The triangle

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Three people, three disabilities, three caves and only one way out ... who's going to find it? Mystry/horror novel, if you loved watching Saw then you'd love the triangle. Suspense starts when you don't trust.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The triangle

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012




Feeling a dizzy sensation I opened my eyes to find everything empty and black, the room was spinning and I couldn’t see anything. Reaching for my head I was unable to, the rattle of chains then allowed fear to enter my thoughts. Panicking I tried to force my hands free, every time I yanked the chain felt tighter and tighter around my wrists.

“Help!” I shouted. Waiting for a reply none came. “Help! Is anyone there?” Adrenaline forced its way through my body as I began to tremble with doubt. Why was I in here, where was here and how do I get out? Were the only thoughts that ran through my mind, raging with anger I then started shouting unneeded remarks into the darkness. It had probably been an hour but I didn’t give up, I wanted answers right now and the only way to get the B*****s attention was to agitate him.

Finally hearing a muffled voice that wasn’t mine I waited patiently for him to speak again, the voice sounded stifled at first but it started to become clear, “Hey who’s there, what have you done to me!” it was a boy, he seemed to be in the same vote as me. But … why were we here?

“Hello!” I bellowed hearing my voice echo out towards the other person.

“Why am I here!?” he shouted back startled. “Where am I!?” he started still waiting for an answer we both needed. “What do you want with me!?” he continued still worried about the position he was in.

“Hey! My name is Darren!” I shouted to get his attention and calm him. “What’s your name?” I asked this time finally able to hear myself think.

“My…my name’s Jake” he whimpered.

“Are you okay, do you remember anything?” I asked waiting for a response.

“No. All I remember is going to sleep and waking up in chains” he told me.

“Me too” I shouted back. Silence lingered as we both thought. “Where are you?”

“I -I don’t know, I can’t see … there’s something covering my eyes.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean there’s something over my eyes, it’s stuck and I can’t reach them” the boy stammered.

“I haven’t got anything on my eyes” I yelped unsure of trusting him.

“Where are we?” Jake panicked still wanting answers to his question.

“I don’t know, I’ve been sat in here for at least an hour shouting at a wall” I stated feeling a little annoyed.

The darkness seemed to stretch out forever, and even though I didn’t sound it, I was very scared right now. I had a fear of the dark; anything that went bump in the night always frightened me. Counting in my head I clutched my eye lids closed so that it didn’t seem so dark but unfortunately in the situation I was in now it didn’t help in any way.

“Do you know why we might be here?” I asked calming myself.

“What do you mean?” Jake responded warily.

“I don’t know” I coughed shaking my head, still having my eyes closed.

Getting a little paranoid Jake blurted out uncontrollably, “did you do this to me? Do I know you or something? Is this a practical joke because you’ve got me?”

“No I’m pretty sure this is actually happening” I told him having second thoughts. What if he was hinting that this was a joke, could he be right? “If it is, you’ve got me too” I snapped wanting to cling to the words I’d just spoken.


Interrupting our conversation a light started to flicker sending rays around us, “Wh-what’s going on?” I asked blinded. In front of me was a cave that seemed to go on forever, inside gloom and moss was growing, reaching out towards me.

“Hey Jake, can you see this?” I asked looking at all the rock like walls, there was a bit of glee in my voice but that was just the gratefulness of light.

“What do you mean? What happened?” he responded frantically.

“The lights are on” I told him. Trying to stand up I felt no movement in my legs, they were numb. Looking down at them I screamed out in torment, “Oh my God, what the f**k is this?”

Wary of my screams Jake panicked again, “what’s wrong!”

“My legs”, I started to sob, “My legs they’re…” I whimpered. Looking away the image still stayed in my mind, both were sewn together with wire and splattered in blood. Although there was no pain I knew that whoever was behind all of this was inhumane. From the top of my knee cap all the way to my toes there were tattered bits of wire sewn into my now pierced and blood spoiled skin.

“What’s wrong with them!” he started to roar.

“They’re dead, I can’t feel them” I told him sparing all gruesome details.

“How …” he started.

Knowing there was no point in finishing his sentence I finished it off for him, “I don’t know.”


Sitting in silence for another five minutes I continued to sob at the injury I’d found. Jake then interrupted me by speaking, “where are we?” he sounded more settled for some reason, could t b because a grown man was cyring?

“In some sort of cave” I groaned wanting to be left alone.

“What can you see?” he eagerly asked.

“Nothing. All I can see is a cave and stone.”

“Can you see me” he inquired with hope in his tone.

Turning around as much as I could, I dragged my legs into a position which allowed me to see behind the post I was tied to. At one end of the cave Jake was sat, his ruffled brown hair was scattered into different directions. Taking a close look at him I could see something that I wished I hadn’t, both his eyes were sealed with wire and sewn together, blood tears were still streaming from his cheeks and tangled in his hair. In the other corner was a girl, she looked about the same age as Jake but this girl seemed unusual, she was quiet and hadn’t spoken. In fact if I hadn’t of turned around I don’t think I would have noticed her; she was blonde and was whimpering. Why hadn’t she spoken when Jake and I did?

“Well” Jake asked frustrated.

“Yeah I can see you, but there’s also a girl” I explained. Looking at the girl I tried to get her attention. She was staring at the both of us but never said a word; unlike me and Jake she also wasn’t injured.

“What girl?” he asked shouting “who else is there!?”

Still giving no reply I realized she was probably deaf, “Stop Jake, she can’t hear us. She’s deaf.”
Taking another glance around the room I could see a shape it made, each of us sat chained to a post. There were three posts and in front of us all was a small cave, three people and three caves I thought to myself.

Looking the chains over I started to try  and stand up but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t, my legs had no feeling in them.

“What are you doing?” Jake asked hearing the rattle of the chains.

“Trying to get out of these chains” I told him now hitting my head against the post repeatedly due to the frustration. “The only way to get out of these is to find a key.”

“Well, have a look around and see if you can find one” he responded sarcastically.

Ignoring his comment I still took his advice and looked around the room for some form of a way out. It was no good there was nothing, all that was in sight was rocks and more rocks.

“I can’t find anything, there is nothing but rocks” I explained lowering my voice.

“So were stuck down here tied up in chains with no way out. That’s just great, why doesn’t the b*****d just kill me now!” he exclaimed.

Now facing Jake I was glad he couldn’t see me, I started to give him daggers. He was up to something and what it was I didn’t know. Looking back over to where the girl was I could see her shaking with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was watching me and Jake argue and obviously didn’t like it. Now that she was looking at us I tried to ask her, her name. Moving my lips slowly she watched to see what I was saying, “What … is … your … name?” she glared at me unsure of what I’d said, the distance for her to see me was too far. She probably couldn’t make out a word I’d spoken. If she was deaf she may still be able to talk.

“J … A … K … E” Jake responded sarcastically.

“Not you” I snapped, “I’m talking to her.”

“Sorry” he chuckled amused by his own joke, which proved it. He was definitely up to something but who was I to accuse right now?

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