Love, And Everything In Between

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Crash

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



The moon light shun down brightly on his face, defining all his perfect features. The wind was blowing about his hair, which was a light sandy colour. I ran my fingers through his hair, trying to resist the urge to kiss his full lips. But, he was thinking the complete opposite. He didn’t want to resist the urge. I smiled as his plump lips gently landed on mine. His kisses were perfect, absolutely breathtaking, literally. His rough hands landed on my hips, and the kiss deepened. We were in his car, a beautiful, leather seated Commodore, and we decided to stop before we were beyond self-control. My boyfriend, Adam, had taken me up the icy road of Mount Kosciuszko at night, and parked at one of the most spectacular viewing places I’ve ever seen. We were equipped. We had food, blankets, torches, our favourite CD’s and protection, but obviously we didn’t need that. I giggled at the thought as Adam pulled out of the car park.

“Did you put the chains on the tires?” I asked, anxiously.

Adam looked at me and rested his hand on my warm thigh.

“Yes, Elle, I did”.

I sighed. Sliding off the icy road and down the mountain because of the lack of grip was the complete last thing on my mind.

I slid in one of my favourite CD’s, and Coldplay’s “Paradise” started playing. Adam tapped his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat, and I smiled. I started singing very quietly.

“When she was just a girl…..she inspected the world…” I whispered, not wanting to break the almost perfect silence.

I looked to my right, and Adam was grinning.

But the peace between us was taken away right before my eyes.

It was like everything was going in slow motion. The bright white lights seemed to just slowly skid right down the road. Loud music was being played as their four-wheeled drive came on a collision course.

Adam had literally no time to swerve and dodge the out of control car, and as its bonnet came head on and demolished his prized Commodore, everything went so slow. I felt like nothing was happening, like my whole world went blank, and black, for what felt like eternity, but, in reality, it was only a split second.

Our car had skidded backwards on the icy road. I don’t know how far. It ended up ramming a gum tree, which saved us from rolling down the mountain. The force of our car hitting the tree had caused all the soft snow to plummet onto what was left of the roof.

The first thing I realized was that I couldn’t feel my legs. But, strangely enough, I could move them easily. I lifted my legs from under the motor, which was forced back into the car from the impact, and I suddenly wished I didn’t. I stared at my legs in horror. A large metal bar was protruding from my left leg, but I couldn’t feel it. I wrapped my wrist around it, and yanked hard on it. I felt that, and I screamed in pain, but I kept pulling it slowly, painfully. My face cringed and my eyes were glued shut, and I finally got the metal bar dislodged from my shin. A bloody mess of a hole was left behind. I could move my arms completely fine, apart from a little muscle cramps, so I whipped off my jumper and tied it around the hole, which was now leaking so much blood it starting to drop from my leg, like a running tap.

I looked to my right for Adam, but the snow had caved the roof in between us, so I couldn’t see him. I started to get even more scared than I already was. The car door was so demented I couldn’t find the handle; so instead, I managed to squeeze out the window frame. I dropped onto the cold road, and squealed in pain as I landed on my elbow. I was panicking even more now when I realized I couldn’t move that arm anymore. I started seriously crying now, but I persisted. I needed to get to Adam, and make sure he was okay. It took me about three or four precious and valuable minutes to hoist myself up, despite the sharp pain that shot all the way up and down my left leg, and my now broken elbow, which I could now see the huge lump. My jumper was soaked in blood.

About twenty five metres from me, the four-wheeled drive had equal amount of damage. The roof had caved in too, and the front windscreen has completely shattered, as were the rest of the windows. I limped to the other side of the car, and with my good arm, I only needed to pull lightly for the door to fall off, and Adam’s lifeless body fell out, landing with a solid thud on the road.

I froze.

And then I screamed.

A blood curdling, scared, hurt scream.

It suddenly felt like my whole world was just collapsing underneath me, swallowing me up in a sea of despair.

Just from the sight of him made me burst into tears, screaming for help. Screaming for anything.

“Adam…” I whispered, and touched his pale face. I was instantly repulsed as I felt something warm, sticky and wet on his soft cheek.

I lifted my fingers to my nose, and smelt.


My hand moved back to his bloody face, and I followed the trail to find were the blood was coming from.

My fingers stopped at his mouth.

Adam was bleeding from his mouth.

Nausea swept over me, making me feel dizzy instantly, and I vomited.

I was a crying, vomiting, bloody mess.

“Adam!” I screamed “Adam, come back!” I was hysterical by now, hiccupping and dry heaving from the sweet smell of his warm blood. My vision was all blurry as my tears fell on Adam’s angelic face.

“No!” I cried “No!”

I struggled to get up again, but I did it. I limped all the way over to, what looked like, a dark green Toyota, and collapsed against the metal, all my strength drained out from me.

I peered inside the cab, and from what I saw, there were only two passengers, who looked like they had gone. I yelled out to them, and started crying again when I realized no one was alive in the Toyota. I dragged myself to the back of the cab, and looked to see if there were other passengers, but all I saw, were a mixture of both full and empty Victoria Bitter stubbies, sprawled on what was left of the cab floor and back seat. Fury suddenly washed over me as I think I realized they were drunk, driving. I found earlier a huge wet stain on the front of the driver’s shirt, so I hopped back to driver’s window, ripped his shirt and smelt the wet patch.


They were drunk, and killed my boyfriend.

I was angry, so angry I started cussing at the dead people. I wanted them to be alive to they could live with the guilt of killing someone’s loved one.

I tried to hop back to the car. I was in so much agonizing pain, and I lost all my strength and collapsed onto the freezing road. It took me so long to commando crawl back to Adam’s body. I crawled into a huge pool of blood, and I instantly vomited again. I moved away from his blood, and crawled to the other side of him. I wrapped his pale and heavy arm around my neck, and I rested my head onto his chest.

I was not used to hearing no heartbeat.

I wanted to spend one last night with him.


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