Maybe it's a little bit different..

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Jade Lucy and Blake Anderson, two extremely large movie stars, have been close for a long time, and now they are moving into a larger relationship. Should they tell their fans, or keep it a secret?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Maybe it's a little bit different..

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012





"They aren't going to find out about us," He breathed in my ear, as I held onto him tightly. I knew he was lying though, becase that was impossible. We acted like we were together in almost every way, and he really thinks that they aren't going to find out about us, which I don't think makes sense. It never does, and it never will.
It's not like me and Blake try to act like a couple, but we are. We went a whole year acting like we hated each other, but it didn't end up as hate. We secretly loved each other, and here comes the feelings. We didn't care anymore, it felt so right to be each other's own, but it still went with how things were.
"But they analyze our moves.. every single one." I whispered to him softly, not releasing him. This wasn't going to be how they found out. I wanted to tell them, so I didn't have countless interviews asking me about him.
"Hey, don't pretend like you don't want to tell everyone," He muttered, pulling away from me. I shivered slightly as the warmth of his body disappeared. "We spent a fucking year acting as if we hating each other, and you know that's not the story at all.." He mumured, looking down.
"I really do want to admit it, but isn't it fun to mess around with our fans?" I asked, raising my shoulders, and my eyebrows up. 
I did want to tell everyone. I really did. But, could I tell him what was happening? I couldn't, it wouldn't be fair to him... not now. It'd be fair to no one, if I just came out with this however, it'd be over with and done.
"Alright, we'll stay under wraps, and pretend as if we wanna kill each other, for just a bit longer." He smirked.
"Yeah.. just a little longer, eh?" I swallowed thickly, "Let's get it done soon though." I pushed my arms behind my back and crossed my fingers.
"Why not now then, Jade?" He asks me, scanning me worridly. I can tell he knows something is wrong, and I really don't want to tell him about my mood. I couldn't let it affect our relationship.
"Because... we have so much on the line right now.. We have a movie role coming up, and it just so happens we're in this together, which is even fucking worse." I muttered.
"So what? Isn't that another excuse to see each other all the time?" He asked me in a low voice.
"I suppose it is.." I shrugged my shoulders.

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