Superhuman: Run-Down

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Eric Johnson had a pretty regular life. He went to school. Had a single mom. His dad left them when Eric was young. He had a best friend, Randy. He also had a bully. But things changed once he discovered his powers. A group called the Superhumans will change his life forever. He is known as the Provider, the key to stopping the devilish group of the Demonics. But will they ever be stopped when Eric was a close call and calls it quits? Find out by reading the story that'll leave you hanging at the end, wanting more.

Superhuman: Run-Down

By: Marcos Navarro

Eric ran for his life. It turns out that pushing a fat senior bully isn’t as good as an idea when you actually do it. But it wasn’t Eric’s fault. He was tired of that fat bastard, Tommy, pushing him around.

Eric stopped at an alley, hoping Tommy wouldn’t find him. He peeked at the sidewalks.

All he saw was strangers.

But he didn’t even check the other side.

That’s where Tommy and his two wannabe friends were running towards Eric.

Eric put his head in the alley.

“It’s time to pay,” said Tommy.

Eric turned around.

“You don’t want to mess with me,” said Eric.

Tommy snickered. “Just because you have some muscle doesn’t mean that you’re scary. You don’t know how to fight.”

“Just because you’re as fat as hell doesn’t mean you’re scary. You can’t fight either. All you’ll be able to do is squash me to death,” retorted Eric.

“Take that back!” demanded Tommy.

“Make me!” said Eric.

“You bet I will,” Tommy said.

But then, Eric punched him.

Tommy tried to punch him, but Eric grabbed his fist. He flipped Tommy over.

One of his wannabe friends tried to punch Eric, but he ducked, and the wannabe ended up punching the other wannabe.

Eric kicked one of them in the stomach and threw him against a trash can.

He kicked the other one’s right side. Then his left. He grabbed the wannabe by the jacket and slammed him against the wall.

Tommy got up.

He grabbed Eric.

Eric pulled away. He punched Tommy in the stomach and kicked his head.

It knocked him out.

“Whoa! How the hell did I do that?” Eric asked himself. He looked at his watch. “Holy crap! I better get home!”

The next day at school, Tommy wasn’t on the bus. No one was crying, or bleeding. There weren’t any complaints by the bus-driver about bullying. Had Eric gotten rid of him for good?

Well, the answer was revealed before first period. He had just finished putting his books in his locker. He had his binder and was ready to go to band class. When he was halfway there, the lady in the office called him down.

“Eric Johnson to the office. I repeat, Eric Johnson to the office,” she had said.

He went to the office. He found out he had to go into the principal’s office. When he entered, he saw Tommy across the principal.

“Please sit down,” ordered Mr. Henderson.

He sat down.

“Is it true that you ambushed Tommy last night?” asked Mr. Henderson.

“NO! Is that what he old you? If it is, then he’s lying!” retorted Eric. “He ran after me, and tried to ambush me. I just defended myself.”

“So you admit that you physically damaged Tommy?” asked Mr. Henderson.

“Not on purpose,” said Eric.

“Until you get someone to back up what you are saying, I’m going to have to suspend you for a week,” said Mr. Henderson.

“That’s not fair!” Eric stormed out of the office. He went back to his locker so he could go home. As he was packing up, Tommy approached him.

“Aww, who’s suspended?” mocked Tommy. “Hmm?”

“Who’s going to make me?” mocked Tommy.

Eric finally got tired of it and dropped his book bag. He pushed Tommy with all his force. Tommy went flying and crashed into the lockers. About three of them were dented.

Everyone was staring at him.

The math teacher started glaring at him. He motioned with his hand for Eric to come to talk to him.

He didn’t realize an important conversation was going on about fifteen feet away.

“So, he is the Provider,” said Vanessa Marine.

“We don’t know that yet,” responded Logan Jeffery.

“But he has the fighting quality,” said Lilly Notoras.

“He might just be another superhuman who doesn’t care. We have to do the test. If he can defeat one of us, he is the Provider,” said Drake.

“I already know a way to prove it,” said Vanessa.

“She did ask me out!” said Eric. He was talking to his best friend, Randy.

“I just don’t believe you,” responded Randy.

“Well, you should because it’s tonight.”

“I’ll believe you once you text me a picture of you and her.”


Eric felt confident when he sat down across Vanessa. He had his expensive cologne on and had eaten five breath mints.

“Hey,” greeted Vanessa.

“Hey,” said Eric, as he sat down.

After eating he and Vanessa had a small conversation that, Eric didn’t realize, was about to determine who he was.

“So, what made you want to go on a date with me?” asked Eric. He should’ve asked since when she had started liking him, but the question he asked worked too.

“I used to think you were an asshole, but since I found out how strong and badass you were, I started to have second thoughts,” she explained.

“Just saying, all the guys would’ve said yes,” said Eric.

“Nice to know,” responded Vanessa. She turned around to look around to look at the alley. She saw Logan in his costume. It was time to put the plan to use. “I got to go. I’ll see you when you get unsuspended.”

Vanessa walked out of the restaurant. Eric saw her walking. Then, he saw her walk into an alley. The same alley where he had kicked Tommy’s fat ass.

What the hell, Eric thought to himself. Why is she going into the frickin’ alley. I have to check it out.

Eric left thirty bucks on the table and walked out of the restaurant. He went to the alley. He heard Vanessa scream.

That made him run.

When he got to the alley, a guy in a black suit was attacking her.

But it wasn’t just a guy in a black suit.

It was a ninja.

“Hey! Get away from her!” Eric ran towards the ninja. He kicked him in the stomach and then punched on both cheeks. Then he threw him against a trash can.

But then he got up and punched Eric. He kicked both of Eric’s thighs and pushed him against a wall. Eric tried to punch him, but the ninja ducked and tripped him.

“Logan! Be careful!” warned Vanessa.

But then, Logan came rushing into the alley without a ninja mask.

“I went to go get a doughnut!” said Logan.

Vanessa gasped. “That’s a real Demonic’s Ninja!” said Vanessa.

Eric got up and kicked the ninja in the back, then slammed him on the ground. Then, fire started shooting out of Vanessa’s hands! She was burning the ninja alive.

She caused a big fire. Luckily, Logan blew it out!

Eric’s jaw dropped.

“Why you looking at us like that? You’re one of us!” said Vanessa.

“What?” asked Eric. “No I’m not! I’m not a freak!”

“I told you he wouldn’t understand,” said Logan. Then, two more people came into the alley.

“We’ll explain everything tomorrow. At school,” said Lilly.

“But I’m suspended,” said Eric.

Drake pulled out a ring from his pocket. He handed it to Eric.

“It’s an invisibility ring. Press the little button on it and then get into the school,” said Drake. Then he handed Eric a folded sheet of paper. “Those are the instructions to get into our lair.”

“Lair? Invisibility Ring? Freak? You expect me to believe this?’ asked Eric.

“You will when you hear everything tomorrow,” said Vanessa.

Eric hesitated. “Alright,” Eric reluctantly said.

“Good,” said Logan. Then all of them flew away.

Eric was hoping that he dreamt all of what happened last night. But he didn’t. The paper Drake had given him was still in his pocket. He also still had the invisibility ring.

He hadn’t read the note yet or tested the ring. But was he actually going to believe everything that the four people had told him. What if he was being pranked? But he had to believe it. He saw Vanessa burn the ninja alive. Then he saw Logan blow the fire out! He had to believe it.

Before Eric got out of his car, he decided to read the instructions of how to get into the freaks’ lair.

Go to locker 352 and enter the combination of 34 - 09 - 23. The say your name and your identity to the group. Here’s yours.

Eric Johnson, The Provider

“Well, here goes nothing,” Eric said to himself. He put the ring on and pressed the button. To make sure it worked, he raised his hand in front of his face.

He couldn’t see it!

The ring had worked.

He exited his car. He ran into the school. Normally, one of the teachers would stop a student from running. But since he was invisible, he could do anything. In fact, he decided to have a little fun. He went up to the math teacher. She had always been a bitch to everyone. He smacked her in the back of the head and ran away. He thought that he might’ve just driven her crazy, but he didn’t care.

Eric moved on and went to look for locker 352. He knew exactly where it was because the person who had locker 350 was complaining that the person who had locker 351 smelled awful. Eric entered the combination.

“Eric Johnson, the Provider,” said Eric. Then, he got sucked into the locker.

Eric was visible again. But he didn’t care. He was in a huge room, or lair. There were six 100” flat screens. All of them had keyboards on a table below. The chairs were awesome. There was an awesome black leather couch across a 40” flat screen. There were also twelve doors. The one that was open lead to a kitchen. Then, Eric noticed a mat placed somewhere with a dummy on a stick.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” asked Vanessa. Eric turned around. She looked even hotter than last night. Was it because she was black eye-liner instead of blue. Or was it because she was dressed almost entirely in black? Eric didn’t know. All he knew was that she looked hotter than the night before and that he loved the color black.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Okay. Now, follow me,” she said. She walked towards the couch. Eric noticed three other people sitting. He didn’t notice them before. It was probably because he was awe-struck.

Everyone stood up.

“We should go into the kitchen. It’ll be better if you sit down while we explain everything,” suggested Vanessa. Eric followed her and the others to the kitchen.

They all sat down. There were six seats available at the kitchen table. Everyone had one. There was only one empty one.

“You are the Provider, Eric,” said Vanessa.

“What’s the Provider?” asked Eric.

“You really need to work on your explaining of things,” said Logan. “I’ll explain. A hundred years ago, a group called the Demonics tried to take over the world. They tried to cast an evil spell on everyone. Luckily, our grandparents were there. They were part of our group. Our group is called the Superhumans.”

“Our group contains five people with different powers. Someone has the power of fire. Someone has the power of water. Someone has the power of wind. Someone has the power to control Earth. And we have one sorcerer that’s called the Provider who has magic. You’re the provider” said Lilly.

“I have the power of fire,” said Vanessa. “I can start fires, control fire and pretty much do anything with fire. Except putting out a fire with my control over fire. I haven’t mastered that yet.”

“I have the power of wind,” said Logan. “That’s why I was able to blow out the fire Vanessa started. Me and Lilly are normally the ones to put out the fires Vanessa starts. Anyway, I can control wind, blow really hard, and control wind-related weather.”

“I have the power of water,” said Lilly. “I control water. Water can’t hurt me, in fact, it heals me.”

“And I have the power to control earth,” said Drake. “I control weather and all nature.”

“Okay, and names.” said Eric.





“I’m good,” said Eric.

“Did we mention that we have four missing Superhumans?” asked Lilly.

“No,” said Eric.

“Well, we do. We have one with super-strength, one with super-speed, and two angels,” said Vanessa.

“Okay,” Eric was finding this really hard to believe. They said that their ancestors were warriors before them. Why wasn’t his dad or his mom. Of course his dad left him and his mom when Eric was seven. But still, he would’ve known. His mom would’ve told him.

“You said that your ancestors were warriors before you,” said Eric.

“Yeah,” responded Vanessa.

“Does it skip a generation? My dad didn’t tell me about it. Neither did my mom,” asked Eric.

“That’s because you father chose not to be the Provider.”

Eric turned around. At the kitchen door was a man who looked like he was in his late forties. Eric was only guessing. Wrinkles never gave an exact age. He had some gray in his hair. He was wearing a tracksuit. Eric recognized him. He’s actually seen him around before. What everyone thought about the Superhuman Warriors was that they were super-advanced and that this dude was their professor. But they always entered the vacant science room. Was there another entrance.

“That’s Master Kurt. He’s our trainer and teacher. He actually defeated the Demonics by himself after his team was killed,” said Lilly.

“I can see while you call him master,” said Eric.

“Thank god you came in when you did. We are in trouble,” said Master Kurt.

“Wait, what do you mean my dad chose not to be the Provider?” asked Eric.

“He thought it was too much to be the Provider. He quit but never returned his ring. And we need a Provider. He’s the center of our strategy to defeat the Demonics,” explained Master Kurt.

“Rings?” asked Eric.

“Oh!” Master Kurt pulled out a ring from his pocket and gave it to Eric. “There’s your ring.”

“Every warrior has a ring of power. We need it to make our power do as we say. It’s really hard to control the power without a ring,” said Drake.

Eric put the ring on.

“I thought you said my dad didn’t give the ring back,” pointed out Eric.

“Oh did I say ring? I meant to say the wand that the Provider uses. But only he can teach you how to use it. The power would be too overwhelming for even me,” said Master Kurt.

Eric still had questions but he didn’t ask because he knew that it could take hours for them to explain.

There was brief moment of silence.

“Do you accept,” asked Master Kurt.

“Just remember, the Demonics want to enslave the whole world and kill people,” said Vanessa.

“Whoa, what?” asked Eric. Eric had to say yes after what Vanessa said.


“Yeah,” said Eric.

“Good training starts in thirty minutes,” said Master Kurt.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Training?” asked Eric.

“Yes!” said Master Kurt.

Eric still had questions but he didn’t ask because he knew that it could take hours for them to explain.

There was brief moment of silence.

“Do you accept,” asked Master Kurt.

“Just remember, the Demonics want to enslave the whole world and kill people,” said Vanessa.

“Whoa, what?” asked Eric. Eric had to say yes after what Vanessa said.


“Yeah,” said Eric.

“Good training starts in thirty minutes,” said Master Kurt.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Training?” asked Eric.

“Yes!” said Master Kurt.

Training was something new to Eric. Well, at least this kind was. Each of the warriors went into a room and started using their powers on a dummy.

Eric went into a room with Master Kurt.

“Okay Eric, do you have your ring on a finger?” asked Master Kurt.


“Okay, now turn this dummy pink.”


“By using a spell. You know, from that spell book in your house, that your mom says is fake.”

“I haven’t read in years.” said Eric.

“I know. Every Provider learns the spells at one point before they actually discover their powers,” said Master Kurt.

“Okay. Just give a minute to remember.” Eric didn’t take long to remember everything that he learned the summer between seventh and eighth grade.

“Rursus hoc diversus color,” said Eric as he pointed his hand on the dummy and thought about the color pink. His hands were actually glowing! That meant that the magic was actually working and that magic was real! This was exciting. Eric watched in astonishment as the dummy actually turned pink.

“Good job” complemented Master Kurt.


“Now, something harder. Make the dummy an animate object,” ordered Master Kurt.

“Rursus hoc animatum,” said Eric. The dummy actually started walking. It was amazing.

The rest of training was pretty fun. It was just a bunch of spells. One of them took a few tries. But he eventually got it.

“I can’t wait to tell Randy!” Eric said before he left.

“What?” said Vanessa. She ran in front of Eric.

“What” asked Eric.

“You can’t tell anyone about this! It’s too risky! Humans might try to destroy us for not sharing the power with them! They might even lock us up in a control super scientist lab!” said Vanessa.”

“You have to promise not to tell,” said Master Kurt.

Eric was disappointed but he knew he had to agree. They all sounded serious.

“Alright,” said Eric. As he flashed out and was at his front door.


It was Saturday night. The gang invited Eric to the dance club place by the radio station. He couldn’t wait. They were all really cool. He was just glad he didn’t have to wait anymore since he was already parked.

It wasn’t that expensive to get in. That was good. When he went into the actual club, he saw Lilly, Logan, Vanessa, and Drake.

“Hey guys,” said Eric.

“Hey,” they all said.

They had fun. It was so awesome. The drinks were cheap and so was the food. But who knew not looking at what someone was wearing could turn a whole night upside down.

There was someone in a black suit. He had a mask.

Eric was the first one to notice.

“Hey guys, look,” Eric pointed at the ninja.

“Oh my god,” said Vanessa.

That was when the ninja pulled out a gun.

“Everybody! Get out! Someone has a gun!” shouted Eric after he climbed onto a table. Everyone rushed out the door in a panic. The ninja pointed the gun at the guy who took people’s orders behind the counter.

“NO!” shouted Eric. He rushed towards the ninja and pushed him. “Now’s your chance! Get out!” The man ran out of the building with no intention to argue.

“We can beat him it’s only one!” said Drake.

“I don’t think so,” said Eric.

“What do you mean?’ asked Drake.

“Turn around!” said Eric. All of them turned around to see four ninjas.

They didn’t hesitate to start fighting them.

Eric grabbed the ninja and tried to throw him over the counter of the cash register. But the ninja pulled away. He punched Eric and then threw him over the counter.

“I thought the Provider would have better fighting skills,” insulted the ninja.

Vanessa got pushed onto the table. She slapped the ninja for doing that. But the slap hurt the ninja hard because Vanessa had made her hand glow with fire. She grabbed a chair and hit the ninja with it, knocking him out.

Logan tried to punch the ninja, but he ducked. Logan spun around 180 degrees when he missed, allowing the ninja to kick his back, knocking him over the table. The ninja grabbed him, but Logan pulled away. He punched the ninja as hard as he could.

That sent him flying, denting the wall with his head.

Lilly tried punching the ninja several times, but kept missing. The ninja grabbed her arm and flipped her over. The ninja got her up to throw her over the table, but Lilly pulled away. She started squirting water into the ninja’s eyes. Then, she squirted water all over the dance floor, at least the part where the ninja was standing.

The ninja fell over.

“There’s a reason no one should ever wash the dance floor,” she said. Then she covered the ninja’s mouth and started squirting water into it. Not letting him breathe, she knew that this would kill him. She kept doing it until the ninja stopped moving.

Drake kicked the ninja on both sides. He threw him over the table. Then ninja jumped back up and kicked Drake onto the wall. The ninja got out a ninja star and threw it at Drake.

Luckily, Drake ducked in time.

Then, so frustrated, he pushed the ninja and then kicked him onto the table.

The ninja broke the table.

Eric was getting up, but the ninja was ahead of him. He kicked Eric’s ribcage. Then, he got him up and slammed him against the counter, denting it.

“Are you gonna cry? You won’t stop us! You never will!” shouted the ninja. Eric, then, saw the ninja pull out a ninja star.

Fortunately, so did Vanessa.

“NO!” she shouted as she shot the ninja with fire.

The ninja grunted. “You’ll pay!” he threw the ninja star at Vanessa. She, along with the other warriors, ducked. The ninja star hit the wall.

The ninja jumped over the counter and went towards the warriors.

“You are all going to die,” he said as he got out his sword.

“Procidamus!” shouted Eric. He sent the ninja flying threw a glass cabinet with a bunch of pictures in it. Eric just assumed they were the karaoke winners of every season.

Then ninja got up slowly. He ran faster than the warriors could dream and escaped into his car.

“Wait, Demonic Ninjas don’t talk unless there the leader of the ninjas. And they don’t need cars!” pointed out Lilly.

“Unless he’s the person who’s been running over the people,” suggested Logan.

They all ran out the door to see the ninja run over a teenager who pushed his girlfriend out of the way.

Vanessa gasped.

They all knew they needed the help of Master Kurt.

“That’s how we know that the ninja leader is the person who’s been hitting people with his cursed car,” said Vanessa. She had just explained everything to Master Kurt.

“We have to stop him as soon as possible,” said Master Kurt.

“We know,” said Drake. Master Kurt turned over to Eric. He was sitting more still than ever.

“Is something wrong?” asked Master.

Eric took a moment to think. “Yeah. I can’t do this anymore,” he said.

“What?” asked everyone at the same time.

“That was too close! I almost got killed!” said Eric.

“Eric, we all have close calls at some point, but we have to put our lives in danger in order to save everyone else‘s,” said Lilly.

“I’m sorry, I have to quit. I just can’t do this anymore,” said Eric.

“Eric, we can’t wait twenty more years for the next Provider! We need you now!” said Master Kurt.

“I’m sorry,” Eric walked out of the lair, leaving everyone hopeless.


Eric was texting Randy for the first time in a week. He was just upset he had to lie.

Randy: Where have u been l8ly?

Eric: Busy :P

Randy: with?

Eric: being grounded. My mom was pissed when she found out that I got suspended.

Randy: O

Eric didn’t like lying to Randy, but he couldn’t tell him about the lair or the Superhuman Warriors. He had no choice.

“Who are you calling?” Logan asked Master Kurt.

“Eric’s father. He’s the only one who can convince him,” said Master Kurt.

“What?” asked Vanessa.

“You will all meat him at the Walmart parking lot at 4:00 am. Disable the cameras and negotiate with John,” explained Master Kurt.

“Okay,” they all said.

None of them had any doubt in Master Kurt. He always got his way. All they knew was that they better be prepared for anything at 4:00.

They were a bit surprised that John had showed up. It was the middle of the night. Lilly and Vanessa had already gotten rid of the cameras.

“Why did you want to see me?” asked John.

“You have to convince Eric to be the Provider. The Demonics’ leader is more powerful than ever!” said Drake.

“I didn’t do it because I couldn’t. I don’t know if you know this, but I didn’t know Latin. I couldn’t do spells. That’s the reason I chose not to be the Provider. But since he can, I will convince him.

“I don’t think so.”

They all turned to see a ninja. The same ninja that had attacked them at the club.

“Lance?” asked John.

“Surprised you remember me,” said Lance.

“Leave us alone,” ordered John.

“Why don’t you make me?” asked John.

“Because I can’t,” admitted John.

The infuriated Lilly. She couldn’t stand to see evil make fun of the good people. She struck Lance with water, slamming him on his car.

Meanwhile, Vanessa texted Eric.

Your dad’s in trouble. Get here now!

Surprisingly, Eric showed up. He saw Lilly one the ground, while the rest of the warriors were failing to defeat Lance.

“Procidamus!” he shouted. He sent Lance flying threw the window to the driver seat in his car.

“Thanks!” said Vanessa.

Eric looked at his dad.

“What are you doing here?” asked Eric.

“You have to be the Provider,” said his dad.

“Why?” asked Eric.

“Because, everyone could die if the Demonics gain control,” said his dad.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know that the wand will change your mind!” said John. “Let me just go get it.”

John went to the back side of Walmart. He probably hid it just in case the Demonics showed up.

“So, are you going to join us again?” asked Vanessa.

“No,” said Eric.

“Why?” asked Vanessa.

“Because! I have a life out there! I’m not going to die!” said Eric.

“No one said you were going to die!” said Vanessa.

Eric backed away. He just stood there.

Then, Lilly noticed something. A car was heading towards Eric.

“Eric! Watch out!” she struck Eric with water, sending him flying ten feet. She stood where Eric was before and she got hit by the car.

Everyone gasped as she rolled off the car’s windshield.

They all kneeled down next her.

“Logan! Get Eric’s dad!” shouted Vanessa

Logan used the wind to jump from there to the back of Walmart. He was back almost right away.

All of a sudden, Vanessa got a text.

She gasped.

You can have the wand, just not the only one who can teach him how to use it.


Logan was holding what looked like a flute case.

“Where is he?” asked Vanessa.

“I don’t know!” he shouted.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s gone.”

Submitted: February 25, 2012

© Copyright 2022 ImmortalMarcos. All rights reserved.

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hey! The plot totally caught my eye! A great story, bro:P Keep it up 8D

Mon, June 11th, 2012 6:18am


Thanks! I'll read your stuff too.

Mon, June 11th, 2012 7:47am


Good start! The fights scenes were good and detailed; I liked the build-up there was before revealing he was a superhuman. Well written; good job :)

Sat, July 6th, 2013 3:33pm


Thanks!! I'll keep reading yours. I hope you like the rest! Still making more!

Sat, July 6th, 2013 9:07am

Effy Roams

I loved the fight-scenes, haha. Usually, if I were to do that, I'd have to watch actual fights for the details XD I love the plot :3

Tue, August 13th, 2013 11:48pm


Thanks! Hope you like the other ones!

Tue, August 13th, 2013 5:02pm

Jane Conner

Wow, very graphic and very cool! The fight scenes are described well and you end it on a Great cliffhanger, I loved it! Well done, really great

Tue, January 28th, 2014 7:35am


Thanks! Always great to have new input!

Tue, January 28th, 2014 9:19am

Alex The shadow girl

Totally interesting and I loved the fight scenes. I'm going ti read this whole series. Loved it.

Sat, July 12th, 2014 4:52am


Thank you!!

Sat, July 12th, 2014 8:35am

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