Memoirs of The Rose

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




Chapter Twenty Seven: Epilogue

Immortal Rose's Journal

The soft grass of the forest greeted me that night as I found myself once more sprawled upon them. With some effort I stood, looking about the area to ascertain that these were in fact, my whereabouts. They were. No longer was the castle visible, or my companion. They had both vanished without a trace as if it were all a dream from the very beginning. The sky was overcast, long shadows following small glimpses of the moon as it struggled to break free from obscurity. It was during one of these passes where the celestial splendor is revealed in the heavens, that I caught sight of a small object being hidden in the tall grass by night's shadow, and now unearthed by that merciful light. I ventured to examine this, lifting it to better determine it's shape.

His. It was his. Before me was the pendant belonging to Lord Katsuto. The cross of silver and the crystal roses. I could not suppress the faint smile that stole over my lips at that moment, nor can I even now when on occasion I glimpse it among my belongings as I continue my sojourn through the forests. A token of remembrance, and perhaps more.

It has been one year since that time. One year and not a day over since I left the land of blood and roses. No trouble has come to me from that land since then, and there is little if any knowledge in this land that speak of roses and immortality. This is all for the best, I am sure. Yet I wonder on such nights as this, when the full moon shimmers off the pendant as it rests around my throat; do they still think of me in that place? Does my name still escape in the flurry of conversation there, as it has happened more than once on occasion here? It is with a fondness and warmth of heart that I remember my brief stay in the castle and my time within that realm. I may never return there, yet I constantly hope that the land of blood and night will continue to flourish, and that the roses blossom eternal.

- Immortal Rose

The End

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