Memoirs of The Rose

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Dreams of Candlelight

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




Chapter Nineteen: Dreams of Candlelight

Lord Bloodthorne's Thoughts

I descended to the eternally darkened chamber with haste, thinking only upon what must be done. The smell of blood was still fresh in the air, the copper tinted odor assaulting my nostrils with a vengeance. Even after having taken a recent meal, I could feel the hunger once more welling up in my throat and threatening full consumption of the senses. Indeed, this well may have been the case if not for my notice of a singular peculiarity in the scene that lay before me.

I approached the stone altar cautiously, giving a wide berth to the remaining pools of blood that glimmered still in the dull glow of the crystals. The polished stone seemed to echo faintly the recently played out events upon it's uncaring surface, and I could swear to have seen the reflection of Miss Rose's inert form in the poorly afforded light. This however, is only a later observation. What drew me to the altar presently was a single spot of blood left, and a rose growing out of it. Each petal, leaf, and thorn were tinged with the scarlet life waters, but the plant itself was thriving, rising right from the center of the sacrificial altar!

I beheld this for quite a few minutes in silence before cautiously testing the strength of it's roots. Yes, it's standing was firm, and would not allow to be plucked from it's bed. How extraordinary!

Upon wiping away the small puddle beneath the blossom, I was shocked to find that a piece of root trailed from this bud, and off the stone. I followed this, my eyes now wide as could be at the new spectacle. The vine from the altar led straight to the pool beneath the largest crystal, where a profusion of roses had sprung forth, wildly clinging to each nearby surface! Indeed the room was alive with the bloodied garden! Countless blossoms of red intertwining with the crystals, adding to the sanguine nature of the chamber, and more! The flora plunged to the very depths of the pool, drawing an energy from it the likes of which I have never bore witness to! Yet, I must be certain in this.

If it is possible... If my thoughts are correct...

Oh, I shudder, nay, tremble with joyous anticipation. I can wait no longer. I must be sure!

- Katsuto


Toumas' Notes

Time: N/A

Location: Outside the doors of the Music Hall

I must have been lightly dozing at the door of the music room when the Lord awoke me. The dream I had been viewing had pertained to him, as well as Miss Rose. I fear I cannot fully recall it however. It has faded mostly from my mind, as most dreams are known to do upon the dreamer's return to the realm of wakefulness. The remaining bits are scattered and very few, mostly speaking of darkness, stone and candles. And the single solitary image of Miss Rose cowering in the dark, the Lord in a defensive posturing over her. His eyes betraying a deep rooted hatred. Why this is? I cannot rightly say.

As for the present: The Lord shook me roughly, his eyes wild. In such a stupor from my repose, I could not quite make any sense of his hurried words. He bade me to follow however, and I could not help but hesitate.

"My Lord, what of the Lady Rose? She still slumbers past these doors."

His response, made me drop my question and hurry after his retreating form.

"What I am to show you may well be the answer to all, including Miss Rose herself. My kingdom is reborn!"

- Tuomas

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