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“Eighty-six years ago,” Alexis began. “The dreaded Croaker, otherwise known as Benny Croak, stole all the nuts from the Nutter. ‘Ya, know, I always wondered why the humans called their money factory the “mint” if their money isn’t candy! Anyway, going on, Mr. William Worm, who is actually my good friend, Mr.Worm’s great-great grandfather established the elite worm army to stop the Croaker. But he needed help.” Alexis took a deep breath, and continued dramatically, “That’s where the Animal Agents came in! Many different animals of all shapes, sizes, and textures were recruited to be secret agents. Eventually they caught the Croaker, but-“

 “Hey anyone want some marshies? I’m hungry!” Gianna interrupted, holding out a plate of 350 marshmallows.

 “Gianna! I was up to the most important part!” Alexis exclaimed.

 “Oh, sorry!” Gianna said, stuffing her mouth with marshmallows. “Go on, Aleshis!”

 Alexis sighed and continued, “but he had many children, who followed their father’s footsteps. Then-“

 “Hot cocoa anyone? I’m thirsty!” Gianna interrupted, holding a tray of steaming mugs with I Luv Eddy B. Enn engraved on it.

 Everyone reached over to take a mug except for Bella.

 “Hey! It’s really not fair that everybody gets to take and not me! I get tummy-aches when I drink hot-cocoa!” Bella whined.

“Shhh….” Cleo snapped, daintily sipping some chocolately-goodness with her pink tongue.

 Alexis rolled her eyes, and said, “Gianna, no more refreshments! These fellas wanna hear a story!”

 Gianna smiled sheepishly. “Go on, sorry honeypot!”

 “As I was sayin’ before I was so rudely interrupted…” She took a deep breath and said, “then more agents were recruited, including Gianna and I, and we were able to catch most of those sniveling lil’ thieves. A few years passed, and things were mostly peaceful. But then-“

 “Hey! It’s nearly 5:01! Time for the Dancing Daisies!” Gianna pressed a button on her old radio which was resting on a wooden coffee table. A Spanish-sort of rap came on. “Oops! That’s the wrong channel!” She pressed another button which popped off and landed in Alexis’s hot cocoa.

 Alexis sighed and muttered, “sometimes I wonder who’s the older one of us.”

 Gianna chuckled to herself. “Again the wrong one! How ‘bout this one?”

 A crackling static noise emitted from the radio, but turned clearer. High-pitched voices sang out as Gianna took Nutella’s paw and started dancing with her.

We’re the Dancing Daisies

And we’re a lot of fun

Why don’t you dance with us under the sun!

Speaking of the sun, Mr. Giant Sun is here!

Let’s all dance and sing with him!

A deep male voice sang out;

I am the sun!

I am fun for everyone

I give all the daisies and plants their light,

And I make sure to do my job day and night!

 He stopped, and said;

Now that I am finished my song, it’s time to sing your song! What’s your favorite song?

Percy fluttered his wings excitingly from the pink armchair. “Oh! Oh! My favorite song is Elmo’s World!”

 He puffed out his chest, and sang, “La la la la, la la la la, Elmo’s world! La la la la, la la la la, Elmo’s world! Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon tooooo! That’s Elmo’s wooooorld!” He finished off with a high-pitched off-key hoot.

 Alexis turned off the radio angrily, and with a huff, she continued. “As I was sayin’, the years were mostly peaceful, but then, about thirty-two years ago, we had a fight. I don’t know who started that fight, or how it started, but that fight broke the Animal Agents apart. Mr. Worm, Gianna, and I were the only agents left. The Animal Agents pretty much ceased to exist, but we still helped random animals here and there. After eight years, I moved farther south where all my kids were. I come to visit Gianna once a month.” Alexis ended sadly.

 Bella and Percy stared open-mouthed at the elderly bunnies.

 “Whoa! That’s the coolest thing like, ever! It’s even cooler than my fish popsicles! Could we join?” Bella said, bouncing up and down, and giving her never-fail smile.

 Cleo frowned disapprovingly. “Bella, you’re a descendant of the most exalted goddesses of all times! Kings and queens worshipped our ancestors! And you want to protect and help lowly peasants?!”

 Nutella rolled her eyes. “Cleo, you need to have better attitude!”

 Percy butted in, “yeah, Cleo! Even Winston Churchill says that ‘Attitude is a big thing…” He stretched out his wings, “that makes a little difference.” He compressed his wings together.

 “Wow! Percy’s so smart! I’m lucky to be his best friend!” Bella exclaimed. Percy blushed and smiled.

 Nutella gave a wry smile. “We would like to join!”

 “Sure sweetums! In order to join, though, you have to tell everybody your deepest, darkest, secret!”

 “Ooooh…” Bella and Percy said in awe, like they were at a campfire, roasting marshmallows, while playing Truth or Dare.

 Nutella searched her brain. What would she not mind telling everyone? She bit her lip, and stepped forward on the scarlet rug.

 “Well, I’m really scared of cashews. When I was little, I used to believe in the cashew monster. I don’t believe in him anymore, though!” She gave a shaky laugh.

 “I now declare you… Agent Nutella!” Gianna exclaimed.

 “Now me! Now me!” Percy hooted. He fluttered to the knitted rug. “One time, my mommy caught a mouse, but I let it go, so my mommy put me in timeout.” He sniffled, “I also wasn’t allowed to watch Elmo!”

 Gianna declared Percy an agent, and a bouncing Bella stepped up to the rug.

 She said confidently, “I once bit the vet so my mommy also put me in timeout. I also got, like, an hour-long lecture from her that vets are nice and keep you healthy and blah, blah, blah. So I bit my mommy, then I had to go in timeout again! So-“

“Yeah! We get it!” Nutella sighed. Bella talked a lot, even about her secret.

 Percy gasped. “You went in timeout?! I always get so lonely without Elmo in timeout.”

 “I know! I don’t get lonely for Elmo, though. Just my toys and my stuff.” Bella exclaimed, “I cried my eyes out! Well, not really, but-“

 “Cleo! Your turn!” Nutella said, interrupting a budding conversation about timeout and this Elmo thingy.

 Cleo stepped daintily onto the rug.

 “Royalty shouldn’t be doing this you know! We-“

 “Auntie Cleo! I know what you can say!” Bella said, bounding to the rug. “My mommy, Taja Marie, said that she and Cleo used to live in a garbage can when they were kitties, because their mommy died. Then, after about a month, Debbie and Delilah saved them! My mommy said that it was very smelly, and it smelled like a lot of dead stuffs, and-“

 “Enough, Bella!” Cleo growled softly.

 “I now declare ‘ya… Agent Cleo!” Gianna said.

  Cleo glared at Gianna, and snarled, “I am Queen Cleopatra Mushy Pillow Pie! Not Agent Cleo! Correct yourself this instant if you like your head attached to your body!”

 “Oh sure, sweetypie! Pronouncing, Agent Cleopatra Mushy Pillow Pie!” Gianna said with a chuckle.

 Cleo sighed. Why didn’t anyone treat her like a queen? She bounced back onto the rosy-red couch with Bella bouncing after her.

 “Well, now that ya’ll recruited, what should we take care of?” Alexis said.

 “We want to investigate Eddy B. Enn, we know the story behind the socks, but we want to know more. Also, to stop it already, it’s crazy!” Nutella exclaimed.

 “We could sneak into the Toad Grove Manor.” Alexis suggested.

 “We would need a diversion. The Toad Grove Manor is heavily guarded.” Gianna said, munching on some buttered popcorn.

 “We’ll have to devise a plan.” Nutella said.

 “I’ll take care of the refreshments!” Gianna said, walking into her kitchen.






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Hi everyone! I would like to know, what's your fave character?

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Nutella :3

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