claudia's diary of war

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Submitted: April 11, 2011



Claudia’s Diary of War
Author D.A.Clingerman
The crack of thunder was soon followed by another strike of lightning that lit up the sky. I jumped then slammed on my bike brakes. I toppled over and said a word then quickly covered my mouth.My name is Claudia and this is my story.
I’m riding my bike in the middle of a storm to an old and supposedly haunted church on Fairfax drive.
I’m getting a head of myself. Lets start out were it all began.
Yesterday I was watching a kid tease another kid, from the cement blocks by the concrete “playground” at my school Steelrox high school in Massachusetts, right on the border line of New York.This kid named Joni was being picked on by a larger kid named Buddy. Buddy was calling Joni a chicken because he refused to go to the haunted church on Fairfax drive.I’m sorry but I find this amusing. Silvia my best friend came over and sat down beside me.
“Wow Buddy still hasn’t dropped this yet?” said Silvia
“Nope” I said back with out looking away.
“He’s been at this all day I don’t know why.” Replied Silvia “I know you should do it then Buddy would finally shut up!”
“Well I don’t know.”
“Oh come on Claudia its not like you’re afraid of anything.” Pleaded Silvia
“I’m not afraid of anything because I’m stronger than everything.” What I lacked in height I made up for in strength.
“Everything except Byron Vlanch.” Silvia teased
“Oh shut up!” I yelled back at Silvia. She’s the only one that knew about my major crush on Byron. But it was true he was the only person in my school that was stronger and faster than me.“Alright I’ll go to the church but you have to come with me.” I said to Silvia
“What! Oh No. NO NO NO!!!”Yelled Silvia
“Aw are you scared?Are you a little chicken?” I mocked Silvia
“No! I’m going to the football game tonight remember?” said Silvia
“Oh yeah sorry.”
“Are you coming too?”
“I don’t know who’s playing?”
“The eagles and the ravens.”
“I know we’re the ravens.”
“Hey look there’s a group around Joni and Buddy! Guess who’s there!”
“Oh stop it!” I yelled then began to giggle. Byron was there. As I looked back he was staring at me. Our eyes lock for a just second then he turned and looked at Silvia a faint trace of a smile seemed to play on his lips. But then when he saw I was still watching him it vanished and he turned his gaze back to Buddy and Joni.
“Did you see that?”
“See what?”
I turned around to see that Silvia was smiling it was eerie and strange even for her. She realized I was watching and the smile faded. The smile seemed as though part of an inside joke that I didn’t know about and we tell each other everything.
“What’s up with you!?” I snapped
“Sorry I was watching Sam”
Sam was Silvia’s recent boyfriend and one of my best friends. I don’t have any regular friend’s just goth outcasts like me.We had made a club called G.S.O. or Goth Social Outcasts. It was just our group of misfit friends. Silvia, Sam, Amelia, and I were the only members.
I had finally set them up and they were like soul mates. That is Silvia and Sam.
Anyways back to the “playground” Sam was smiling and waving from behind the bleachers. I waved even though I knew it was only for Silvia.
I walked towards Buddy pushing my way though, careful not to step on Byron’s new shoes. Some people protested but when they saw it was me they stopped.I finally made it to the center of the circle. Buddy was waiting and watching.I cleared my throat and there was silence. “Buddy I want you to shut up” I said. He looked about to protest but I continued” I know you just want somebody to go the church on Fairfax Drive, that’s the only way to shut you up so…… I will go.”I heard a few gasps and some awes and even more whispers.Then I said “On one condition, Silvia will wait outside for me and make sure, as a witness that I stay there for at least an hour.I will not only go in the church but look in every room and prove that it’s not haunted!”
The bell had rung and the teachers were coming to see what had happened. Everyone ran for the doors. Today was one of the few days I liked having the later lunch, because I only had two classes left. Every one was buzzing about the football game.Finally the bell rang and everyone ran in a hurry to catch the bus.
I waited by Silvia’s locker she finally came out of Mrs. Smith’s class room.
“What took you so long?” I asked
“I spilled my books.” Silvia said
“Oh, is everyone coming to the game?”
“Amelia might not come but everyone else is.”
“Oh ok. Can I stop by after school I don’t know what to wear.”
“Ok but wait till after five.”
“Ok that will work, sweet thanks. Are you walking home?”
“Yes but with Sam.”
“Of course.”
“Why do say it like that?Besides you hooked us up, and we’re soul mates!” Silvia said with a dazed
Daydream look on her face
“Hey! Earth to Silvia.” Sam snapped his fingers in Silvia’s face
“Oh hi.”
Silvia hugged Sam then they kissed
“Uh! Get a room.”
“Oh you’re just jealous because you don’t have Byron!”
“Shut up!” I said between clench teeth
“Hey don’t bite my head off I’m just joking!”
“No look.”
I pointed to the entrance at the end of the hallway. Byron was standing there with his girlfriend. But something was different. He wasn’t holding her hand or anything.
“What you didn’t hear the rumor? They broke up!”
“What no way! This was the best news I had heard all day.
Come on lets go home my moms making spaghetti
Sweet can I come over?
Sorry but no.
Aw how come?
One of my dad’s work friends is coming over
I didn’t know that
He kind of invited himself last night
Oh he’s that kind of friend?
Well I gotta go see you at five
I left school and started down maple drive. As I walked I thought about how soon the leaves will be changing and the sun setting much earlier during the summer you just take it for advantage.Silvia and Sam turned on to Fairfax drive. I’ve always wondered why they cross the street there.I live on May Street it’s about a mile long walk but I like it, it gives me time to think. I stopped looked both ways and then ran left to Silver Avenue.I ran almost blindly counting the colored masses that were houses, 1,2,3,4… until I got to 18 then stopped abruptly looked both ways and then ran counted 3.i turned ran though my yard dropped my bags by the porch steps. I went up the steps to the screen door messed with the lock listening for the click. A faint pop and the door opened. I grabbed a black rhinestone leash and called for Poppy.Poppy chachi, (pronounced cha chee)
is my 5 month old Chihuahua Papillion mix. I heard the faint ring of a bell. She came running her fluffy tail wiggling. I bent down and scratched behind her left ear. I hooked the leash to the loop on her collar. I opened the screen door and Poppy bounded out, she jumped over the steps and squatted in the grass. I tied her to the steps and got the scooper. Poppy began to bark I tuned to see my mom had parked in the driveway. She got out of the door but as usual she was on the phone. “No you listen to me I need…”
My mom is a clothing designer and never has any time to herself not that I care much that just means less time for her to yell at me. My dad is the distribution director he’s always away on business trips so I hardly ever see him. Right now he’s in Hong Kong because a large mishap happened with sending millions of extra paper products to the wrong place.Half the time I live alone though.Poppy was making snuffing noises I looked down and her white paws were brown with mud.
“Poppy!” she wined then tried to pull me inside. I grabbed a towel from inside and began to wipe mud off her paws and knew she needed a bath.I ran inside up the stairs, but I tripped and landed on the landing. I got up and went into the last door on the right. I opened my closet and half my clothes fell on me I found a mini brush and went into my bathroom. I have my own bathroom so I have some responsibility, I don’t really get it but who cares.I turned on the water and set my flip phone for 4 minutes.I got the shampoo from under the sink and put some in the tub.I went down the stairs and out the door.I unhooked Poppy and carried her inside, up the stairs and to my room as if by perfect timing my alarm was going off. I picked up my fluffy red rose rug and put it on a towel rung so it didn’t get wet.I took of her small collar. Throwing the collar aside I placed poppy in the tub and turned off the water. Using a cup I began to drench my pup in lukewarm or medium warm water.She tried to shake but I wasn’t ready to take another bath today.I put some shampoo on her and made a mental note as it spurted out with a silly sound to buy some more.I began to massage it into a lather, I couldn’t resist it I began to spike the hair on her back and took a picture.
After I washed and blow dried poppy I began to pack a small bag with jeans, shirts and leggings in colors like silver, black, red and purple.
I put a white coat on poppy and placed her collar and leash on. I put on my black leather trench coat and a beret. (It’s a French hat.) I took my purse and rote a note saying: going to Silvia’s then to football game won’t be home till about 11:00, grabbing my visa to take money out for food. I have a visa gold card because half the time I live by my self, every month the bill go’s to my dad and we go over why everything’s on there like food and stuff. I added dog shampoo to my store list on the fridge grabbed a hair clip and went out the front door. Locked the door and put the key in my bag.
I put poppy’s leash on the handlebars of my bike, its spray painted black and really decked out.Silvia helped me spray paint it and put a sheet of metal over the back tire so I can strap bags and stuff on it.I placed my purse and bag on the sheet and put a small bungiecord over it.I got on my bike and put the kickstand up.I began to pedal to Silvia’s I had to go slow because poppy can’t run too fast.My phone began to ring, well sort of I use the mosquito hum. It was Sam.
“Hey the new Spark CD came out it’s at the House of Rock want come with me to pick one up?”
“Not really I’m going to Silvia’s house we’re going to pick out my outfit for the game, you still going?”
“Yeah I wouldn’t miss it for anything I hope we cream the eagles!”
“Yikes chill out man it’s just a game who cares if we win it’s just the fun of the suspense.”
“Is not it’s the score that’s all that matters and I use too watch the cheerleaders.”
“Ooh wait till Silvia hears you watch the cheerleaders she’ll be soooo mad!”
“I said use too!!!!”
“Just joking chillax man! Any ways jinx, bu-bye.”
Jinx is just another way of saying bye with the G.SO.’s its kind of cool. Anyway I turned on to Florest drive and looked for the white house on the left. I soon found it and parked in the drive way.
I put my kickstand down and unstrapped my bags. I grabbed poppy’s leash and went up the walk way I waited for Poppy to calm down and rang the doorbell. I waited to hear someone call come in then I let myself in.
Silvia’s house may not look huge from the outside but its 4 stories counting the basement and it has a double staircase and marble floor. Their house spells money.Silvia came running from the living room and rushed me upstairs.
“Hush just hurry my dads work friend is still here his really drunk.”
“Oh great.I brought my bag.” I rushed Poppy up the left stair case and into Silvia’s room. I put my bag on her four poster bed then sat down in a bean bag chair I unhooked Poppy’s leash when Silvia closed her door.
‘Wholly cow do you plan on wearing everything in your closet?” Silvia said as she began to dig through my duffle bag.
“No just help me pick out one outfit I’m clueless.”
“Ok fine.”
“Thanks, oh Sam called me the new Spark CD came out it’s at the House of Rock.”
“He called you?!? Well he didn’t call me I guess we’ll have a talk later tonight.”
“Its supposed to be cold so what kind of cover up do you plan on wearing?”
“My trench coat what else!”
“Fine I don’t see any dresses or skirts just leggings and jeans. Oh my gosh! You got the new rave jeans you’re the first in the whole school!”
“Yeah so what?” I said with a smile. Poppy sat up and began to growl. I told her to stop it and lay down
“You’ll be the hottest girl around even Byron will have to stop and look! Wholly cow you got size 00!”
“You should see them on me I rock em tight!!”
“Quick put them on put them on!!”
“Okay relax.” After a few minutes I was rocking my newest and favorite jeans. They were skin tight even at the ankles and dark almost black in color with all the seams in white.After digging around we found the perfect red ruffled v-neck and a grey cami with rhinestones. Oh and I can’t forget about my knee high leather heeled boots.
I pulled out my makeup bag and dug around for my new lipstick. I couldn’t find it so I dumped the contents of my bag out on to Silvia’s plush grey carpet and began to search though it. I put on some chap stick and sat down on Silvia’s bed looking at a foundation mirror I began to apply it on my face and neck. After about five minutes I was done with my makeup and Silvia was adding some purple lipstick and we were ready to go. We went out side got on our bikes and rode to the corner between second and silver street. After waiting for a little while Sam came on his silly little motorized scooter.
“Hey what’s up g so’s? Uh oh did you tell her!?!”
“Nope I swear!”
“I don’t know what your talking about but why did you call Claudia and not me about the new Spark CD!?!?!”
“I thought you were eating!”
“Aw that’s so sweet!” Silvia smiled and leaned over to kiss Sam.
I looked away and grimaced. I try not to be jealous or anything of them but Silvia and I are both fourteen.
She’s taller, richer and has a boy friend when I am shorter almost a whole foot, not as rich and I’ve never had a boy friend and don’t laugh never kissed a boy. They finished kissing and we started on our way to the football game. We always leave super early so we can ride slow and talk about stuff.
“Do you remember Kyle the kid with the foreign ascent?”
“Yeah.” Silvia and Sam said in perfect unison
“I had to explain what heaven is or what it’s supposed to be to him.”
“Wow that’s pretty sad.”
“I know!”
Sam’s phone began to ring it was Amelia.
“Hey what’s up? We are headed to the game you coming? Aw why not? What! What did you do? Well that’s dumb!! Well I guess jinx’s”
“Well that stinks!”
“Amelia can’t come to the game, she’s grounded because she pierced her ear again!”
“You would think she would learn by know but oh well.”
As we turned the corner we could hear cheers from the football field. “We should hurry up before we miss the opening!” we all started running as fast as we could and I had to pick up Poppy so I didn’t drag her behind.

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