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The devil had three wishes. Three friends, his son, Death, his first daughter, princess of Pain, and second daughter, princess of Anger. He sent these wishes to the surface. He knows they will run into the three wishes of God. Two sons and one daughter, complete opposites of his. The daughter was the princess of all Life, his first son, the prince of Health, his second son, the prince, of things Good. He feared not that his son and daughters would fear them. He’d trained him there whole lives. So he sent them on there way. Knowing that they would find each other in the world and work his wishes.

Chapter 1 Venom

Venom, her name a mystery to all that knew her. She was a mystery. No records of birth, no records of anything, just up rose from the streets, she didn’t remember anything of her childhood. Her dreams would have horrified any normal person. But to her it seemed like a sign, maybe a clue to her past, her childhood. She was named venom, because on her arm was marked with a snake with venom spitting out its mouth. People thought she was a tattoo artist child probably got drugged and can’t remember a thing. She didn’t believe so. She would have remember something right? A memory, a vivid dream maybe of it, if her memory was lost she should have regained it my now. But no, a tattoo, vivid horrifying dreams, and no records was what she was left with. She pushed herself up the bed rails. Her long black hair furled down to legs. Rolling her arms in a circular motion she stretched. She got out of bed and walked to the wardrobe. She found a purple velvet vest, and tattered black faded jeans. Put on her choker, and fury gloves. It was Saturday, Raining, and the sound of the usual beat-boxing boys were playing a round of basketball was coming from the window. They usually were battling the other boys, but it seemed the other boys never came out lately. She grabbed her black, purple and red Chinese umbrella, but meant for rain. Walking down the red bricked road, witch looked like a hard red clay than brick. The brick followed down all the way around the block. Going down the road to the old down town, that in the 1940’s would have been bustling with people. Was now a part of a road with tall old buildings. Most of the buildings were apartments, cafés, thrift stores, and one old library. She entered one of the cafés, Little Devils Cakes and Coffee, she sat at a one-seated booth . One of the waitresses came up, “ What would you like today?” she asked in a sweet tone. It was fake you could tell, the anger in her eyes. She loved to endure the anger. It lingered around her like a sweet scent. It attracted her like bees to honey. This was another odd characteristic, she smell anger. It was different than any other smell, it was a beautiful smell. She loved it. It’s also why she loved this café, in the one to two seated booths. It was the same angry teenager, same beautiful scent, and the same sweet tone in her voice, even though she could probably scream at the world to burn to pieces. She ordered a coffee looked out at the street. Few people moved into small old Cherryville Manor. She had been the first outsider in five years once she came. And that was a year ago.

The clink of the coffee cup on the table interrupted her daze into the street. She looked at the cup. Noticing her waitress at the corner of her eye, she continued to look at the cup. “Is there something wrong with it?”, her voice was different, more subtle. “No, its fine”, I looked at her, she wasn’t the same girl. She had strawberry red hair. Not a normal human color hair, it was Strawberry red. I scanned her from head to toe. She was really skinny, not toothpick skinny but not regular skinny. She had claw marks up her arms, and slashes on her arm the other direction but more at the wrist. She wore the standard apron they all wore. Under was a black shirt and a pair of blue levis. She was sort of tall. And was curvy. She had no emotion I could read. A black emotion. She was different. “Well you just going to look at me or you going to pay?”, she could finally read her. A tent of anger. She took me off my daze again. “Oh yes, I’m sorry”, she took out a five, and gave it too her. “Do I know you from somewhere?”, the question rose into her mind. It was a good question, she could remember meeting her once to, but where? “I don’t recall, sorry”

“Oh ok, well you gave me to much extra you gave me a five, it was only a dollar fifty for a cup”

“Keep the change”

“Thank you but it’s a bit”

“Cash what isn’t toward the coffee”

“Thank you”, she turned and walked away. I looked at the coffee and added a bit of creamer into the cup. The mix of cream and black coffee swirled into a blind of different collars. I turned it with my spoon at took a gulp.

It was raining and I walked home. It was cold, and the waitress was on my mind. The streets panorama was all grey. Grey tented cars, streets, sky, everything. I walked into the house and up the stairs to my room. I put my Chinese umbrella up, and laid onto my plain old spring mattress. Watching my ceiling fan turn again and again was somewhat entertaining. I closed my eyes listening to the fan. It was a humming sound. The blackness in my mind took over me. And engulfed me into dream of a sort… I saw a woman, a beautiful woman. With white hair.The woman was dead. Laying on a stone. Her skin was a powdery white, she was still. A man walked into the room followed by three children. One was a boy. He had black hair, and a skinnier look to him. The first girl was a girl….. The café girl! Just in a younger version, skinnier than ever. And the third had black hair, a oval face, and was also skinny. The group walked to the woman. The man was talking but I don’t know what he saying. The children stood listening. The dream started to fade. Into blackness.

I woke up and searched for my clock on the shadowed wall. 12:00 it read. I got up and looked outside. It was time for a walk. I got out of bed and opened my forth story window. I jumped from my window to a balcony on the third floor down. Thud!!! I checked the room to see if they had woken, no. I looked for a good landing point. A tree. I threw down my shoes. I took a few steps back from were I was standing, ran, took a little jump onto the ledge, and leaped to the tree. I landed on a sturdy branch. I lost balanced and I flailed my arms till I finally fell. I grabbed a hold of the branch. I struggled myself up. I surveyed my clearing to the ground. I started to leap downward from branch to branch till I was a few feet to the ground. I jumped too the ground. Ouch, I fell straight on my butt. I got up and put on my shoes. I walked to the park. It was a few streets down and a few streets up. I swung on the swing set. The chains made a creaking sound. After awhile I started to walk to the down town. At night was the true bustle. Drunks walking around, whores on the streets, and homeless begging for a tiny bit of food or money, drug dealers. Or creatures from hell, demons, vampires, even the stray mutts, werewolves, were roaming. It was like L.A at night. It was a beauty to see. Of course they’ll all disappear by sunrise. I walk threw the ally ways threw town. I always brought a pocket knife or a gun. At night they can be ruthless and a level 5 vampire your going to need some restraints. Of course I’d run into a level 5. Level 5 vampires look like a human. Level 6 didn’t. But it was a level 5 I took a few steps back as he reached toward me. I drew my gun, and aimed it clear to his head. I took a few steps till my back was to the wall. Foam flooded from his mouth. He looked around his twenties, brown hair, a mustache, and a suit. He ranked of beer. I pulled the trigger. He was done for. But not just yet. He was stunned and I ran. Out into the streets I went into a bar. It was easy to get by the man. Of course coming by a fake I.D was too. I grabbed a bite to eat. Ordered a basket of fries. They weren’t completely greasy it was hard on the outside but hot and fresh in the middle. One of the best places to get french-fries.

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