The Teenage Compass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Teenage Compass holds the most valuable guidance on life, and finding your way in the world. It ensures that amongst the adventure, mystery, distractions, fears, and obstacles of life, you will find the direction that is right for you.

• The secret to finding your hidden talents
• How to see through the eyes of others
• Why seeking the truth is the only way
• How to accelerate your development
• Why you should never conform
• The basic fear that will stop you having what you want

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Teenage Compass

Submitted: June 17, 2013

Reads: 326

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Submitted: June 17, 2013






























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Version 1.0



ISBN: 978-0-9569083-4-6



This edition published by Insight, 2013



Copyright © 2013  J.C. Johnson, 2013


Table of Contents



How I came to write this book



Part I setting your compass


1. What is the Golden Rule of life?

2. What is the purpose of my life?

3. Seeing the bigger picture through the eyes of others


Part II staying on course


4. How do I develop to my full potential?

5. How do I really find happiness?

6.How can I know what’s true and what’s false?

7. What powerful questions will accelerate my development?




About the author














I would love to tell you that there is a fast forward button when it comes to getting what you want out of life, but unfortunately there is not. There is, however, a process and an understanding about life and how it works. Once you know it, you will find the direction that is right for you.


I have been through much in my life. I have had extreme ups and extreme downs. While I can honestly say I have had a truly amazing life journey so far, it is not so much my journey I want to share with you; it is my keen observations about this world.















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I simply dedicate this book to YOU,

so you may never be deprived of the true understanding

of life, and how this world works.






It simply began by me thinking, what if I could go back in time to when I was a teenager? What would I say to him and what would he say to me? Would he even like me or would I like him?

A quick trace back to my past and I could clearly see how far apart we were from one another, even though we were technically the same person! Yes, I’m going to write a book. It will be like a universal compass, which will assist young people in how to find their way in the world, and discover their true purpose.

I knew this would be no easy task to formulate in my mind, as there are so many factors that come into play when considering how to navigate the world: the complexity; mystery; differences; cultural groups; and the social norms and beliefs that groups and people have. There is also, of course, the individual’s own personal journey, which only he or she is privy to.

In addition, we learn so much from our mistakes, and our experiences shape us into who we will become years into the future. So, from the outset, I knew this book could only be a guide; just like a compass. It doesn’t tell you what to do; it doesn’t really tell you where to go. It acts as a tool so that you can find the direction that is right for you.

From that very moment, I knew I was going to write a powerful book that would help young people on their journey called life. I knew I now held pictures of better ways of relating to the world than I had when I was younger, so I set to work with the belief that it would all come together in the end.

The Teenage Compass is the result of that initial seed I planted in my mind.





When I was a teenager, I did what many young people do; assume we know it all. It’s not easy at that stage of a person’s personal development to grasp the magnitude of life, and because of this lack of foresight we do not realise how much people and circumstances influence us, and that there are consequences to everything we do or don’t do.

The foundation of this book is very simple. You wouldn’t play a board game without knowing the rules and expect to win. Why then would you expect to navigate yourself successfully through life without gaining insight into how it works?

My name is J.C. Johnson. I’m an author and coach, who is extremely passionate about helping young people. I’m also acutely aware this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life! So, let me start by being straight with you on a couple of things. Firstly, people have told me that you won’t understand this book, that even if you do understand it, you won’t care enough to make good use of it. Well the truth is, I care, and I hope you prove them wrong about your intellectual limitations. What you are about to read is not the ordinary teen book, and the reason it isn’t, is because it is extraordinary, just like the unique person you’re suppose to be.

Secondly, there have been many points in my life when my past was chequered! If I told you about some of those days you may stereotype me without knowing the full picture. But I also want you to understand this book is not about you fitting in with most people; its very underpinning is about you understanding what the majority of people don’t. Living a fulfilling, and full, life is your choice, plus a process that far too many people currently go their whole lives without grasping.

Consider the following example.

A black man grew up and disliked the rules, had his own armed gang and, later, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. A white man earned a knighthood, was very well established in the media industry, was powerful, financially secure and raised an estimated £40 million for charity.

Now, imagine you have been given the opportunity to meet one of these men. Who would you choose to meet? My guess is if you are a thug of some sort you may say the black man, who has served a life sentence. If you’re thinking about moving up in the world, you will probably say the white powerful man.

What if I arranged this meeting, but just before you arrived, I said: ‘Oh, I’m so sorry. I forgot to mention, the black man in question is actually Nelson Mandela, a former president, and the white man is Jimmy Savile, the prolific child abuser.

Exactly my point…

I would suggest you read this book with a completely open mind, until you have the full picture. Close-minded people do not go far in this world. The person who reads this entire book without judgment will be rewarded richly on the true dynamics of life itself.

It’s your choice.

The previous example illustrates one of the greatest mistakes the majority of people make when it comes to understanding the bigger picture of life. Far too many people are constantly making premature judgments about people and circumstances, and get so entrenched into their beliefs that it blinds them from the bigger picture. Right actions depend on right thinking and right thinking depends on what is true, not on appearances!

People who find their rightful place in the world, understand there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, more important than seeking the truth. But the question is: where is the truth? The truth is not where the majority of people think it is.

If you decide to deal with nothing but the truth, you are already ahead of an estimated 85 per cent of the current population. There are far too many people who are sloppy about the truth, and then they wonder why later on in life they are still puzzled by why they didn’t achieve what they wanted or find fulfilment.

These are the people who, in the long run, end up making statements such as the following:

‘I regret that I didn’t chase my dream.’

‘Is this all life is about?’

‘I hate my job.’

(Ten years later) ‘I hate my job!’

‘The world is a cruel place.’

‘I’m not happy with me.’

‘I wish I had done that when I was younger, but this pays the bills.’

‘Some people are so lucky.’

‘Why do the bad guys always seem to win?’

‘If only I had more money, it would change everything.’

‘I’ve got financial freedom now, but I’m still unhappy.’


Did these people really understand life?


Let’s find out.


Before you continue please note:






We hope you enjoy reading this book, but more importantly, that you digest the content thoroughly. Please let us know your thoughts, by leaving reviews on Amazon or iTunes. We are also interested to hear about any concerns you have or issues that you face, in your day-to-day life as a teenager, be it at home, school, in the work place or your social life. Bear in mind that you will be the leaders of the future and it is important we understand now how you view our planet. These issues will also be considered for upcoming editions of The Teenage Compass. If your issues are chosen you will be credited as a co-author or you can choose to remain anonymous.


Please send to:















Part I









‘Every day I remind myself; the

 important thing is not to stop questioning.’


Albert Einstein


If there is any one rule in life that will serve you well, and save you many years of suffering and delusion it is what I now refer to as the golden rule: ‘Question Everything’. Question everything anybody says to you: that also includes me. Question and challenge your own beliefs, not just today, or tomorrow but for the rest of your life.

I cannot stress this enough. The majority of people do not challenge or question their beliefs and try to seek the real truth; they miss out not only on the true purpose of life, but also on their own personal fulfillment. The real underlying reason why most people don’t question everything and challenge their own beliefs enough is because it’s uncomfortable. The majority of people are always seeking comfort. Let me start by showing you why avoiding discomfort costs people at the first hurdle, and how it will continue to cause you more pain in the long run.

Look at seeking the truth and preparing your belief system in this way: imagine you have just discovered, for the first time, that the country you live in is not the only country in the world. So you decide you’re going to build an amazing ship in which to go and explore the other countries. You acquire everything you need, all the materials and an instruction manual, which also says that it will take approximately one year to build.

Now that you’re armed with an instruction manual it’s fairly easy to place the parts. But what if, after eleven months of building it, you discover you actually laid the first pieces in the wrong place? You’d have to continue putting more pieces on top of them. Now, although it’s uncomfortable, you’ll have to undo all your hard work, in order to start building the ship in the right way. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how much effort you spend on building the perfect ship, you will still have a bad job on your hands.








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