cried so much. 

“You're…?” he asked.

I hiccupped as a reply and he just knew I was crying.

“What's wrong?” he says concerned, “did something happen?”

I hiccupped again and I wiped a tear that fell as I just kept watching, both eyes glued to the screen and tear rolling without end.

“Bug, tell me or I’m coming home right now.” He warns.

I laugh then sniff, “Calm down, I’m fine.”

“Then what the hell is going on? I can't stand it if you cry.”

I laugh again.  “I’m just watching a movie, the ending is getting to me, okay,” I say under my little cries.

Then he went from seriously concerned to amused, “You’re crying because of a movie…?”

I shake my head, “You would too…” then I start to hiccup again as the narrator explains how happy the boy finally was.

“I’m so sorry Rose, but…” he let out a hard laugh, “That has got to be the cutest thing ever.”

“Shut up…” I mumble under my cries.

“No really!  I mean, do you know how cute you sound right now?  I just want to be there to hug you, actually.”

I shake my head and sit there crying still long after the ending credits of the movie.

“So, care to tell me that happened?” he says after listening to me let out small cries over the phone.

“Long story short, it was about,” I stop and sniffle, catching my breath.  “A robot boy designed to love and want.” I shake my head and try to stop crying, “He is given to a lady and her family…she becomes his mother, then she’ll have to give him back but because she knows he’ll be killed, she leaves him in the forest so he’ll have a chance to live.  Blah blah, he goes on a journey leading up to him being found by Aliens 2000 years later.  And because he’s the only living thing left on earth the Aliens find him special and only want him to be happy.  So they grant him his greatest wish: to be a real boy and be with his mom again.” I hiccup and take in a deep breath.

“Sounds depressing,” he laughed, “no wonder you cried Bug.”

“I know…” I mumble, “I only started crying when he got his mom back for one day.”

He let out a high whistle, then clears his throat, “This maybe a bad time and all, but Ruffles or Lays?”  Just like that he went off and changed the subject.

A sigh escapes my lips, “Seriously?”

“It’s crucial.”

I shake my head, “What is so crucial whether or not a potato chip is textured?”

“Well, I’ll just get Ruffles since they go better with the dip I’m buying.” He says.

I stifle a yawn and check the time on my phone: 8:30AM and everyone was still sleeping, too.  And it was still dark out due to the rain clouds. 

I rubbed my eyes and around my neck trying to dry myself from all the tears that escaped.  “Well that’s just dandy, Turtle.” I say while shaking my head and shutting off the T.V. and DVD player.

A small laugh escapes his lips as he mocks, “Dandy?”

“Shut up.” I groan as I go for my blanket and head up to my room.  Then once in bed, I lay my head down and sigh as I could feel the sleepiness falling over me.  “Hello?”

“I’m sorry you told me to shut up.” He says sarcastically.

While rolling my eyes another yawn escapes my lips yet again.  “I did, who knew you could actually listen.”

“Hey I was your personal bitch for a week.” He points out.

“Not like I really asked for much, though.” I retort.

“Eh, then it’s your fault for not using my ass to your advantage.”  He laughs cockily.

I don’t reply as I lay there half falling asleep and the other half of me wondering if he was trying to be flirtatious with me.  If he was then I wasn’t going to flirt back, there were tons of girls that could do that.  And there sure as hell will be tons of girls falling to his feet tonight.  Dammit when was he so sought after? I wonder.

He adds, “Relax, Bug it was a joke.”

“I knew that.” I mumble.

“Then why the awkward silence, I’m trying to make conversation with you.”

“Now you try?” I scoff as I close my eyes to rest them.

“What’s that supposed mean?” he says, and I could practically hear the frown on his lips.  “When did I not talk to you?”

I think and answer, “All week.”

“That’s because—”

“It’s weird between us?  I mean the least you could do is try and act normal.” I whisper as I’m falling asleep still.

I can hear him laugh sarcastically on the other line, “You’re kidding right?”  But I don’t reply.  “Okay I’m not the one who decides out of nowhere to start getting rides from another guy.  Who by the way doesn’t seem to like you as much anymore since I’ve been seeing him hanging around that one blonde girl we saw at Mel’s house.”  He huffs, referring to Alec and his new found crush on Sara which had blossomed recently.

I was quiet for a minute since he was right, I guess I wasn’t trying to act normal anymore.  “I’m not the one who said that kiss was a mistake.”

“What?” he scoffs angrily, “Please you’ve practically said it yourself too, that it was a ‘mistake’ and ‘we should forget about it’.  And I wasn’t the one who purposely kissed you on the lips.  Seriously you’re killing me here, Rose.”  There he went, calling me ‘Rose’ instead of ‘Bug’, it seemed every time he called me Rose it was when he was upset with me or something.

I sighed, “Fine, you're right.  Okay, yeah I did say that but I lied.  I can't forget: about you, about that kiss, about the way you make me feel…!” I sit up, now fully incensed, pushing my hair back with my hand I continue on.  “I know I may not be making sense at all, and I know I might be sounding like a bipolar mess!  But don’t act like you're making any sense either!”

All I can hear is his breathing for a while, and then a long sigh leaves his mouth.  “What are you talking about?”

I throw up an arm in exasperation, “You used to go on about how you weren’t going to give up on your first love, and all that…now I know that was complete bullshit.  You’re backing out on your words…and you're an ass for that!”  I bite on my lower lip to stop myself from going on further; it’s bad enough I stared calling him names.

“So what now?  You’re saying after all that, now you want me to be in love with you or something?”

I shake my head, “Honestly I don’t think you understand...”

“How am I supposed to understand if you keep sending me mixed feelings?”

Mixed?  What the hell is so mixed about me loving him?  I sighed, trying to calm my nerves.  “Garrett, look let’s not fight, it’s not worth your breath.” I tell him and lay back down.  “It’s too late for us now to be anything more, I guess.”

“You’re just realizing that?” he laughs as if he couldn’t believe it.  “Please, I figure that out weeks ago.”

I exhale and smile to myself, “Well that’s good we both know.” I wince and groan as I could start feeling the water works begin.  “Um,” I breathe, trying to sound fine (I wasn’t).  “I’ll just see you tonight, I completely pulled an all-nighter, wouldn’t want to be looking ugly tonight.” I smirk.

“If that were ever possible, Bug.”  He sighs into the phone.  “Okay then I guess, see you later.”

I looked at the phone and closed it shut, cutting the line.

Sighing to myself, I cuddle under the blankets and say to myself, “We weren’t even dating…” my eyes water a little more as I roll over on my stomach, burying my head in a pillow, “so why does it feel like we’re breaking up?”


“Time after time, time after time, time after time.”  Groaning, I reach over for my phone on the night stand in the dark.

“What?” I croak, rubbing my eyes.

“Rosy, where are you?” Sandra’s voice comes through all giggly.  “Ah, Jules!” she shouts into the background.

“Oh God, you two better not be having sex.” I mutter.

“I’m not…yet.” She jokes as I groan.  “Well, everyone was just wondering where you are…at least they were.” She yells over the loud fist pumping music in the background. 

“What do you mean ‘were’?” I ask.

“Well, Mel and them.  But I think they’re too drunk to even recall ever thinking that.” She laughs as someone takes the phone from her.

“Hello, my lovely friend of mine!”

I pause and answer, “Mel?”

Her voice was broken and slurred, “Rose my love, where is your sexy self?”

I frowned, “You’re drunk.”

“In contraire my dear best friend, I’m sober compared to everyone else.  Where are you?  This is the biggest party of the year.” She laughs, before abruptly hanging up.

I look at the phone shocked, one: because it was 8:30PM and two: because she’d hung up on me.  “Freaking crazy girl!” I groan, pulling off my covers and walking to the bathroom, quickly fixing my hair and brushing my teeth.

I stared for a moment into the mirror assessing myself, long wavy black hair, sleepy brown eyes, and once tanned skin finally going pale since summer was turning to fall and then to winter.

I closed my eyes and shook my head as I remember the conversation I had with Garrett earlier. The thought made me feel like I was completely unhappy with myself—something I haven’t felt in a while.

To be continued…


HAHA so here we go, we are almost done! :D I’d say 3 more chapters left from here! I plan for this novel to be completed by…3 weeks from now?  And then a new book will be out during spring break! >:D it’ll be a fun one. OMG. Okay TTYL!~








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