Love, And Everything In Between

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Kayla thought her date with her boyfriend, Devan, would be perfect, but it turns out it was anything BUT perfect.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kayla's 'Dream Date'

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



She'd dressed up to impress.

Her fair curls hanging half way down her small back, and she was wearing a cute little pink sundress.

She sat on her bed, waiting anxiously for her boyfriend to come.

They were going down to the beach that night, to have a pinic dinner.

Or so their parents thought.

Kayla and her boyfriend, Devan, had other plans.

She stood up from her bed and strolled over to her mirror. Her bright round blue eyes were gently enhanced with a bit of purple eyeshadow, giving her a soft shadow. Her lips were plump, with a sheer pink gloss.

At last, her misery disappeared, and Devan pulled up in his car.

Kayla raced down the hallway, slipped on her thongs and sprinted out the door.

"Your thongs are on the wrong foot, babe" Devan laughed as Kayla shut the car door.

Kayla looked at her feet in horror.

"Oh, shit..."she shrieked, andblushed furiously.

Devan chuckled and shook his head.

The waves were soft and gentle as Kayla and Devan walked along the sand.

But they weren't holding hands.

Kayla felt a bit unsure, but she shrugged it off.

They walked down the beach a little bit more.

Both of them didn't talk the whole time.

"Here?" Devan suggested as he stopped on top of a sand dune, the moon light casting eerie shadows on his face.

Kayla smiled and nodded "Yeah".

He laid down the soft blanket on the pale sand, and Kayla sat down, crossing her legs. Devan sat down right next to her, and pulled out some food from his cane picnic basket. Water crackers, Salmon dip, orange juice, a bag of plain chips and a thermos full of coffee.

Their night was set.

They ate, and drank coffee, and talked about everything.

Every now and then, Devan would creep ever soslightly closer to Kayla, until finally, their thighs touched.

A huge tingle split through Kayla's body as Devan wrapped his hand around hers.

She felt safe.

But only for a split second.

Devan went in for a huge kiss. Completely unexpected. His hands were running up and down her thighs furiously, and Kayla felt very uncomfortable and a bit scared.

"Devan...." she mumbled.

But Devan ignored her.

He continued to touch her everywhere, and started tugging at the top of her strapless sundress.

"Devan, what are you doing!?" Kayla shrieked, but once again Devan ignored her. He pulled the top of her dress down, showing her chest.

He stared at her greedily.

Kayla tried to push him away with her arms, but Devan was strong, and kept going.

He got on top of her, and pushed her down into the blanket.

"Get off me!" she screamed.

Devan slapped her, and Kayla winced.

"Devan, please.." she started to cry.

He kept going.

Devan slipped off his pants and boxers, and got himself lined up.

"You wanted it? Your gonna get it, babe" He smirked.

But this is not what Kayla wanted.

She screamed and cried and shrieked, but Devan tried to keep her quiet by slapping her face.

That night, when Devan dropped her home, she sprinted to her room, and cried. She cried until her tears soaked the front of her crumpled sundress. She stared at the beginning of a bruise on the inside of her thigh, and cried even more. Hiccups took over as she heaved and coughed from crying so much. Then she ran to the bathroom and had a hot shower, and tried to scrub herself down there. She felt dirty, used, worthless, but no amount of soap could make her pure again.

She hopped into bed, deleted all her photos of her and Devan, and anything that reminded her of him. She was going to start fresh.

Well, try to.

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