Memoirs of The Rose

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Nicolae's Last Stand

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




Chapter Twenty Four: Nicolae's Last Stand

Lord Bloodthorne's Thoughts

I shall never during the rest of my timeless existence forget the way my brother's eyes alighted upon Miss Rose. His words toward me had been horrible enough to stomach, but this... this was unforgivable. His golden eyes, strange even to the rest of my kind, gleamed in relation to his intent. I could hear the rumbling build in his throat as he addressed her.

"Shalt thou be mine? Flesh of mine flesh, blood of mine blood? I can make it so. Thine veins have appeased mine thirst before, and it is not but for my magic that thou remainest as the living."

From my view opposite the woman, I felt her shudder even more than saw as she looked up with a mingled expression of fear and horror as well as disgust. She well may have turned away from his mocking speech, save his burning eyes kept an unblinking spell upon her as his voice changed to tones of silk. The words glided from his fanged grin as easily as his tongue slid over a gleaming fang.

"Come to me then, and I shalt make thee, kin of mine kin, into one much greater than a mere mortal's existence. Thou desirest knowledge, dost thou not? I can give that unto thee, the whispering secrets of the shadows, the well kept records of darkness. All this and more, my dear. So much more."

I felt near sick at such lies, turning to regard Rose again with the hopes that she too would see past this ruse. Her upturned eyes were still locked with his in a war of wills, her face becoming pale under the influence of the spoken word. I felt what was left of my dead heart sink as her foot lifted to take a step forward.

It is not an easy task by any means to express the inexpressible, and the rushing of thoughts combining with the primal furies and emotions drawn out by this horrendous scene verged on simply that. My vision blurred, eyes narrowing as a pounding hatred shook my very form. I saw all that instant clearly however. Miss Rose entranced by Nicolae's spell was still slowly taking steps toward what would prove a fatal union. There was no doubt of this. And that wretched, vile being of my brother looking all the more smug in his dominance. Involuntary action took hold, and I lunged. He was still high up, yet I crouched, my muscles ready and coiled before leaping as high as I could to join him atop the lone pillar. I would not give him a chance to retaliate. His eyes were still locked on the maiden below, not daring for a moment to glance away or even fathoming the grim deed that I must do. Not losing an instant, I lowered my blade and thrust it forward. The rapier struck true to it's mark, my brother not having the chance to react or even move to defend himself against the crippling blow. I could feel the dead blood welling up, cold and black as it flowed out from his chest down to stain the marble pillar and trickle down to the earth. It was only after I heard his gasping, did I rip my weapon free and step back to see the figure now collapsing at my feet. I dared not remove my eyes from Nicolae, lest he attempt a foolhardy retaliation in his pitiful state, yet I could discern Miss Rose from the corner of my vision, staggering and attempting to wake herself from the rapidly fading trance. My brother coughed, a bit of his blood forcing itself up what was left of his lungs, tainting his lips with the black liquid as he turned his now dull eyes to me in a drained hatred.

"No..this is not all... the end cannot...I will...vengeance..."

He struggled to stand once more, as I brought a foot down to crush his hand.

"It is the end, brother. Requiescat in pace."

A fanged smirk, and he dissolved into ashes.

An unnatural wind picked up, howling through the garden as it swept up my brother's remains to carry them off to some unknown resting place. Yet as the last bits of blood and dust were airborne, I could still hear the faint hollow echo of his laughter ringing in the night. A fitting funeral dirge.

- Katsuto

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