Memoirs of The Rose

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Truth of the Rose

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




Chapter One: The Truth of the Rose

Rose's Journal

Oh, that my methods have been reduced to this! I, from a lineage of intelligence far above that of the common man having to resort to keeping journals for the telling of these events. Be it not enough that I already keep the records of my research with the creatures of this land and the vast knowledge produced from such? Yet I fear that if I do not recount these tales in as much detail as my mind allows, I may well believe myself mad or at the very least to have suffered some wild hallucination or dream of the most vivid and horrible nature. That should give you some small inclination as to how very unusual life within these walls is, if it can be so aptly termed.

Ah, but what good shall it do me to complain here? No, I shall save those rants for such time as I find them necessary, or even more so, crucial to making my point. Before I begin, let me make a few things known to you, gentle reader.

First and foremost, I am not accustomed to writing as one would do in a normal journal. My preferred method of keeping records is either by short hand in field journals, in notes that I have written to myself or by simply recalling facts that I have stored in the nearly limitless container that is the mind. Thus, I humbly ask that you be patient with me while I am learning.
Second is of course the method in which I shall keep the time. Unlike the realm you, gentle reader, know and inhabit; my home at this time has no sun to signal the close of night and the dawn of a new day. Even the clocks we keep here are superfluous at best. Merely kept as decoration for reminders of a past forever gone...

Forgive me, I fear I have lost my train of thought. Now, where was I? Ah, yes.
As such, I will not time my entries as one normally would. However, I shall keep with the moon in this land of perpetual night. It's phases still coincide with those of the moon in the mortal realm. The only difference being it's color.

Indeed, I can see it even now as I write from my laboratory. I reside within the turret of a large castle and as such, have been given the liberties to redecorate it as I please. I have equipped this room with all that I shall require in my studies. A metal slab in the center of the circular floor for experimentation, shelves lined with countless volumes of books from the ancient yellow-papered tomes to the more recent leather bound field journals of those very much like myself. I also have cabinets containing my formulas, potions, and the alchemic ingredients needed for each. As for creature comforts? Few can be found here. Simply a desk and chair equipped with materials for writing as well as a stove, kettle, and cup for when a small bit of tea will steady my nerves. I have no use for a bed, nor do I wish one. I fear sleep in this place and will not invite it with such furnishings. How can I best term it?



'If I sleep it may not be sleep, bringing dreams that may not be dreams.'



I'm afraid time does not permit any more of a first entry than this, for I am being summoned. I shall resume my work here when I return, for what better place to start than the beginning? Until then, I must depart.

- Rose



Rose's Journal
Entry 1: Gibbous Waxing

Perhaps I should have taken better account as to the nature of my work, and acquired a bed after all. I am weary with the efforts of my tasks and my muscles plead for a moment's rest. I'm afraid I cannot answer their cry save for when I am seated here and writing.

Now then, when I first began this infernal process of putting pen to paper, I was just about to give the reader of these pages some details as to the background of my person. Let me begin therefore with my name. I am Rose. Please forgive the exclusion of my full name. It has been lost in the annals of time and I fear that before long the remainder will be all but wiped from my memory. I was, in a former life, a youth of many talents, yet poor in the standards of health. I could not venture to play with others due to a strange illness that left me frail and prone to anemia. I spent most of my days bed-ridden, reading whatever texts I could get my hands on. I began to thirst for knowledge which was noted by my parents. Henceforth, I was raised by my father to be a lady of much learning and great intelligence. This proved well for me in many aspects, as I rapidly grew in my wisdom, reading many books as a girl that would be much too difficult for the average child to grasp. However, I would never follow in the pious steps of my father as a man of science. My studies led me from the well accepted facts of science and the nature of the mortal world and into the dark realm of the occult and supernatural. I learned of legends, myths, gods and goddesses, creatures and the demonic pacts of supernatural entities. Needless to say, I was disowned immediately upon my parent's discovery of these things. However, that did not bother me in the slightest. Upon my examinations of ancient texts and forbidden formulae, I had inadvertently discovered wild flora, a rose that would hold the key to curing my illness and possibly give me something more. Eternal life, the pinnacle, the very goal that mortals have striven towards for centuries. Yet as with anything so powerful, there comes a great price. I searched for this, and found it. Unleashing such power in a mortal realm was my greatest mistake. The energy called to demons as though I had lit a beacon. I was nearly consumed as they attempted to draw the energy from within me to use as their own...



I must apologize yet again. The experience was such that I do not wish to think on it. Let it suffice to say that I was spared by the very entity I serve now and that I awoke with this mark that now rests upon the skin over my heart. The very flower which I had sought, and found. The rose whose power drew me into this realm of the damned. For what purpose was I spared? That remains still a mystery. Apparently there is something about me, some strange and rare quality that is hard to come by even within these realms inhabited by demons and other horrid creatures that were thought only to exist in the wild imaginations and fears of others. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I am only now beginning to discover the truth of these creatures. Ah, but I am getting off track here. The one that saved me was impressed by my research, and also that there was a means of immortality beyond his own. This man I came to know as Lord Katsuto Bloodthorne. A powerful vampire Lord in this nightmarish realm. He claims to have some use for me, as I am now in his employment. As for how long this shall last? I know not. I shudder to think what sort of fate befalls one who is no longer of use to such a being. What I do know however, is that I have achieved a power, a talent for immortality similar to these creatures of the night, yet I am not one of them. As for what I left behind? I only have this to say.



Let the pages of these journals only detail my account of the events in this realm. My past is simply that. The past. It holds no place here. My life, my family, all is at an end and I must start anew with what I have here.
Ah, the master calls. I shall return when I can to detail how I arrived at this odd castle and who else resides within it's walls. Though with the frequency of His summons, I wonder if I will ever finish.

- Rose

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