Chapter 1: Please! No! Stop!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I knew my mother was planning to leave when she had the arguement, her last word was "DIVORCED".He made her leave without a word, without a notice, without a warning, not even a sound when she closed the door on us. I ran straight to her room to find that everything of hers was gone.

I cant believe that she would do this to me, her own flesh and blood. The one that supposedly meant the world to her. And she goes and does this to me, why! Why me she couldnt of kicked him out, but no it had to be me. The arguement was pathetic. It was over the fact that he hasnt been doing the fair share of the housework, she only just noticed. Hes never done anything to help, just sits around drinking his life away, getting fat. Im ashamed of him.

As soon as she left, hell began. Every night I had to put up with it all!

'Rose do this, Rose do that', I got sick of it. No one could ever see how much pain I was in until that one day. The day I started back at school in year 9. It felt like my whole life had changed. I was being noticed. Finally I was getting known as the pretty one, the popular one, the one everyone looked up too.  Thats when it happened.

I had found her, the girl I had been waiting all my life for. My new bestfriend, the girl I could talk to about anything and everything. The girl who I could look up to for anything, the one I could share the secrets with and let all my pain out with, as she had been going through the exact same pain as me. Except her mum had stayed and her dad left. She was more of the daddies little princess.

When her dad left she was heartbroken, just like me. There are nights when we spend all night long crying our selves to sleep, trying to get rid of the pain inside. When my mum left me it felt like I had been stabbed more then a thousand times constantly over and over again. The pain was to much to handle, I couldnt take it.

Submitted: February 21, 2010

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I love it!! Then her father meet her mother and there parents get married and they become STEP SISTERS!! I hope you continue. Lol it sounds really good.

Sun, February 21st, 2010 3:50pm


:L Nooo that isnt what is going to happen but nice idea. (Y) thanks.

Sun, February 21st, 2010 7:53am

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