Memoirs of the Rose - The Carnival of the Damned

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A sequel to the Memoirs of the Rose; Carnival of the Damned takes place years after the events at Rosencroix, marked by the arrival of an annual circus to the land.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Memoirs of the Rose - The Carnival of the Damned

Submitted: October 03, 2013

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Submitted: October 03, 2013






The years passed quickly in the realm of night, and the seasons too brought their rapid changes across the lush landscape and surrounding villages. Soon the Autumnal Equinox had arrived once again, and with it the golden roundness of the Harvest Moon. The land retained it's resplendent beauty all the same, fall leaves of burnt orange and burgundy twisting about on the icy winds of the approaching march of winter. It was in this time, the creaking wheels of a rolling caravan came to an abrupt halt on a hill overlooking the grand Kingdom Rosencroix. A hooded figure stepped down from his perch on the lead wagon, stopping to survey the surroundings with a gleam in his olive eyes. He lowered his hood to reveal a mass of unkempt orange hair as he turned to his fellow companions with a smug grin.

"Gents, ladies... the time is again at hand for us. We set up camp here. 'Tis the season and the time is right. You feel it, yes? The winds are with us. The Carnival of the Damned has come once more to Rosencroix!"

A raucous cheer went up from the many wagons, the speaker flicking a coin in the air to glint off the moon's pure rays.

"Prepare to make camp in the valley below while I get the local rumors from yonder town nearby.” The man's lips pursed slightly as his voice took on a thoughtful tone beneath the thick Romany accent. “The land is different here, and I want to know why..."

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