BonFire Summer

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Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010



I wanted to be with my boyfriend, but I was being forced to drive out to our summer cabin on the lake in the middle of nowhere. We were only 2 hours into the 5 hour drive. I dug into my back pack to get my phone. One new text. From Will: “hey Nikki. I miss u a lot. I wish u were still here):! I sighed. I missed him a lot too! “Babe, I know. I miss u 2!”

I shoved my phone into the back pack and slowly drifted off the sleep. When I woke up, we were pulling into the long driveway up to the cabin. Great… Here. Besides the fact that I didn’t have my Will, I don’t know why I didn’t want to be here. I’ve loved the cabin ever since I was a little girl. I sighed again.

I reluctantly helped my parents take everything into the cabin. We had so many bags of groceries… And thanks to my mom who was on a diet, none of it was junk food. But at least there was a little snack shack down by the lake. I set some bags down on the kitchen counter and opened up a bag of baby carrots and popped a few into my mouth.

“MOM. DAD. I’m going down to the lake! I have my cell if you need me. But don’t bother; I’ll probably have my iPod turned up full volume!” I yelled. They knew I was angry about having to leave Will. We had spent almost every day together this summer. “Can we come with you?” I turn around and see my twin brothers standing there. “Sure… Whatever just doesn’t bother me,” I said hesitantly. I stomped up to my room on the top floor and threw my bags onto the bed. I pulled out my phone and text Will. “Hey cutie. I’m finally here. I wish u cud have come!” I snapped my phone shut and pulled my two pieces out of my duffle bag. On the way down the stairs I grabbed a towel and slipped on my flip flops. “Ugh,” I said to myself as I made my way down to the lake, “ANOTHER family is here.” There were always multiple families that stayed on the lake. Most of them always had little kids. So it shocked me when I got closer to see a group of teenage boys sitting on the dock. I stopped dead in my tracks, my jaw dropping open. I could hear my twin brothers, Michael and Shane, laughing behind me. “We’re going to go see if they want to play Frisbee with us!” My two annoyances yelled as they ran past me. Stupid 11 year olds. Quickly realizing what they were doing, I sprinted after them and grabbed them by the collars of their shirts. “WHAT do you think you’re doing!? You can’t just go up to those boys and ask them to play! They’re teenagers! Like me.” The snickered. “Think of it this way Nikki. If we go ask them to play, you can stop us and introduce yourself to them!” And with that they skipped down to the dock, leaving me there thinking about what they had just said. I guess they were right… Agh. Stupid brothers! They knew that I had a boyfriend! Were they TRYING to corrupt my relationship!? Well, I wouldn’t put it past them if they were… Ugh. I walked down to the dock and spread my towel out at one end. Unfortunately, the dock wasn’t very big so there wasn’t any way to avoid the boys. I sighed and sat down, putting my head phones on and turning my iPod volume up loud. Enjoying the sun and warmth, I slowly started to fall asleep once more. I dreamt of being with Will on the dock as the sun set. Me in his arms, all peaceful and romantic. Him leaning in for a kiss… SPLASH. I woke up from my heavenly dream by the abrupt feeling of water all around me. I had been freaking’ pushed into the water while I was sleeping! Obviously by my brothers. “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, BOYS!? AGH. YOU ARE SO ANNOYING.” I yelled angrily. They giggled. “You were sleeping, Nikki. We wanted to wake you up to meet our new friends!” They said, almost in unison. Freaky how they did that. Friends? I thought to myself. Oh. My. God. They meant the teenage boys. No no no. “Nik, meet Mark, Sam, Scott, Brandon, and Jonathan. They’re all up here for the summer with Mark’s family.” I smiled weakly. “Hey guys...” I said, clearly embarrassed. I blushed. “Hey Nikki,” they all said at roughly the same time, “We should hang out later. We’re having a bon fire at 9:00. Invite the whole family. Your brothers’ rock!” And with that, they all walked away. Except for one. Sam stopped and slowly walked over to the side of the dock. “Here,” he said, offering me his hand. “Thanks,” I mumbled, reaching up. “I really do hope you come to the bonfire; they’re a lot of fun. S’mores and everything!” I laughed. “I’ll certainly try!” Sam smiled and walked away to catch up with his friends. Great. I was just invited to go to a bonfire by a bunch of hot guys all my age. But I mean… I guess it’ll get my mind off of Will for a while… After the group of guys left, I sighed and picked up my towel to dry off. I looked down at my phone to see what time it was. 6:18. And I noticed that I had a new text. Of course it was my Will. “I know baby. I wish I was there. I’ll call u later 2 night, ok?” Tonight. Oh gosh. If I was at the bonfire, he might get suspicious. But I didn’t want to ignore the boys’ invitation. That would be rude. I sighed. I’d figure it out later. Mom and dad would need help with dinner soon, so I decided to make my way back up to the house. As I walked through the door, I yelled to my parents, “MOM. DAD. BACK.” “Okay sweetie. We’ll be started dinner in about 30 minutes. Why don’t you go shower off?” I heard my mom say from the family room. Then I heard other voices. I decided to go check it out. Sitting on the love seat opposite the couch, I saw man and woman who looked about my parent’s age. “Hey darling. I thought you were going to go shower?” My dad said lightly. “I am. Just wanted to see who our company was!” I said politely. “Ah. Yes. Honey, this is Mr. and Mrs. Hood. They have a son named Mark. You might have met him and his friends down at the dock. We were just introducing ourselves and being neighborly,” My dad said. “Very nice to meet you. And yea. I met the boys. They’re pretty cool… Anyways. Shower!” I said as I ran up the stairs. While I was in the shower, I heard a knocking at the door. Ugh. The two little boogers? “Honey?” I heard a voice say. No, just mom. “Yea mom?” “The Hoods just left and they invited us to a bonfire. It starts at 9:00 and I told them we would go!” “Alright mom. Thanks.” I said, trying to be polite. Ugh. Well, at least my mom decided for me. If Will called, I would have to deal somehow. After my shower ended, I wrapped my towel around me and headed for my room. While I was digging through my duffel bag I heard something hit my window. I thought maybe it was just a stupid bug, so I didn’t worry about it. Then something hit my window again. Okay, it was a REALLY stupid bug. Then again. AGH. Finally, it got annoying so I went over to my window, still in a towel. I peeked my head out the window. Standing there with a handful of pebbles was Sam. “SAM!” I cried, “What are you doing here!?” He hesitated for a moment. “I just wanted to talk, is that okay?” He said shyly. I sighed. “Of course it is, just lemme get dressed and I’ll—” He cut me off, blushing. “You aren’t dressed? Oh, I’m so sorry. I can come back later if you’d like...” He said in an embarrassed tone. “No! It’s fine. It’ll only take me a minute.” I ran to my duffle bag and pulled out a black pair of soffee shorts and my bright orange “POW” shirt from XXI forever. I took a quick look at my phone. 2 new texts. From Will: “babe. U ok? U haven’t responded in a while.” I typed a quick, “I’m fine, Willy. jus busy!” The second one. From Emily: “HEY! I miss you! Call me later, ok babe?” Emily was my best friend. I texted her back. “Ok! I miss u 2!” I shut my phone and tossed it onto my bed. Running downstairs, I nearly tripped. I couldn’t help but be excited. Sam was so cute. Really tanned. Perfectly toned. The perfect brown hair. Gorgeous green eyes… What am I thinking?! I love Will. I can’t be having these kinds of thoughts about some boy I met an hour ago!

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