Memoirs of The Rose

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Repercussions of Sleep

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




Chapter Five: Repercussions of Sleep

Immortal Rose's Journal

Forgive me, I must have dozed off slightly, for I awoke to a large crash at my chamber doors, and the sounds of the small bat fluttering about the room. I tried to lift my head, and found it quite a difficult task to do. It felt heavy, as did my eyelids. Still, they had no choice but to open as Lord Bloodthorne stormed into the room with a look of urgency. Immediately I offered a humble bow, moving back to allow him further entrance into the room. His sharp eyes appraised the surroundings as though searching for some object or entity that my mortal eyes could not glimpse. Finally, he alighted upon the goblet at my desk, completely ignoring the frantic bat still scrambling about the area. I shall never forget the expression of his visage then, as he studied the chalice. His color became a cadaverous pallor even more so under the normal pale of his skin, and his eyes widened into some inconceivable look of absolute horror. The Lord stood there for some time, frozen to the spot. After a few minutes of this, I attempted to speak with him. Before I could utter a single syllable, he stood right before me. Such a quick, nearly instantaneous movement that I was not certain he had moved at all, yet his hand caught my throat, pinning me in a manner where my eyes could do not but meet his piercing gaze. Captive to this sharp and soul searching stare, any words that still lingered in my throat died away as he spoke. Each word sharp, carefully measured.

"Did you attempt to sleep within this room? Did you close your eyes even for a brief period of rest? Answer me truthfully in this, or your words may very well be your last."

I froze, confused by the strange inquiry. Was I to be denied the basic mortal need of sleep? Nonetheless, his eyes alone prompted me to answer.

"Y-Yes, my Lord."

He removed his grip, turning away to mutter a string on unintelligible words and stare at the goblet. I too turned my attention to the object and was shocked by a change that had come over it. Instead of the crimson gems that had adorned the outside of the goblet when I had last beheld it, there were now a row of bright green emeralds that seemed to glow with an otherworldly light. My study of the goblet was ended abruptly as the Lord lifted it from it's place and started out the door. He paused upon the threshold, glancing back at me to deliver a final word of warning.

"Do not let your eyes close again with sleep while you are within this room, nay, within this very castle. I cannot guarantee your safety should it happen again. If you must heed the mortal call to slumber, seek me in my chambers immediately. It is only under my watch that I can assure you safety in repose. Until that time, return to your work!"

The door slammed shut behind him, the sound echoing into the stony halls outside. It may very well have been my imagination, or a misplaced hope of some kindness within my Lord; yet I thought that within his eyes was a hint, a small glimmer of concern as he had spoke those final words of parting. I do not have time to think on this further. Again, to work!


Entry...forgive me. My mind is numb with the want of sleep, and I cannot recall my previous entries any longer. I suppose it is no longer needed.

After this castle's Lord had left my chambers, the rapid beating of my heart prompted an immediate rush of adrenaline to my system. With that, I had hoped to stave off any form of rest or repose for a long period of time. Yet now the fear and accompanying adrenaline has all but left my system and my eyes once more yearn to submit to sleep's call. Any research or study at this point would prove to be entirely in vain. Lord Katsuto has removed the strange goblet from my room, and the text of ancient tomes dance wildly before my eyes. They blur and shift position as I struggle to focus upon them as well as the sentences they form. It is only by the lingering fear produced by the Lord's warning that I am able to keep writing. Even the little bat who had been so frightened earlier is dozing carelessly upon it's perch. I very much envy it at this point, wishing I may follow suit and find solace in ignorant slumber. Perhaps I should endeavor it once more. After all, the danger has passed, has it not?

No... I cannot take chances in such a strange place. To do so may be to risk my very life or more. Still, whatever safety was promised in his I dare intrude with such a poor excuse? He may very well think me to be weak, to be...

...I am mortal.

If I am wrong for being such, there is nothing I can do to change it. Morpheus will not be denied it seems. He beckons me sleep whether it is a welcome entreaty or not.

I must seek the Lord, and urgently.

- Immortal Rose

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