The Curse

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Everyone wants to live forever, right? But not Zoe. Cursed by the one she thought she loved Zoe lives in fear. Fear of having her freedom ripped away from her. Truth is Zoe's afraid to meet that one person who she is destined to love...and who is destined to activate the curse. Now dark forces are stirring and the curse has been activated. What should Zoe do? What can she do?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Curse

Submitted: February 16, 2014

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Submitted: February 16, 2014



Chapter 1 

I stared in horror and panic at my mother. Moving. We are moving. 

My heart began to beat rapidly and my breathing got so heavy, I was practically Hyperventilating. Sure moving to New York City would have been my dream two and a half years ago but now it was my nightmare. My palms were slick with sweat and I realised that even though in was breathing none of the air was reaching my lungs.

"Honey, calm down." 

My mothers voice tried and failed to break through my blind panic. I took in a huge gulp of cool air before I held it in, forcing myself into a calm numbness.

"I know you don't want to move especially to a big, busy city, so I asked your aunt if you could stay with her. You'll still be moving but it will be to a small town that rarely has any visitors." Her voice brought me out of my numbness and I nodded uncertainly. Moving didn't thrill me but I suppose moving to a small town was slightly better than moving to a large city that had hundreds of tourists come everyday of the week.

As I looked around the house a noticed that tell tale signs of our moving, boxes that I had never noticed before were hidden under the stairs and in my parents rooms. How had I never noticed before?

I Moved up the stairs, numbly packing the essentials for my relocation, and cried. I silently cried out my fear. Lifting up my left hand I shared blurry eyed at the brand that snaked its way from my forefinger (wedding ring finger) to my wrist. My fear increased but so it's the hate for the person who did this to me.

I pulled my silk glove over my hand and let it sink onto the bed as my eyes drifted closed, pulling me into a blissful sleep.

Two days later.

In the nice town of River Side my father lived a quite peaceful life of a small town doctor. He is a doctor for everything human or otherwise. Yes this world is inhabited by werewolves, elves, fairies, goblins, vampires and many other things that go bump in the night.

Me, I am human. My mum, Grace Black, is human but my dad, Galen Black,is healer. However, for some unknown reason, human plus healer equals human. And that human is me, Zoe Black.

The roads were either laid with sand or dirt and it's rain about 10 days a year. It's the perfect paradise and every time I came here I wonder why this place never got any tourists. I found out today. 

River Side, doesn't exist... Well it does but not on any map or gps that I no of. As far as I know when someone is heading this way with the gps on it says in that irritating robotic woman's voice, "The coordinates you have given are incorrect, please try again". After three attempts I just shut it off.

Now as I cruise up to my dad's front door. I wished I could turn around and head back to the comfort of my familiar surroundings in Camborne. Do you ever have a moment when you do something and then immediately regret it when you do it? Yeah, now is one of those times.
The house looked like one of those old white Victorian houses. The dark brown beams bordered the house in an elegant decor and medical herbs and plants were growing in the garden.  

And of course my dad was standing at the door with a big bright smile and it made me want to turn around that much more. 

"Hi, dad." I looked into my fathers apple green eyes with blue flecks, in the supernatural world this symbolised healing. My eyes are brown which, in the supernatural world, symbolises un-enlightenment. I hate my eyes.

My dad's hair is a silver grey but it suits him it shows that he has gained wisdom through age. My hair that use to be a soft honey blond was turned black with the curse that was inflicted on me.

"Hey, sweetheart. Let take that." Taking my bags from me he called, "follow me" as he turned to show me into the house. It was just how I remembered it. Nothing had changed. 

Under some silly superstition I crossed my fingers, hoping that my dad had changed one thing about this house in the last 13 years. If he hasn't, I am so not sleeping in the toddler bed, I'd rather sleep in one of those thin mattressed hospital beds.

"Here we are." When he pushed open the door a released a loud audible breath. My dad raises his eyebrows in question and I answered honestly, "I was expecting to sleep in that horrible hospital bed you have in the back room."

My dad laughs, an aged old laugh, it so contagious that I have to laugh with him. After calming down, I move curiously into the room, my room. 

It was very bare, however it didn't look like a room, no more like a floor. It had three walls which slanted into a triangle since this was the floor before the roof. On the side walls were large windows letting in as much light as dared without leaving me to vulnerable to prying eyes. The walls were white, everything was white and in need of colour.

"I though you would want to redecorate since I doubt you like pink butterflies and unicorns anymore." My dad said. I was surprised at his initiative, mom would have kept it as it was unless I asked for the change.

My eyes watered and I pulled my father into the tightest hug I could give, whispering "thank you dad" before springing into action about what I should buy.

"What colour should it be? Oh pink and grey... No maybe purple or chocolate... No, no, no, I got it lilac and white and I need sh-" my rant continued for ages before I realised my father was watching me with a small smile and glittering eyes. "But you don't need to know..."

We both burst out laughing. "It's good to have you back sweetheart."

"It's good to be back dad." I never thought that these words would be any truer.

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