Memoirs of The Rose

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Out of the Dark

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




Chapter Thirteen: Out of the Dark

Toumas' Notes

Time: Of little importance

Location: The Crystal Room

Miracle! It must be a miracle. How else is one to explain the complete cessation of life and the return of a renewed vitality?

I have made a full examination of Miss Rose as she remained seated upon the altar, taking careful and especially close examination of the area that I had earlier bandaged and where the death wound was located. Even thought the cloth itself was stained with blood, there was no gaping hole upon the flesh. In the place of the dagger's mark was only a scar above the symbolic marking. I set my hand close to it in order to better examine this strange phenomenon, and she flinched, cringing from my touch in a way solely similar to the punctures that had been upon her throat.

While I made all these observations, performing a complete physical of my patient, the Lord stood silently close by. I glanced toward him on occasion, watching his eyes dart between the quite solid blade which lay glittering upon the stone floor, and then to gaze with concern at Miss Rose. The rapid changes in his expressions intrigued me. First, a disbelief that his grim deed had occurred in the first place, then a silent fury at Nicolae's interference; anger toward himself, and relief that all was well at present. All this, and yet something more which I still cannot rightly place. His eyes seemed wide and earnest as he approached, opening his mouth to speak. Words failed him however, and he would turn away to gather himself once more. This behavior continued a few times until he finally turned to me as I finished my examination.

"Escort Miss Rose away from this ghastly place. Surely she has spent enough time here within these walls. See to it that she is shown more pleasant things in the rooms of olden splendor. The Grand Hall, the Library, the Music Room, anything but this place. I shall seal it up myself if I must, yet she shall never need to return here."

That is all. No words toward the girl herself. Simply the command left to me. The Lord stayed behind as I aided the young woman in ascending the many stairs. I offered my shoulder, keeping a guiding arm over her waist lest she stumble on the steep incline. We journey now toward the livelier section of the castle, if livelier can be a term applied here. Perhaps I will show her the Music Hall. We are quite near that wing, and I hear a faint tune coming from within.

- Tuomas

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